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God BLESS the Messianic Jews, Courageous Followers of MESSIAH!


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Shalom, Mishpochah! Baruch Ha'Shem! Am Yahshua CHAI!

I will make no apologies for it: I LOVE the Messianic Jews of America, Israel and the world. These courageous followers of YAHSHUA HA'MASHIACH (Jesus the Messiah in HEBREW)have been compelled to overcome so MANY oppositions in order to embrace their ONLY Mashiach (Messiah), Yahshua.

When a Jew accepts Jesus as Messiah, they may instantly encounter opposition. Often opposition may come from family or friends or spouse. The rabbi of the local congregation may also try to confront this new found faith in Mashiach.

More hard-core opposition may even come in the form of "deprogramming,"  in which trained deprogramming teams are dispatched (on request of concerned family members usually) to the new Believer in Mashiach, who then attempt to discourage their faith in Yahshua.

Jewish anti-Christian deprogramming teams have even been known to abduct the victim, and hold them for months at a time incommunicado from family and friends, until they finally force the victims to renounce their new faith in Jesus Christ and return to Jewish beliefs. Much deprogramming in the past has come directly out of that militant Orthodox Jewish organization, Lubavitch Chabad on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY.

This goes on frequently in New York City and Brooklyn, for example, as one Jewish center I contacted even admitted to me one day (not knowing I was a Christian asking about their deprogramming agenda.)

I asked the man I spoke to over the phone, in fact, "How is the deprogramming going?" "Oh, great," he replied, "It's going on in BOROUGH PARK!" Borough Park is a huge enclave of Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, NY.

Very graphic accounts of such brutal mistreatment of Jewish Believers by deprogrammers have been published in the past, such as "KIDNAPPED FOR MY FAITH" by one survivor, Ken Levitt.

When I worked with the Slavic Gospel Association's "Institute of Slavic Studies" in Wheaton, Illinois, we had established a RUSSIAN CLUB in Chicago, to encounter Russian Jews. Many were hungry to know GOD and their Messiah, after years of wandering in the vast wasteland of godless, Christless Communism/Marxism. We introduced them to the reality of both GOD AND MESSIAH.

One young man, Grisha Grazhutis, a Russian Jew, fell in love with Jesus his newly discovered Messiah and friend. He began writing Christian rock music for his rock band. His mother, disturbed that he now believed in Jesus, contacted militant LUBAVITCH CHABAD in NYC.

Lubavitch sent their anti-Christian deprogramming team all the way to Chicago to set up Grisha to be abducted, drugged, and flown to NYC.

As Grisha recounted to us later, after escaping and returning to Chicago:

"...As the effects of the drug wore off, I began to regain consciousness. I found myself lying on my back on a floor, with Orthodox Jews staring down at me. They told me, "THIS is LUBAVITCH HEADQUARTERS, and Jesus is NOT the MESSIAH!"

This was the beginning of Grisha's ordeal, as trained Jewish deprogrammers attempted to turn him from his newly found faith in JESUS THE MESSIAH.

He continued. "At one point, they offered me a glass filled with something, and said, 'Here, DRINK this glass of LIQUID DRANO, because it says in YOUR Bible, if you drink ANY deadly thing, it will not kill you!'"

"I prayed in my mind for what to reply to them. And then I told them 'Well, if JESUS told me to drink it, I would. But since He did NOT, I won't!'"

Finally, tiring of his adamant stand for Jesus, he was locked in a room as they went off to a religious meeting.

"I knew I had to get out of there as soon as possible! Although I was locked in that room, the doors were old and so were the keyholes. I found a bobby pin and used it to pick the lock, and finally escaped the building. I ran down the nearest subway steps. I used all the money I had to ride that subway to get away from them as quickly as possible. BUT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT CITY I WAS IN AT FIRST!"

Grisha discovered he was in New York City, far from Chicago. He made a phone call to my friend, Oleg Kis, who drove to NYC and rescued Grisha. Finally, back at our Russian Club in Chicago, Grisha recounted his harrowing ordeal to us one night. I never forgot it.

Secret Jewish Believers in Jesus often attended Lubavitch meetings at times and told us what was said. They had told us, "Lubavitch vowed at the last meeting, 'We will NOT lose any more Russian Jews to the work of...THE MISSIONARIES!'"

Hmmm...could that possibly mean someone like ME, who had shared the love and power of Jesus the Messiah with hundreds of precious Russian Jews and their children???

Messianic Jews suffer in many other ways as well for their vibrant and exuberant faith in Mashiach. Recently, Messianic Jews in Israel were beaten up and their literature seized for daring to proclaim the GOOD NEWS ABOUT JESUS in one neighborhood in Israel.

Such attacks by Orthodox Jews also happen in NYC and other cities in the USA where there are sizable Jewish communities and Messianic Jews intermingle as well.

In fact, some of my friends suffered exactly that as they shared the good news about Messiah in one part of Brooklyn. A roving group of Orthodox Jews, young men, discovered my friends sharing about Jesus and passing out literature, and descended upon them with a fury.

Their literature flew into the air as it was torn out of their hands and the beatings began. My friends Wayne and Ivan escaped finally, as several police cars pulled up and the Jews scattered.

One hassid lost his nice black Orthodox Jewish hat (expensive) in the process, that my friend Ivan picked up off the ground. " forgot YOUR HAT," Ivan yelled as the young man went running down the street when the police cars pulled up.

But he disappeared into the streets of NYC, leaving Ivan with a nice souvenir. "Give ME that hat, " I exclaimed to Ivan when he showed it to me later at the Messianic Synagogue in Brooklyn I visited, Beth Shalom on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. Puzzled, he gave it to me. "WHY do you want it?"

I clutched that precious hat to my chest, and told him "THIS IS NOW MY POINT OF CONTACT for my prayers for these Jews!" Ivan knew I loved the Orthodox Jews and their REAL Mashiach, Y'shua Ha'Mashiach, and that I never stopped praying for them.

I treasured that Orthodox Jewish hat for many years, until it finally disappeared during my travels, packed in a box and never found again. To me, it symbolized the Jews that Messiah loves and came for, Who pleads with them by His Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to this day to BELIEVE ON HIM and be saved!
Often hated by their their traditional Jewish families for their new found faith in Messiah, and rejected by their Jewish community, they have nevertheless made the RIGHT CHOICE for all ETERNITY!

Yes, beyond all debate and doubt, JESUS CHRIST IS the MESSIAH. In Hebrew, "Yahshua Ha'Mashiach IS indeed the MASHIACH", the Anointed One, the Prophesied One to come!

If you ever want to meet some wonderful Believers in the Messiah, locate a Messianic Synagogue in your neighborhood or region, and go and ENJOY THE SERVICES! Wonderful Messianic praise music to Yahshua and Yahveh abounds, often with traditional Jewish dancing and rejoicing.

Some fellowships even have wonderful traditional Jewish-Israeli themed food afterwards.

Messianic Jews are the salt and light of ERETZ YISRAEL. I so enjoyed meeting the Messianic Jews in Jerusalem, such as the amazing musical couple Josh and Gayla Goodman, and many others. The Messianic Fellowships are wonderful in Israel.

These precious Messianic Jews have finally discovered their REAL Messiah, and rejected the "Lubavitcher counterfeit."

You see, Lubavitch Chabad is always trying to raise up "THE NEW MESSIAH." (There will never BE a "new messiah" however.) Their last attempt failed miserably, with Rebbe Menachem Schneerson. Although he attempted to do many noble works, this "messiah" failed, you see, because he did NOT rise from the dead. There is even a cult that formed around Schneerson and their anticipation of his rising from the dead.

But alas, he remains in the grave. Could it possibly BE because HE WAS NOT THE MESSIAH after all???

Nor did he fulfill over three hundred Messianic prophesies regarding the COMING MESSIAH. But JESUS CHRIST/YAHSHUAH HA'MASHIACH DID! Sadly, Lubavitch is still working hard to produce yet ANTOHER "messiah." And he too shall fail as well.

The Messianic Jews of America, Israel and the world deserve our love, our prayers and our support. These are the TRUE spiritual Jews of the covenant, Jews after the heart of God and their Messiah. These Jews worship God in Spirit and truth. They have cooperated with God's plan to redeem His Jewish people, and they glorify God in this way.

Messianic Jews face much opposition from many sources. They are especially persecuted in Israel. Please keep them in your prayers, and go and visit a local Messianic Congregation to show your love and support.

You will be glad you did!

Such Jews, by the way, are by NO means a part of that segment of Jews who support the NWO, the coming persecution and ultimately the beheading of the Christians who refuse to become NOAHIDES and renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. (Revelation 20:4)

In fact, these Messianic Jews also stand to be persecuted and martyred with the Christians, as they refuse to deny their faith in Him under the coming NWO agenda. This is Bible prophecy as found in Revelation 13.

In my investigative reporting, I am compelled to address all threats to our precious Christian liberties in America, and even to our very lives in the future, and that is why I must truthfully report on the segments of Jewish society that plays a major role in the NWO agenda for America, the NOAHIDE LAWS (Lubavitch,) etc.

But I refuse to stereotype any people group. There are wonderful Jews as well. And Messianic Jews are a great blessing in the earth today.


-Pamela Schuffert

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