Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two Kingdoms in CONFLICT:Revealing the ANTICHRIST TODAY

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective.
Sunday, June 21, 2009
Important note: BEFORE you read this revealing article, please take note: NONE of this is to be considered somehow "antisemitic." It is, however, researched, historical and present-day truth. The truth remains the truth, no matter how painful.
I have given many of my years to love and minister to and care for people of Jewish background. I have taken care of Jewish elderly and children for years, often for next to nothing when they could not afford it.

And although I held back on writing about this kind of truth because of a deep love for the Jews in general, I am finally forced now to come forth with THE TRUTH. My fellow Christians in America are now endangered by those Jews of a NWO mindset. And I have an obligation to wake up my people before it is too late.-Pamela Schuffert

Lucifer and his angels rebelled against the Almighty God. He was cast out to the earth, and there he continued THE CONSPIRACY to this day...

LUCIFER is the instigator and leader of the KINGDOM OF ANTICHRIST of Revelation 13 today.

The Kingdom of Lucifer has been at war with the KINGDOM OF GOD and His Christ, Jesus, from before the world was formed!

The entire Bible is a story of TWO KINGDOMS IN CONFLICT: the kingdom of Satan versus the Kingdom of the Living God.
And finally in REVELATION, we have the account of THE FINAL CONFLICT.


It is so easy to understand
the truth about the coming ANTICHRIST and his world globalist government of antichrist that will persecute Christians unto the death.

Essentially, it is first and foremost a JEWISH KINGDOM OF UNBELIEF and rejection of Jesus Christ, His kingdom and His followers.
It is also a SATANIC kingdom of spiritual darkness as a result. Without Jesus the Messiah you have NO VICTORY over satan/lucifer!

, or against and DENYING JESUS CHRIST is the Promised Messiah and God in the flesh and Saviour of the world.

While many others have joined in this conspiracy and kingdom of darkness that are NOT Jews, it's origins are historically and Biblically JEWISH unbelievers in Jesus Christ.

Basic truths about THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST in the world : it BEGAN to be manifested in the world FIRST with the unbelieving Jews who denied He was the Messiah and rejected Him, crucified Him, and then persecuted His teachings and His followers. This is written in the Bible repeatedly in fact.

Unbelieving Jews have carried this spirit of ANTICHRIST and hatred and persecution of Christianity from generation to generation throughout 2000 years now, including through the Talmud and rabbinical teachings denying Jesus Christ and persecuting His teachings and followers, to modern Judaism and beliefs system today. Even Moslems, with their persecution of Christianity, have nicer things to say (however heretical) in their Koran about Jesus Christ, than Jewish Talmudic, rabbinical and related teachings.

And in these prophesied end times, the spirit of antichrist will be fully culminated in the world WITH the unbelieving Jews manifesting the spirit of antichrist through the world antichrist government of Revelation 13.

(In fact, Jews have openly boasted to me that, "the ANTICHRIST you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to get RID of you Christians and usher in our WORLD JEWISH REIGN!" Yes, this is from the teachings of the rabbinical writings and the Talmud. )

A world Jewish reign under a "messiah" (counterfeit) is coming, and must destroy EVERYTHING that stands in it's way of a world Jewish belief system, especially the CHRISTIAN BELIEF SYSTEM.

Most Jews understand and believe this. Most Christians who have not done their research have never heard of this.The very real hatred for Christianity is often hidden from the majority of Christians who do not participate in Jewish circles, lifestyles or communities as I have done in the past. But once inside such surroundings, you being to understand very painful realities thrgouhout the Jewish communities and religious beliefs system.

And especially when you are a perceived threat to them as a missionary. Jews equate Christian missionaries with everything that is evil,deadly and vile!

They are taught from youth to hate Jesus Christ and his followers, especially proselytizing (evangelizing) ones. I have read their religious hate literature against Christianity personally, many times and in many publications.While Jews rage through the ADL against any literature projecting dissent or hate against THEM, they freely publish and circulate hate literature against THE CHRISTIANS in their circles.

When Jesus spoke of Jews of the synagogue of satan more than once, He meant it. I have discovered through hard-core investigative journalist research, that tragically there are a number of Jews in the world today and throughout America, are already into Lucifer worship, as the Illuminati Rothschilds, for money and power. They are often referred to as SABBATEANS.

Such all believe in the antichrist NEW WORLD ORDER coming, and the elimination (termination to put it bluntly)of Christians as well. MANY of your big money/power/elite Jews are in fact practicing SABBATEANS.

The Jewish Rothschilds Illuminati bankers, with their worship of Lucifer , operating in the spirit of antichrist and their hatred of Christians and desire for world globalist government they could control, BEGAN the kingdom of antichrist throughout planning, funding and instigating the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION.

It was designed to destroy and eliminate Christians and Christianity from the face of the world! For practical purposes it was called COMMUNISM. But in fact it was the early beginnings of the gradually emerging WORLD KINGDOM OF ANTICHRIST.

COMMUNISM and everything it stands for is the EMBODIMENT OF JEWISH UNBELIEF and HATRED FOR JESUS CHRIST and CHRISTIANITY (as revealed in their Talmud and other rabbinical writings which began 2000 years ago with the rejection of their Messiah, Jesus Christ)coupled with Satan's hatred through the ILLUMINATI as well. Many naive and well-meaning Christians do not understand this. But missionaries to the Jews such as myself for many years, we sadly understand this perfectly and often by painful experience.

Through communism and the Bolshevik revolution, the Rothschild's were able to project such hatred against millions of hapless Christians throughout Russia, then Eastern Europe and beyond as it spread to nation after nation. And millions upon millions of hapless Christians were persecuted unto death as a result.

THOUSANDS of Churches were seized or destroyed. Bibles were burned and forbidden to be printed. Christian leaders and lay people arrested and tortured for their faith and murdered. Parents were forbidden to educate their children into Christian teachings. Church meetings and gathering were forbidden or greatly persecuted and restricted. And so on. AND UNBELIEVING JEWS played a major role in carrying this out from the begining.

All as a direct result of both Satan's coupled with unbelieving Jewish hatred for Jesus Christ and Christianity, through the Rothschilds Illuminati banking family and their supporters in the early 1900's.

And for your own good, get rid of your media-programmed mental block as your read these words. This is NOT somehow "anti-semitism." I love and have worked for and with Jews for over 30 years now. Rather, this is historical and documented hard-core reality, however painful to admit. And it is URGENT TRUTH for you, my endangered fellow Christians in America today. Someday you may be among the many Christians persecuted, perhaps even unto death, by this Jewish belief system imposed on YOU by force under martial law.

The modern guillotines I have reported on are a part of the Jewish belief system plan's to eliminate Christians worldwide as well through their NOAHIDE LAWS written by Lubavitch Chabad, a militant orthodox Jewish organization with bases worldwide.

My research has uncovered and proven that these modern guillotines are in military bases everywhere, including worldwide. According to their Noahide laws, if Christians will NOT renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, they are subject to execution by decapitation! The NOAHIDE LAWS of the Jews fulfills REVELATION 20:4 perfectly.

"And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

This clearly speaks of Christians beheaded for their faith during this antichrist government on the earth. It tells of those who refuse the cashless society and it's false religious system. It makes it clear that they were beheaded for the witness of Jesus Christ and the word of God.

The very REAL guillotines I report on, to fulfill Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS demands, ARE FOR YOU CHRISTIANS! The Noahide Laws remain powerful and undeniable evidence of how desperately Jewish unbelievers want the Christians in America and the world TERMINATED AND REMOVED today.

Traditional rabbinical/Talmudic/Illuminati Jewish hatred of Christians and everything they stand for, is embodied in the presence of millions of modern guillotines found across America and around the world today. Such mute evidence cannot lie.

And it is certain the Rothschild Illuminati bankers have been funding the Noahide Laws/guillotines agenda for many years now.

Furthermore, it is the Jewish Rothschilds Illuminati bankers who have been developing the ANTICHRIST 666 "mark of the BEAST" cashless society system as well. They will operate it out of the GERMAN BANK.

I have interviewed people with BANK OF AMERICA who informed me that YES, the CASHLESS SOCIETY is COMING! And that all banks in America will merge into one, to be under the GERMAN BANK for this cashless society. This came from a BANK of AMERICA spokesperson in FLORIDA that I interviewed personally.

Soon America's banks will be under the GERMAN BANK in fact. The Rothschilds Bankers will compel people worldwide to accept their chip implant to do business in the banking world they control, or ELSE!

Strangely, when I went to GERMANY to travel and interview people for 6 months, I saw signs with "666" ominously in many places! No words, just "666"! And I heard a teen rock group playing a song in public entitled "666!" It seemed it was EVERYWHERE in Germany! And I noted that the German NATIONAL ID CARD had THE SYMBOL OF BAPHOMET the satanist goathead on the back of each one!

Quite obviously judging from world history and what is happening even now, the ANTICHRST and it's world government that destroys Christianity in it's wake, comes directly OUT of the ROTHSCHILD ILLUMINATI BANKING FAMILY!

To RECAP: Jewish Rothschilds Illuminati completely FUNDED, INSTIGATED and BEGAN the world government of "antichrist/kill the Christians" worldwide through their BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION and the beginning of COMMUNISM. They have funded and instigated and promoted it's spreading worldwide for decades now in country after country.

You do NOT have a world government take over the WORLD overnight! And this is where Christians miss it, and fail to realize what COMMUNISM is really all about. While the Bible mentions 7 years and 3 1/2 years periods, again, this is only a brief outline of a world globalist government, highlighting certain major and outstanding events.

The book of Revelation gives us only a very brief outline of coming world events. It does NOT give us particular details, only the BIG PICTURE. The antichrist and his forces are VERY ACTIVE on the face of the earth today!

Revelation 13 tells us that this world government of antichrist will be satanic. That the DRAGON will give to it his throne, power and great authority. The Rothschild Illuminati (as ALL Illuminati) are Satanists! They worship Satan, or Lucifer, for money and power and control of the world.

The BEAST is both this world globalist government and it's world leader as well.

"And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, AND HIS FEET WERE AS THE FEET OF THE BEAR, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority....And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast."

Indeed, the DRAGON or Lucifer gives it's full power to this world government of antichrist!

NOTE that the beast of this world government with 10 heads or world leaders, has feet of the bear. FEET IMPLY SOMETHING TO MOVE UPON. The symbol for Russia is THE BEAR!"Misha Medved" or Misha the BEAR! The Rothschilds Illuminati got the world government of Antichrist MOVING across the globe beginning with RUSSIA!

The NEW WORLD ORDER already has divided the world into ten world regions, and will have ten leaders over these regions. They will all report to one world leader, the antichrist or BEAST.

Though this report is very brief, it is simple, historical, accurate and to the point.

I could say much more about the reality of Jewish communists throughout the MOVIE INDUSTRY in HOLLYWOOD, the NEWS MEDIA through TELEVISION, the many Jewish teachers and professors in our school systems of America today, bringing their world globalist (communist) antichristian /antichrist messages to and throughout America. They network together with other NWO supporters (Gentile included) to help make this transition of America into their world globalist antichrist NEW WORLD ORDER possible by every means they can.

Ever wonder about WHY Hollywood produces movies that belittle and mock Christianity and the Christian viewpoint and morals, and produces movies espousing just the opposite? This is part of the communist plan to destroy Christian morals and it's belief system from America. Television does the same as well. So does the world of music. Hollywood and the television industry is primarily Jewish-controlled, and they bring their belief system and hidden agendas with them. (As much as their damage-control agency, the ADL, loves to try and deny this!)There is a purpose in controlling movie and television media that influences millions of lives daily nationwide!

Again, remember: this is not "antisemitic." It is painful reality in our nation today. It speaks of that segment of Jews who unfortunately believe that their persecution and murdering of Christians and destroying the CHRISTIAN belief system in our nation and worldwide is somehow "okay" due to their belief system, or UNBELIEF in Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Interestingly, I remember my high school teacher, BERT COHEN, in my high school outside Washington, DC many years ago. He was my history teacher. He stood up in class one day and made the terrible remark, "JESUS CHRIST WAS JUST A MYTH....." and went on to boast he was a Jew and a communist!

He denied Jesus before men that day. He had to quit his teaching position soon after due to illness.

And later died a most terrible death of cancer.

Pray for the precious Jews so decieved into such lies, a false messiah, and great darkness. They are far greater victims than we Christians they intend to persecute and terminate in the future. If we as Christians die, we have eternal HOPE through our Savior Jesus Christ!

If these unbelieving Jews die, especially the Illuminati and satanists as well, they have NO hope and only eternal damnation awaiting them FOR ALL ETERNITY! In fact, the Bible warns us that the SMOKE OF THEIR TORMENT SHALL ASCEND FOREVER AND EVER, and they have no rest DAY OR NIGHT!

I pray for these Jews so deceived, and their Gentile counterparts, continually.

This is a time for the Christians of America and throughout the world to awaken to this hidden darkness and PREPARE TO BE OVERCOMERS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

-Pamela Schuffert

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