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Christians Are Suffering TRIBULATION ALL Over the WORLD

WHY Do American Christians INSIST that THEY WILL BE RAPTURED Before They Can Suffer for Their Faith In AMERICA, when MILLIONS are NOW SUFFERING TRIBULATION WORLDWIDE???

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

Sunday, June 21, 2009



It is estimated that up to 150,000 Christians approximately every year DIE FOR THEIR FAITH around the world.

Here are some quick excerpts from various websites:
Christian Martyrs

Persecution and Martyrdom

100 million Christians around the globe are currently suffering persecution for their faith. Most often persecution takes the form of imprisonment, abuse, and hostilities. In some cases, however, Christians are asked to face more than scorn, prison, or the loss of health—they are asked to face death. These individuals are the Christian martyrs of our faith. Jesus said in Matthew 10:39 “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

The Islamic world is a hostile place for Christians: In Saudi Arabia, for instance, Christianity is illegal, and conversion from Islam is punishable by death. In Pakistan, the death penalty is prescribed for anyone who "blasphemes" Islam – something that occurs automatically during Christian evangelism. In Egypt and elsewhere, Christian girls have acid thrown in their face by Islamic extremists if they refuse to convert to Islam, or are raped, or worse. At best, in the more enlightened Islamic societies, Christians (as well as Jews) are second-class citizens, have a special tax imposed upon them, and do not share the rights of Muslims.
The communist world is no better. According to recent reports from groups monitoring religious persecution, the Chinese government is cracking down as never before on "underground" Christians – those who do not join the "official" Chinese churches. The Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China published what it said were official documents – implicating top-level Chinese leaders – that outline a campaign that includes torture to stamp out independent worship. Researchers said that in "house churches" (those not sanctioned by the totalitarian government) in 20 provinces, 129 people had been killed recently, 23,686 arrested and 4,014 sentenced to "re-education."
MINSK/BUDAPEST (Worthy News-- There was uncertainty about the future of one of the largest evangelical churches in Belarus Tuesday, June 2, after authorities ordered it to abandon its building in the capital Minsk. New Life Church confirmed that it received a letter from the Property Maintenance and Repair Department (PMRD) of the Moscow District of Minsk demanding that the church leaves its current complex not later than Monday, June ,1 or face forcible eviction.
BEIJING, CHINA (Worthy News)-- The leader of the 250,000 member Chinese House Church Alliance was free Tuesday, April 7, after he was apparently briefly detained in Beijing by over a dozen police officers and "threatened with death", following a baptism service.
Islamic Saudi Arabia and communist North Korea are expected to be the world’s worst persecutors of Christians in 2009, a church persecution advocacy group predicted.
In both countries, Christianity is illegal and practice of the religion is strictly forbidden and results in severe punishments.
And the list goes on and on of Christians persecuted for their faith and martyred as well for their faith.

Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 24 that, prior to His return, His followers would be HATED OF ALL NATIONS FOR HIS NAME SAKE. ALL NATIONS must eventually include NORTH AMERICA. Christians in America have been persecuted in relatively minor ways and not on a major scale that involves inflicting loss of life and destruction on a major scale.

Matthew 24:9 "At that time they will deliver you up to tribulation and will put you to death; and you will be objects of hatred to all the nations because you are called by My Name.

Matthew 24:10 Then will many stumble and fall, and they will betray one another and hate one another. "

Matthew 24:13 but those who stand firm to the End shall be saved.


Today we see Christians being persecuted all over the world for their faith, and being martyred as well. And especially in those communist/Marxist/socialist nations such as China and North Korea that are the beginnings of the fulfillment of a one world government (world globalist communism, instigated by the antichrist ROTHSCHILD ILLUMINATI,or the NEW WORLD ORDER and a cashless society, etc. of Revelation 13) will we witness Christians being hated worldwide and put to death.

So many Christians across America are utterly blind to the sufferings of Christians throughout the world at this time. They're blind because of America's safety and no major persecution suffering happening in our nation for hundreds of years now.

False teachers have crept into churches, twisting Scriptures into a comfortable RAPTURE HERESY that promises many secretly worried Christians that BEFORE THEY CAN SUFFER FOR THEIR FAITH in AMERICA, Jesus will take them OUT!

One man even told me "Jesus will rapture us out, because He does not want 'A BRUISED BRIDE!'" What heresy! How many of His Christians have died "BRUISED" beaten, tortured, crucified, imprisoned and suffering for their faith throughout two thousand years of Church History!

It was sadly this same couple that criticized my difficult sacrifices for Jesus Christ to remain in this ministry to my fellow American Christians. They witnessed my living "life on the edge" for this work of investigating, reporting, interceding and lecturing across the nation. I was living "on the road" in my 1986 Buick at that time (the only way to afford to do this work), when the wife heard me on the radio and invited me to their home. It was an expensive home, extravagant.

They were used to typical comfortable carnal materialistic pseudo-Christianity in America, with little concept of the cross or suffering and hardships and sacrifice for His Name's sake.

They had no concept of true sacrificial DISCIPLESHIP for Christ and the cost of THE CROSS for Him. Many Christians like myself are called by God to lay down our lives and everything in this world to PUT JESUS FIRST and our calling first for Him. This is true discipleship as opposed to "AMERICANIZED CHURCHIANITY" or pseudo-Christianity.

Such carnal, comfortable America Christians, so deceived and materialistic and unused to sacrificing and suffering for Jesus Christ, will have a VERY DIFFICULT TIME when the persecutions I write about become REALITY before their eyes!

Are YOU prepared to SUFFER FOR JESUS CHRIST as these Biblically prophesied times come upon the Christians in this nation??? Are YOU a cross-embracing, self-denying, true Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ 24/7 ??? DOES Jesus Christ come FIRST in your life, or do the cares of this world, career, money and things, self (ME FIRST) and materialism, come first?

Are YOU serving Jesus Christ and seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? When have you stepped out in ministry to seek the lost recently? Spent quality time in fasting and prayer and intercessions? Sacrificed financially or materially to invest in souls being reached for Jesus Christ and lives touched? Sought God for HIS CALLING in your life instead of serving mammon (money) and the cares of this world? Shown compassion to the perishing and the poor? Ministered the Gospel? Done something for Jesus Christ that might cause you persecution or loss or suffering FOR HIS NAME'S SAKE?

True cross-embracing DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST do all of the above and more regularly for the glory of God.

I testify from the Word of God, that ONLY self-denying/Cross-embracing true DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST are going to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH with coming times of persecution, arrests, imprisonments, and trials and testing in America for Jesus Christ. Carnal Christians, pseudo-Christians, non-committed, etc., simply will not have the strength, grace or will and Scriptural basis to STAND FIRM IN JESUS CHRIST!

Yes, the coming times of famine, tragedy, loss, hardship, persecution and suffering and MARTYRDOM for His Name's sake WILL BE THAT SEVERE.

Some ministries have even received prophecies of MANY CHRISTIANS FALLING AWAY DURING THESE COMING TIMES!

Do you think Jesus Christ spoke His word of Matthew 24 about these end times and His people being persecuted and falling away as a result thoughtlessly?

Remember what happened to Chinese Christians prior to the fall of CHINA to COMMUNISM! Pastors (including undoubtedly government infiltrator "pastors" as in AMERICA) told them as they watched nervously, "Don't WORRY! Be HAPPY! Jesus will RAPTURE YOU before you can SUFFER or DIE FOR YOUR FAITH!"

Such Chinese Christians, given a false promise of "peace and safety"with no Scriptural truth or backing, did just that. And the true reports came out of China at the time, that MANY fell away due to the persecution that came!

MANY DID NOT PREPARE! They did NOT fast and pray! They did NOT seek God for grace to STAND FAST FOR JESUS CHRIST and ENDURE TO THE END! And as a result, MANY FELL AWAY...RENOUNCED THEIR FAITH...BETRAYED ONE ANOTHER...and died in sin and perished.

You CANNOT FALL AWAY, DENY YOUR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, and inherit eternal life! And the NEW WORLD ORDER under martial law in America will demand that you do just that!

Many people ask me all the time this kind of question, "Pam, what motivated you to forsake home and paying careers, to live on the road like this sacrificially, to take such risks, to participate in this kind of difficult and dangerous journalism?"

I look at each person and tell them, "God CALLED me to this work, on behalf of His endangered BODY OF CHRIST throughout America. They have NOT been prepared, they ARE NOT READY for what is to soon come, and many WILL FALL AWAY unless they are WARNED AND PREPARED NOW."

Concern and COMPASSION for ETERNAL SOULS THAT JESUS DIED FOR is a major factor that motivates me. Through years of hard-core investigative journalism and research, I KNOW what is to come! And my Bible tells me as well! And Christians in America are NOT prepared for what they are to face. And many will sadly fall away unless forewarned and UNLESS THEY PREPARE.

So this ministry is not only my act of obedience to God and Jesus Christ, BUT ALSO my sacrificial gift of love and concern FOR YOU. Please, therefore, take the time to pray about everything you read on this site. FAST AND PRAY and ask God about these things you have questions about.

The price I HAVE paid ( in terms of personal danger, sacrifice, suffering, financial, hardship, etc.), and ultimately WILL pay, is tremendous. But Jesus declared,"Greater love hath no man than THIS, that he lay down his life for his friends..." I love the Body of Christ throughout America, and therefore I cannot bear the terrible thoughts of my fellow Christians facing these coming events, and NOT BEING PREPARED.

Remember, although we KNOW His coming is SOON, we have neither chapter nor verse declaring that we will not have to suffer tribulation for Him in this nation.

We know NOT the day nor the hour of Our Lord's return!

Therefore, please take the time to PREPARE.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from across this nation

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