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Deadly Rise in Underground Nazi Movement in Germany/Europe Today

The Deadly Rise of the Underground Nazi Youth Movement in Germany and Europe Today:

A CHRISTIAN SOLUTION is NEVER a "FINAL SOLUTION" In Dealing With ANY Perceived Opposition

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical perspective-

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

There is a deadly trend sweeping throughout Germany and the rest of Europe today. It is the RISE OF MODERN NAZISM, especially among the youth of Germany today. I witnessed it firsthand personally, while researching in Germany in 2001.

In this report, I am reprinting my previous article outlining the DEADLY RISE OF MODERN NAZISM, written from Germany in 2001, while researching the NWO agenda and Germany's role.

I am republishing this important report so as to clarify for my readers where I stand on certain timely issues, and also to warn them of what is happening in Europe today.

While I have been indeed researching, documenting and outlining the reality of certain distinct elements of Jewish society waging deadly war against Christianity and our religious freedom and it's historical roots in our nation, America, and while I have been also exposing the historical Jewish roots of antichrist/Christian-persecuting COMMUNISM, I am NOT advocating a violent or unbiblical response to this genuine threat to our Christian freedoms in America today.

We as Christians are expected to respond ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE and never as the world would respond to perceived threats. The world responds to perceived threats oftentimes with hatred, attack and other methods of dealing with it. We, as Disciples of Jesus Christ, are called to respond with Biblical principles Jesus Christ outlined in His word regarding "enemies," IF we are to be accurately called HIS DISCIPLES.

There is an alarming underground movement in Germany and Europe today. It is becoming more and more publicly visible, in fact. I became aware of it in 2001 when I traveled to Germany and researched there for 6 months, living in hostels and interacting with the German people.

A MODERN REVIVAL OF NAZISM AMONG THE YOUTH OF GERMANY AND EUROPE IS OCCURRING. Interestingly, one of the reasons for this dark revival is their underground Nazi literature outlining what many of us in America have been researching and uncovering and confirming factually: the clear link between the satanic NWO agenda and certain elements of Jewish society who play a major role in the NWO.   I say CERTAIN because it is unprofessional to stereotype ANY people. In fact, stereotyping of ANY nationality or people can lead to horrible consequences affecting many innocent people in the end. Hitler was concerned with the Jewish Communist threat to Germany at that time. And in fact at that time there was a very real Jewish Communist effort to undermine the German government for their agendas, much as has been  happening in America today with Jewish NWO advocates.

But how the Nazis dealt with this concern, by negatively stereotyping ALL Jews, raising up terrible persecution against them,  and then seeking to remove ALL Jews from society, was outrageous. What crimes had Jewish elderly committed? What evils had little Jewish children done? Yet they all suffered unspeakable terrors in the Nazi death camps, for the "crime" of being Jewish.

Let me give you a practical example of stereotyping. We have all heard  of the Italian Mafia. "Italian" and "mafia" go together like spaghetti sauce and noodles. But while there are CERTAIN distinct elements of Italians involved in the actual mafia, not ALL Italians are involved or even remotely linked with the mafia. In fact, many more Italians are not involved, than are. While the mafia is guilty of much criminal activity, it would never be right to stereotype ALL  Italians as guilty and then proceed to round them up and remove them from society as a means of effectively combating Mafia crime in America today. Yet that is exactly what Hitler sought to do with the Jews in Germany.

And so it is with the Jews as well. Are there Jew involved in promoting  Communist/NWO  agendas in America today, as they were involved with the Bolshevik Revolution in the past? Yes. Does communism have the potential to do much damage and to hurt many people? Yes. However, I will reiterate again and again for the sake of the innocent, not ALL Jews are involved and not ALL Jews agree with such agendas! And mass stereotyping of Jews once again can have terrible consequences for the innocent, and I seek to avoid this by being very cautious as to how I present my investigative reporting to readers.

However, these young Nazis are using this as justification to once again attack the Jews, NAZI style.And the tragic consequences can be terrible  In one apartment in Munich, I personally witnessed piles of modern glossy magazines with flattering pictures of Nazi war criminals, praising Hitler and his Nazi supporters, and filled with articles falsely vilifying Jews in synagogues. They minimized the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps and it's effects on opponents of Hitler, including on the Jews.

Let me state something emphatically: regardless of the truth that I research and publish regarding the coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda and the people behind it, powerful NWO Jewish dual-citizenship elements included, I am NOT advocating another "FINAL SOLUTION" as the kind of response we need! Nor does such a response honor God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Murder, persecution , indiscriminate violence, the horrors of the concentration camps...this is never the Biblical Christian response to ANY percieved threat, however real it may be.

As true Bible-believing Christians, we must seek GOD'S BIBLICAL SOLUTION to any perceived threat against our faith and our freedoms, and never operate the world's way, with hatred and revenge and retaliation leading to the sufferings and deaths of many.

God's BIBLICAL SOLUTION to any perceived threat, is therefore NEVER a "FINAL SOLUTION" as Hitler undertook, even to protect Germany from the perceived ( and quite accurately) Jewish threat to undermine and control their nation at that time, much as what is happening in present-day America.

My testimony among the Jews for over thirty years has been one of genuine concern, love, compassion for both their elderly and young, a testimony of the wonderful love of the Messiah for His Jewish people, and His love and forgiveness He provides for all of them who will come to Him.

I have held Jewish children on my lap and loved them and prayed with them. I have compassionately taken care of Jewish elderly until they died.
I have ministered in their neighborhoods in NYC and beyond. This is the love of their Messiah, working in my life, to care about them.

True love from God is NEVER REACTIONARY. It is never based on, "IF YOU LOVE ME, I WILL LOVE YOU!" We  Christians are called to manifest His unconditional love that loves when hated, when rejected, when misunderstood, when persecuted and when threatened even with death.

We are called to love as JESUS CHRIST loves. This IS His commandment!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


During my six months of investigative journalism in Germany, I sought to cover many fields of research. I spent time among the youth, the adults, in the churches and in the streets and parks to interview people from many different walks of life. Nearing the end of my visit, I encountered something that I was not frankly eager to investigate.

For years in America I had investigated the somber horrors of the Holocaust in Germany and Europe, until it was burned into my mind. Admittedly, the one people group in Germany I did not really want to interview intimately were the underground Nazis rumored to be on the rise there.

Indeed, for me it was painful enough to make two pilgrimages in memory of Holocaust victims to Dachau, near Munich, and to view up close actual crematory ovens used to ruthlessly destroy so many innocent lives. But strange things one never plans can happen.

I was gathering literature from a political book table in Marienplatz, Munich, one day when I asked the people what this literature was about. (My German is poor.) A very nice appearing young woman who spoke German and English immediately approached me and explained what political party this literature was all about.

When I told her I was a journalist and seeking to interview people from Germany in every walk of life, she took my arm and began to walk with me across the plaza. Speaking in good English, she said, "Let me tell you about our group..." I decided to listen to what she had to say.

Although the sun was shining and it was a warm summer day, I soon began to feel a chilling cold sweep through me as she gradually explained which group she belonged. It soon became apparent that she belonged to the underground Nazi party. The political party they they can openly belong to in Germany is the NPD, but most members are secret members of the forbidden Nazi party.

Sickened as I was, I decided to exercise the principles of a good journalist and show no outward negative emotions and to instead listen carefully and gather pertinent information for a later article exposing this.

Her name was Christina. She said she was from the NPD party. But in fact, the truth was, both she and her many underground friends were modern young Nazis. "Our party has at least 7,000 open adherents, and around 7,000 secret sympathizers..." she began to explain."We cannot openly talk about our beliefs, because it is illegal. We can be arrested for such talk or literature. Even at work I must never discuss such things and pretend I am not an adherent."

It was true: Germany has strict laws to this day forbidding OPEN manifestation of Nazism in any form. How strict? I was surprised to read an article in Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung about a police raid on a T-shirt shop. A T-shirt shop...what for? Certainly not pornographic themes, etc.! I had discovered Germany to be quite open and accepting as far as pornography was concerned.

I read further. The police had seized a whole group of T-shirts with the numbers "88" on them! Puzzling even more, I hurried through the article to find out why. Finally I understood: "88" was the secret Nazi underground code language for "Heil Hitler."

How so? Count through the alphabet from "A" to "H" and you will discover "H" is the 8th letter. "88" or "HH" or "Heil Hitler."

From that point on, I began to notice a hidden battle that most tourists and even adult Germans often miss: teens going down the streets with either "88" on their T-shirts, of a large circle-slash over that number, meaning "NO Heil Hitler!" And then there were the black Doc Martin boots worn so profusely by many young people. I learned that the white bootlaces meant "neo-Nazi skinhead" and the red meant "punks."

My newly acquired information source continued as we walked through Marienplatz. "I have two apartments, one outside Munich, the other here in Munich. In my apartment in Munich, I have a collection of modern Nazi literature that fully explains the truth about Adolph Hitler, der Fuerher, and what a good man he was and how he helped Germany. But most of my literature is illegal, so I don't keep the majority of it here. I store it in my library outside of Munich..."

No human words could describe by that time how I was feeling inside. I had to work very hard at that point to conceal my true emotions: revulsion, nausea, and even fear. But by this time I desperately wanted to know more about the hidden Nazi sympathisers in Germany and what their literature of TODAY was saying.

Forcing a smile and acting as normal as possible, I asked her if we could go to her apartment and see her literature. Delighted that a foreign journalist was seemingly interested in their cause and persecuted plight, she consented and we began to ride the underground SU train to her neighborhood. (I learned quickly the that modern underground Nazis view themselves as heroes for the cause and even more so when they are arrested and persecuted for holding their views.)

Once we arrived at her apartment, she looked around quickly to make sure no one was monitoring us. "They have sent undercover police to monitor me at times, " she admitted. Fighting scenarios of undercover police converging upon both of us as we viewed forbidden Nazi literature in her apartment, I accompanied her up the stairs of her apartment.

Now that we were safely behind closed doors, she breathed a sigh of relief. Gazing proudly at her piles and piles of books and literature, she remarked, "This is should see my library in my other apartment." No thanks, lady. Certainly this was all the Nazi hate literature I would ever want to see in my lifetime!

Christina then began to warm up to the "Holocaust-revisionist" theme of :" see, the Holocaust never really happened the way many people wrote history! People who hated Germans and der Fuerher rewrote it to make us look bad..."

She went over a took a large glossy, modern Nazi publication down from one shelf and opened it up. I took it and turned the pages slowly. There were glossy pictures of Hitler, his youth leader, Himmler, Goebbels and many more. The articles praised them and their virtues, how they only had the good of the German people and the "Vaterland" in mind, how Hitler was falsely vilified, etc.

Looking admiringly at these pictures, she attempted to tell me how wonderful they all were. All my mind could think of, though, were the horrors of the concentration camps, the dead bodies of starved, naked Jews and Gentile resisters of such wickedness. My years of research had told me quite another story about THESE "heroes" of the Vaterland!

As if she were reading my mind, she said, "You know, the terrible stories about the Holocaust are not really true...they are just exaggerations. I am not denying that SOME people were killed in the concentration camps, but maybe only into the hundreds of thousands..."

Only? Even ONE innocent victim or child dying in Germany's deathcamps would have been one too many.

She continued, "We sent scientists to some of the alleged concentration camps to test the so-called gassing chambers for residues of Zyklon-B chemicals, and they returned without any evidence of it having been used at the camps tested..."

Oh, really? Convince the countless victims and their children who died in such chambers of horror that Zyklon-B was never used there! And convince CORRIE TEN BOOM who witnessed much of this.

By this time I was marvelling that otherwise intelligent and well educated young adults could even believe this kind of Nazi propaganda. But not only did this person believe it sincerely to be the truth, but she was also helping to propagate it as well.

I continued to thumb through this magazine. And suddenly, my eyes riveted on a picture that shocked me: in the midst of this Nazi propagandist magazine were pictures of Jewish worshippers in a synagogue, white kippahs on, celebrating a Jewish festival.

No, I screamed inside my head, it can't happen again! These Nazis can't do this again! But there it was, sandwiched in between the pictures praising der Fuerher and the Nazis war criminals of the past. This article attacked the Jews viciously, accusing them of being "the cause of all of Germany's and the world's woes, the source of all corruption," etc.

She told me how they knew the Jews were a major force behind the NEW WORLD ORDER as well. And this is quite accurate. However, how people respond and deal with any truth is EVERYTHING. A ruthless and murderous "FINAL SOLUTION" can NEVER be the answer to any perceived threat.

However, this Nazi literature reeked of hatred and accusations...the kind that lead to ANOTHER HOLOCAUST and "FINAL SOLUTION."

Smiling at me and oblivious to my well concealed emotions of shock and revulsion, she continued,"I hope you go back to America and tell them the truth about the Holocaust and how we Germans have been falsely accused of so many things. And tell them how we are persecuted to this day for telling the truth about this..."

Her eyes were pleading with me at this point to believe her, to accept this Nazi version of history, and how they declare it all happened.

"I will send you some of our other people you can also interview who will tell you even more," she said as we left her apartment later. She knew that I was now going to the cavernous computer cafe next to the train station in Munich.

Smiling weakly and feigning a "thankyou" I hurried out of her apartment and disappeared into the crowd. Breathing a sigh of relief to get out of the apartment filled with piles and piles of MODERN Nazi literature, I rode the SU underground train back to the train station and walked across the street to the massive computer cafe there to send more reports back to the States.

But that day's encounters with Germany's hidden Nazis was not yet over.While writing one article, a man sat down next to me at another computer. Ignoring him at first, I continued in my reporting.

Finally, he leaned over towards me and said quietly, "May I talk to you," with a strong German accent. I turned to look at him. He was a young adult, glasses, and brown hair. He looked into my eyes intently and asked a startling question: "Do you know who I am?" I certainly did not.

"Here, I will show you, " he replied and went to on the Internet. He whispered, "I am Andreas Thoben..." and typed his name into "search."I held my breath in anticipation as to what this would bring up on the computer screen. And there soon appeared website after website with his name on it. But as he attempted to click on each one, the warning "Forbidden access" continually appeared.

Finally one website that was not blocked appeared. He clicked on the page that spoke of him in admiring terms. Andreas Thoben, German "hero", persecuted by the police with arrests and imprisonment for daring to "expose the lies of the Holocaust!" He was a leading Nazi sympathiser, arrested many times for his Holocaust-revisionist teachings.

So Christina DID have her people follow me and send him here to further talk to me about the underground Nazi movement!I admit I was battling fear by now. It was not pleasant to be a woman alone in Munich, aware that undergound Nazis know who you are and are following you! But I realized that it was important to uncover as much truth about this movement as possible. I prayed inside for protection and strength and continued to listen to him.

"You are a journalist in America, she told me. I will tell you what the special police have done to me because of my beliefs. They have raided my apartment here in Munich again and again. The last time they arrested me without a warrant. I was taken to a mental hospital and they tied my hands and feet to the bed, like this..." He held up his hands to indicate they had tied him him spreadeagle with restrainers to the hospital bed."They then injected me with a drug that made me sleep most of the time. I was held this way for days..."

Looking carefully around to make sure no one was watching us, he continued."I am being persecuted for my beliefs and 'telling Germany and the world the truth about the Holocaust' because it never happened like they say!"

His eyes, like Christina's, pleaded with me to believe him and to accept his words as truth. Realizing he had spent too much time in public with me by now, he hurriedly thrust some of his literature into my hands and his business card, and prepared to walk away. He begged me once more to believe him and their view on the Holocaust, and to return to America to tell them "the truth." He was soon gone.

Trembling inside, I began to look at his literature. I began to realize that I was holding in my hands modern, Nazi propaganda literature filled with hatred towards the Jews. One piece of literture brazenly declared that the horrors of Auschwitz never happened! The other literture was filled with racism against blacks and other nationalities living in Germany..."Auslanders."

And you want ME, Andreas and Christina, to sympathize with YOU??? To sympathise with you over the fact that such blatant lies (that led to the horrible deaths of so many innocent victims due to Nazi hate doctrines) are now restricted in Germany???

The only compassion that I could feel for them was compassion for their eternal souls, that being so young they were caught up into believing such deception and darkness as "the truth." To be so young and so very lost!


The previous admission that Christina gave me in her apartment came to my remembrance as I gazed at that hate literature."It's true, "she admitted when I grilled her on a pertinent question," ...that most of the people I work with are either Satanists, pagans or witches. We have very few truly Bible-believing Christians in our Nazi party. These Nazis reason that the Jews are the cause for all Germany's problems and the Jews wrote the Bible, and that Jesus was a Jew. So they believe that no one can be a true Nazi AND accept the Bible or the Jewish God of the Bible or Jesus Christ..."

This is frightening. Young Germans in modern Germany who embrace this Nazi doctrines of hatred and a FINAL SOLUTION to deal with this percieved problem, coupled with the darkness of paganism and Satanism??? What a volatile and frightening combination!

But with true Nazism, it has in fact always been that way from the beginning. Nazism was founded and built upon Satanic doctrines of the Illuminati and "esoteric teachings" by people like Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

Hitler believed himself to be the fulfillment of the coming antichrist world leader who would be "Der FUERHER" to lead Germany and the world into the "dawning of the New World Order."

According to the research of Joseph Carr, in his book "The Twisted Cross, " he reveals how Hitler was steeped in occultic teachings from his youth, most notably through a Jesuit instructor. Carr further documents how Hitler would often go to "the high places" in the German Bavarian Alps and scream for Satan to possess him, to give him the power to become the world leader of the Illuminati's "New World Order," the Biblical "man of perdition" also referred to as the antiChrist.

And Hitler was taught through the occult teachings of Blavatsky and others that the German/Aryan people would pave the way for the evolution of all mankind through the Aryan race, "the perfecting of the Master race. "

Luciferian Blavatsky taught that all perfecting of mankind springs from evolution, and that mankind has known previous" root races" each superior to the other, in mankind's evolutionary progression to perfection.

She taught that the German/Aryan race was the sixth and final evolutionary "root race" from whence all future perfecting of mankind must spring forth. Hitler embraced such teachings, and sought to replace Christian teachings and practices with occult teachings and pagan holidays instead. Gravemarkers with Runic pagan symbols replaced Christian crosses in the German graveyards.

Hence, "all lesser races" must be elminated to make way for the "new man! People with imperfections, handicapped, etc. must also be eliminated "for the good of mankind!"

Enter the concentration camps, wherein many elderly, handicapped and mentally retarded were terminated, as well as Jews who did not fit the Aryan definition. Gypsies, other nationalities and more were rounded up to be gassed or slain through hunger and work and disease.


While living for six months in Germany, January through June of 2001, I discovered a very frightening reality. Not only are the dangerous doctrines of Nazism taking hold of the hearts and minds of many of the young people in Germany and Europe, but the doctrines of Illuminati, Satanism and the occult are as well.

Former Satanists have admitted to me that Germany is the number one European nation for occultism and Satanism. I heared with my own ears the number "6-6-6" being praised by a teen rock band at a ski club's outdoor celebration one night in the cold Bavarian Alps.

One German showed me the back of his German identification card. He said, "What do you see on this?" I was shocked to see the outline of Baphomet, the Pentagram Satanist goathead, partially surrounded by the circle that normally surrounds the Pentagram and the goathead.

He said, "This IS Baphomet the Satanist goathead, and it is on the back of every German ID card!" Other Germans expressed dismay to me that the present leader of Germany, Schroeder, refused to take his oath of leadership on a Bible.

As I walked the streets of Munich and other cities, I noted with alarm the posters advertising meetings to attend that taught the Luciferic esoteric teachings of Blavatsky, whose doctrines Hitler embraced and led to the Holocaust horrors. My German friends warned me that in Murnau, every spring they have a 3-day "esoteric festival" that glorifies Blavatsky's and other occultic teachings and pagan practices.


I was to be even further enlightened regarding the hidden dangers of Nazi darkness in modern Germany. I spent time one night in Munich with one intelligence source, 20 years in Germany and with connections to some to the CIA, and miltary intelligence sources.

In a computer cafe (there are many in Munich) I asked him the question: "What is the truth about the true, hardcore hidden ADULT Nazi party? I know that there are laws forbidding expression of Nazi support, beliefs or sentiment. But I suspect that the hard-core ADULT old school Nazis are very much alive and very powerful in Germany, in the government, military, law enforcement and such. Is this true?"

My source confirmed this immediately and gave me a practical example."There is a police department here in Munich, in which a Captain Ernst Heinz works. He was set up over the section that investigates 'right wing' crimes. But in fact, he IS a secret Nazi! He was put in command over this operation to cover up for the Nazis on the outside...

Ahhh...the "good old boy networking system" that organized crime uses to cover for their people in America is alive in Germany too! My intelligence source continued."The public doesn't know this, but there was a recent assassination threat to the Pope that they got wind of. They passed the word on to the Vatican and it was crushed before it could even become news..."

So these Nazis have a direct line to the Vatican too? Great shades of the past! I shelved that piece of information for future research.

A few days later, I met once again with this information source. He looked at me intensely while we dined at a restaurant and said, "Lady, you better be VERY careful! After I met with you a few nights ago, I was followed on my way home by two evident German agents and had to take critical evasive action! Be very careful..."

He would give me no further details. I guess the Nazis of modern Germany don't like to have their secrets exposed.With this background regarding the frightening resurgence of right wing, Nazi supporting sentiments in Germany ( this includes Europe as well) I am very concerned over the report that has come out of Germany that right wing crimes are increasing in the German military as well.


Reuter news service reported that an unnamed German newspaper published the first pictures from an amateur videotape of GERMAN SOLDIERS STAGING MOCK EXECUTIONS AND RAPES during a break in training for a "Peacekeeping mission" in former Yugoslavia.

In a scene ghoulishly reminiscent of Nazi war atrocities, a youthful recruit in a Bundeswwehr uniform is shown holding a pistol in the mouth of another recruit in an image published on the front page of Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

Another photograph in the country's best-selling Sunday newspaper shows a German soldier wearing battle fatigues pretending to rape another recruit acting as a woman civilian, who is later shown being marched to execution by soldiers.Other photographs show enactments of "civilians" being tortured and hanging from trees, images which revived horrifying memories for Germans of WWII atrocities carried out by Hitler's armies.

Juergin Trittin, chairman of the pacificist Greens Party in Germany, said the incident was the latest of a series of unsettling incidents. Trittin said there has been 53 reported incidents of right wing Nazi-related extremism in the army in 1995 alone.

"Equipped with the mentality of their forefathers, who took pictures of the Wehrmacht crimes, the German soldiers have now marched into former Yugoslavia where the grandsons entertain themselves by making videos of executions and terrorism on the civilians," he said.

Some 3,000 Germans are in the NATO led Stabilization Force in Bosnia. Around 4,000 Germans took part in the SFOR's presecessors, the Peace Implementation Force, but were stationed in nearby Croatia.

(From FREE AMERICAN, August 1997)

Strangely, while outwardly it appears that Germany is fighting the new Nazism arising in it's nation and throughout Europe OUTWARDLY with laws and restrictions, Germany's evident role in the coming forced subjugation of America under martial law/UN/NWO takeover which fall in line with the above NPD/Nazi declaration of intent would tell Americans otherwise.

And Germany, which has risen to the status of the leading nation in the EU, is joining in the EU/UN clamor for a NEW WORLD ORDER. And it is evident from the report above that NPD Nazis consider the fall of the United States of America necessary to make way for the New World Order. Strangely, Germany, while denying any ties with the Nazi party, wholeheartedly agrees.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from GERMANY 2001


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