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I am about to tell you a fascinating real life account involving THREE JEWISH DOCTORS, and ONE incredible miracle! It changed my life to this very day, 38 years later. Although I thank God for all three Jewish doctors, who helped to save my life, it was the THIRD who transformed my life through A MIRACLE AT LAST.

IN 1967, while a freshman in high school in the greater Washington DC area (Alexandria, VA), I became ill with appendicitis. Rushed in for emergency surgery, I emerged successfully from a routine appendectomy. And life was supposed to return to normal...but it did not.

Following this routine surgery, I started having seizures, petite mal at first, and then finally a grand mal seizure. I was rushed back to the same hospital, DeWitt Army hospital at Fort Belvoir, VA, near our home in Northen Virginia.

The military doctors were unable to uncover any specific causes. And so they prescribed Dilantin. However, the seizures did not stop. Jewish friends of ours, Roz and Josh, recommended a wonderful Jewish doctor in New York City, a Dr. Isaac N. Kugelmass on Park Avenue. Relieved, my mother decided to take me to him for help.,9171,931596,00.html

We began to fly from Washington DC to NYC once a month for diagnosis and treatments. Dr. Kugelmass was a well known doctor and consulting pediatrician for 11 different hospitals in the NYC area. He began experimental treatments immediately, finally prescribing up to 12 different drugs combined to alter my physical condition.

However, after five years of prolonged treatments and many flights, I was no better. He called my mother in as I sat in his waiting room.

"Your daughter now has apparently suffered permanent brain damage from my drug combinations. She will never be well and will always be under a doctor's care. She will never have a normal future........" My mother was heartsick. He issued a final prescription for me.

We flew home to the Washington DC area. My motehr took that prescription to our local pharmicist. Looking at it, he appeared shocked and said, "I CANNOT fill this prescription! To combine these chemicals together will mean certain DEATH for your daughter!" She realized that THE FINAL PRESCRIPTION was intended to be a EUTHANASIA one!

The pharmicist tore it up and threw it into the trash can.

In desperation, we also visited another fine Jewish doctor, Dr. Samuel Getlin of Trenton, NJ. He used megavitamin therapy to attempt to cure patients. Soon he had me on over 200 different kinds of viatmins, minerals and supplements a day, trying various combinations. However, this too ended in defeat.

Two fine Jewish doctors had done their best to try and help, but nothing seemed to work. And it was not their fault. God had yet ANOTHER PLAN for my life!

Finally, I remember my mother looking at me, so sick, and crying in our home and saying one day, "Oh, GOD...if YOU ARE THERE, please HELP US!"

You see, we were like most Americans. God was "out there" and we "went to church." But still we did not KNOW GOD nor His power, nor His Word. We did not know the hope of mankind, Jesus the Messiah.

Sure, we participated in religious holidays, sang the songs, "went to church" at times, but still did NOT know GOD! How many Jews and Gentiles attend religious services out of tradition or habit, but still DO NOT KNOW GOD!

Even worse, I was looking for God in the dark world of the OCCULT. I was desperately seeking God with a OUIJA board, crystal ball, over 60 books on the occult and alternate religions. And during those 5 years that I did so, I found nothing but depression, sadness, a sense of lostness and hopelessness.

There was no "voices from the beyond," my crystal ball remained blank, my Ouija board did not move...all occult was empty and unfulfilling.

How many Jews and Gentiles are seeking an experience with God through the occult and alternate religions in today's world, and yet finding nothing but emptiness and unfulfillment! It is so sad, when in fact GOD IS RIGHT THERE in His Word and His truth!

And within a few weeks after my mother praying, "OH, GOD, if you are THERE, please HELP US..." the answer came. We felt compelled by SOMETHING to go to a particular church in the Washington DC area, a small Church of God in Alexandria, VA.

And for the first time in my life, I heard about a wonderful Person who came to take away my sins, to heal my body, and to change my life completely. And that Person was the Savior of the World, the Messiah Jesus Christ! And that His mercy and gifts and salvation was FREE!

I immediately ran down the aisle to pray at the altar and receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the end of that sermon. And my life began to instantly CHANGE from that moment on. Immdiately, the depression haunting my life was LIFTED. The Divine Spirit of the Living God came upon my life and began to fill me from within, with LOVE and healing.

And in that moment, I KNEW that JESUS CHRIST was REAL, that HE WAS the promised Savior of the world, and that He had come into MY LIFE forever!

Within a few months after my life transition, I WAS HEALED COMPLETELY at a wonderful miracle healing service. The Great Physician, Jesus the Messiah, reached down and touched me and healed me completely. And it was doctor-verified, in fact.

After my miracle of healing, we returned to my second Jewish doctor, Dr. Getlin. He performed many tests on my body, and finally told my mother and I, "Your daughter has had a COMPLETE MEDICALLY UNEXPLANABLE MIRACLE! All of her tests came back negative!"

Turning to look at me, he said, "You WERE a human vegetable, you WERE brain damaged, I gave you NO HOPE for a normal future, and NOW YOU ARE NORMAL! And I have no medical explanation. Tell me, WHAT DID YOU DO?"

I smiled at him. Looking at him, I said softly, "I know you are a Jewish doctor, but I must tell you the truth: Jesus YOUR Messiah healed me!"

He immediately replied, "I don't care WHAT you have done, you have had a miracle. No doctor and no drugs could have done this. I am writing a letter confirming this miracle....." We treasured and saved that letter for a long time afterwards.

And that is what a THIRD JEWISH DOCTOR did for my life! I thank God for the first two fine Jewish doctors (and there are many out there), who kept me alive until the THIRD could finally come into my life!

What Jesus, or Yahshua, did for me, He had certainly done for countless of His beloved fellow Jews and other people in the days of His flesh when He walked the earth. He was the Great Physician then, and remains to this very day our Healer and our Savior.

When you have a personal encounter with the Messiah, your life is never the same again. Mine certainly has not been!

As the Jewish prophet Isaiah (Yeshayahu ha navi)declared of this marvelous Messiah, or Mashiach, "...AND BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED!" (from Isaiah 53)

And how many OTHER Jewish and Gentile Believers in Messiah have also been touched and healed, set free from the occult and false world religions, to follow after the ONE TRUE GOD and His Messiah!

As I learned to say in Hebrew, "BARUCH Ha'SHEM!" (Blessed be the Name.)

To my Jewish readers reading this true account....I want to speak to you frankly. This is written partly out of great love for each one of you. Some of you are already aware of the "NWO" future planned for America. Many of you know about what I know regarding the NOAHIDE LAWS and their ultimate purpose, and the modern guillotines in many military bases as well.

But I want you to understand from the depths of my heart of love, it is for reasons such as the above, that I cannot and will not be persuaded to renounce my faith in a very Jewish Messiah, Yahshua, to become a NOAHIDE and avoid the guillotines awaiting me and my fellow Christians as well.

Please understand: He IS DIVINE and HE IS the PROMISED MASHIACH! He is EVERYTHING the Jewish prophets said, by inspiration of the RUACH ha KODESH, that the Mashiach would be!

If He were NOT, do you think I would risk losing everything in this world, including my very head, for Him otherwise???

And how many other Believers in the Messiah, Jewish and Gentile alike, are going to likewise choose to suffer and die for Him in the future as well! None of us would be willing to suffer what I know we will suffer for our faith, IF HE WERE NOT GENUINE. We would not be so foolish....

In the thirty-eight years of my knowing this marvelous Mashiach, He has never failed me, answered countless prayers, provided many miracles, not ONLY for me but for all those I pray for as well. I have witnessed this Mashiach reach down and touch precious Jewish children who were ill and heal them as I held them in my arms and prayed for them...touch the lives of Jewish elderly I have taken care of, and change countless lives throughout the years.

IF YOU ARE JEWISH, I want you to know: YOUR Mashiach, Yahshua, loves you with an everlasting love, and is waiting for YOU!

IF you are sick as I was, He also has the power to touch and heal you as well.

Returning to the NOAHIDE LAWS, and the many modern guillotines that I factually report on, to enforce the times of NOAHIDE LAWS and beheadings of those who will not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, are no deterrent to those of us who have truly been touched by the love of YAHSHUA HA'MASHIACH.

There are still some things worth suffering and dying for in today's world, and this marvelous Mashiach is ONE OF THEM.

"For G-d so loved the world, that He gave His ONLY Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should NOT PERISH, but have everlasting LIFE." (John 3:16)

So, L' LIFE! Come to my THIRD JEWISH DOCTOR for the miracle you may need in YOUR life, today.

With the Love of Mashiach for you all, Pamela Schuffert

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