Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dark Secrets of the ILLUMINATI and Their NWO: Human Sacrificing Murderers!


By Pamela Schuffert

I have interviewed former Illuminati who came out to become born-again Christians and expose it while they could. Some even have ministries today.They have confessed to me, personally and fully, that Illuminati/Satanists/NWO supporters are in fact ALL LUCIFER WORSHIPPERS. Whether JEWISH or GENTILE Illuminati NWO supporters.

NO, it is NOT just JEWS ONLY who are the NWO: it is everyone who chooses to be, Jew or Gentile alike.

Here is simple "Understanding NWO 101" course for you, quick and easy.

The Bible says that at the end of this age, before Jesus returns, there will be only TWO CLASSES of people basically: those under HIS kingdom and those under SATAN'S kingdom.

The NWO wants to bring the whole world under LUCIFER. They worship Lucifer and get their orders from him.The Bible tells us this also in REVELATION 13. Satan/Lucifer will give unto the leaders of the NWO his throne, power and great authority (all corrupt and fallen and doomed to destruction of course.)

They ALL OFFER HUMAN SACRIFICE! Whether torturing and raping and murdering innocent children teens, adults, etc., and then sacrificing on crosses or altars, this is what they do fervently and continually.

AND A LYING NEWS MEDIA WILL NOT TELL YOU THE TRUTH! Up to one MILLION innocent victims die on satanist altars every single year in America alone, yet 99 percent of all satanic cult crimes are all covered up...whether by satanist judges, lawyers, mayors, police and sheriff departments infiltrated with SATANISTS/ILLUMINATI to cover up for them from the inside.

These former members told me they are under a mandate from Satan/Lucifer to offer up more and more acts of human sacrifice continually to GET POWER FROM SATAN to bring down the NEW WORLD ORDER.This is believed in their circles worldwide, AND PRACTICED!

Revelation states this as well in chapter 13:

"AND MEN WORSHIPPED THE DRAGON WHO GAVE POWER TO THE BEAST." The dragon is SATAN, he is worshipped by HUMAN SACRIFICE, and the men/women who worship him are satanists/Illuminati.

You can KNOW that the ROTHSCHILDS and all other ILLUMINATI BLOODLINES are doing this as well continually. In fact, the Rothschilds funded and developed the plans for the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION in Russia, alongside many other Jewish planners/ funders.

Based directly upon Illuminati and Jewish hatred of CHRISTIANITY, they designed it to ruthlessly attack and destroy the Christians and their churches, leaders, etc.

Christians were arrested, brutally tortured and ruthlessly sentenced to death by the TENS OF MILLIONS...a number that far exceeds the HOLOCAUST victims by many. The Illuminati as Lucifer worshippers did all this quite deliberately They are dedicated to setting up the KINGDOM OF THE ANTICHRIST under Lucifer described in Revelation 13.


This is WHY you have the sickening blood-red color on many communist flags even today. The red is the color of blood after it has been shed. This is why former communist party leader GUS HALL called for MORE BLOOD TO BE SHED and shed and shed!

And from the WASHINGTON DC power-people on down in America, reprobate JEW and GENTILE like, you have these kinds of people fervently working towards the NWO agenda.

Many in the Senate and House do this. It is heavy in all of our MILITARY BASES as well.Some people in the CIA/FBI/NSA and beyond do this. Illuminati infiltration is rampant everywhere.The vast majority of all your Bilderbergers are all Illuminati/satanists (or linked) and do the same as well. The BUSH FAMILY has all done the above. Clintons, Al Gore (multi generational)and many MANY others all do this for power and leadership.

(AL GORE is actually deceased ever since the BUSH/GORE election, brutally sacrificed by the Bush Illuminati faction at the Yale's SKULL AND BONES for daring to challenge Bush Jr's winning the election.

I read a secret report by independent journalists who feared for their lives after putting this out confirming this. The report stated "AL GORE WAS REAMED" or totally destroyed. ALL you see now is HIS DOUBLE or doppelganger parading around as if he were AL GORE to cover up this ritual murder of a challenger to BUSH agendas.

This is why the man they call "AL GORE" does NOT really look like the REAL Gore! Many have noticed this in fact.-Pam Schuffert)

Obviously, the rich, elite and powerful are ABOVE THE LAW.They include brutal rape and torture for even MORE power, so they are taught.



EVERY PERSON arrested under martial law as a resister of their NWO agenda, counts as one more sacrifice to get power to bring down their agenda!

And that CHRISTIANS were the ULTIMATE NWO RESISTERS because of their beliefs and following the BIBLE!

I already know what they do to CHRISTIANS on their satanic altars worldwide...or on crosses as well. READ my reports on this:

And this is WHY they inflict torture and rape etc. on each and every victim, before they kill them!And THIS is therefore what they will do to YOU under MARTIAL LAW. And none of this is hype or urban legend.

You don't BELIEVE ME? Just GET arrested under martial law and see what happens to your tender body...painfully...terribly...permanently. Or get abducted by them to sacrificed by night.... (NO, PLEASE DON'T!)

In fact the book of Revelation declares that they will shed MUCH BLOOD, including the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ, and therefore that is WHY such terrible judgments will come upon them as outlined in REVELATION, including the waters of the earth being TURNED INTO BLOOD. Tragically, they have already shed much MUCH blood already. Just as they have done to MILLIONS of other victims on their altars by night worldwide for centuries now.

YOU ARE THEREFORE under neither moral nor spiritual mandate to meekly surrender your GOD-GIVEN freedoms and RIGHT TO LIFE, to be arrested because YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, CONSTITUTIONALIST, PATRIOT, GUN OWNER, etc., to be taken to the boxcars to be beheaded, etc., perhaps, or taken to the camps for further vile abuse like rape and torture(REMEMBER GUANTANAMO) and then killed!

Neither Christians in America nor any OTHER people group are under any mandate to surrender to Satan's power and evil NWO government to be subjected to this kind of treatment.

There is a time in this nation for righteous resistance of any evil force, and to protect innocent lives from attack by the wicked...and black ops-triggered MARTIAL LAW and the imposition of the NWO agenda is such a time as this!

YOU BET this is a time to get legally armed, prepared in EVERY WAY, most of all spiritually through Jesus Christ and the WORD OF GOD, and prepare to stand against this onslaught of darkness coming to our nation. (NO WONDER ARMS AND AMMO SALES ARE SKYROCKETING! MORE AND MORE AMERICANS ARE UNDERSTANDING THE TRUTH!)

We can know from the Bible that you NEVER SURRENDER to SATAN/LUCIFER and his dark power and purposes! The Bible tells us to RESIST HIM STEADFASTLY. It tells us to combat satan and his works continually.

IN FACT, the Bible says that Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil, and there is NO GREATER WORK of his on the face of the world today, than his NEW WORLD ODER of Revelation 13.

Therefore, by the very WORD OF GOD, Christians are called to become THE ULTIMATE NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTERS. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you, " declares Gods' word.

Therefore there can be NO SURRENDER FOREVERMORE to the NEW WORLD ORDER of the ILLUMINATI, not by Christians nor any one else.


So WHEN THESE MURDERERS COME FOR YOU UNDER MARTIAL LAW (whether through their foreign mercenary troops or traitorous US counterparts who betray their oath to uphold the Constitution), do whatever it takes to protect your lives, your families and your freedoms and overcome these Illuminati/satanist murderers and their followers.

THEY are the true TERRORISTS. THEY are the true LAW BREAKERS of the higher law of ALMIGHTY GOD.

Everything they will do is contrary to the higher and eternal word of God. And they are not "potential terrorists": they are active terrorists NOW by their horrific human-sacrificing satanism/Illuminism practices going on actively nationwide, whether at Bohemian Grove, or Skull and Bones for the elite, or the thousands of covens and adherents nationwide working for and with them for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The Illuminati/satanists and NWO adherents are murderers beyond belief, pedophiles, haters of God and mankind and Jesus Christ, and out to destroy everything Godly and good this nation was founded upon and ever stood for in her past.

America was NEVER founded to become ONE NATION UNDER LUCIFER, but ONE NATION UNDER GOD...the GOD of the BIBLE!

Think about it...and this is all the absolute fulfillment of end-time Bible prophecy!

Now, begin to pray and seek God for a strategic to protect yourself and your family from what is coming to America NOW.

-Pamela Schuffert

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