Monday, June 15, 2009


The following is my response to a very sincere man of God,who truly loves God and is a fine person. Although very sincere in his efforts on researching this subject, I believe he is in need of greater enlightenment and Holy Spirit revelation of the things to come to North America soon.

He attempted in his email today to explain to me why I was wrong on the RAPTURE issue as I report in this blog.

I felt it important to share with my readers my response to him and WHY I report as I do.-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Dearest Brother Marshall,

For 44 years now, I have been collecting prophecies and visions from quality men and women of God nationwide/worldwide, who have told me they had HOLY SPIRIT-INSPIRED visions of everything I report on, and saw themselves being arrested, persecuted, sent to camps, beheaded, martyred, suffering for their faith, even as Jesus declared PERSECUTION OF HIS SAINTS would come to ALL NATIONS PRIOR TO HIS RETURN in Matthew 24, and throughout Revelation as well.

It is a worldwide 666 cashless antichrist system that will shed the blood of the SAINTS AND MARTYRS AND PROPHETS OF JESUS CHRIST, as Revelation declares. 

IF ALL THE SAINTS (holy ones)HAVE BEEN RAPTURED, where are the saints and martyrs and prophets who WILL BE MARTYRED under this world antichrist system of Revelation 13, as the BIBLE DECLARES and throughout Revelation??? 

For you see, God's "sanctified ones" (saints) who love Jesus, can NEVER MISS "THE RAPTURE."

Bible prophecy cannot be fulfilled, if they are all taken out of this world prior to what The Book of REVELATION, and Matthew 24, and II Thessalonians tells us is truth! But Jesus declared, "FATHER, THY WORD IS TRUTH!"

All nations MUST INCLUDE North America! Canadian Christians have also sent me prophetic utterances and visions of the same persecutions that I report on, awaiting them in Canada also.

So MANY Christians in North America are tragically so blind to coming persecution. Christians died by the millions in Russia, in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc., under the BEAST ANTICHRIST WORLD GLOBALIST AGENDA as it builds up(world globalist communist or the NWO) and it is finally about to unfold here in North America.

They were not raptured prior to their prophesied end times testing, and are WE any better than THEY???

We Christians in America have neither chapter nor verse to tell us emphatically that before we can suffer for Jesus Christ and be martyred (as God's eternal word declares,) WE WILL BE "QUICKY RAPTURED OUTTA HERE!"

On the contrary, God's Holy Spirit has been showing mighty men and women of God with ministries that much persecution and martyrdom is coming to our continent before He finally returns for His own.

I am a born again Christian in ministry for 38 years now. If I had not researched Bible prophecy on this thoroughly as a Bible college student/missionary/etc., followed with years of investigation and collecting prophecies and visions from quality pastors, youth pastors, pastors' wives and other BELIEVERS and ministries, all saying that God had showed them WE WILL SUFFER UNDER THESE THINGS I report on, I would never make the kind of statement I do publicly.

The Holy Spirit cannot lie, nor can God's word. The Bible says of the HOLY SPIRIT: And HE WILL SHOW YOU THINGS TO COME.

And it is for a reason. The Holy Spirit has also been saying that MANY CHRISTIANS WILL FALL AWAY under the coming times of testing and persecution in America/Canada, in part because NO ONE IS WARNING THEM OR PREPARING THEM in the vast majority of churches in America.

And the Remnant pastors who ARE doing this, are persecuted. Spoiled American Christians do NOT want to know the truth!

Furthermore, the Church in America is certainly not ready for Jesus to come for His BRIDE! It is filled with fornication, adultery, homosexuality, cyber-porn, false doctrines, compromise, etc.

I know from working in MANY ministries including a television ministry filled with sin of every kind.

This coming persecution is being allowed, God told me through much seeking and prayer, to bring conviction and to purge His people through fiery trials and a rod of chastisement HE WILL BRING, to perfect His people.

As it says in DANIEL, MANY SHALL FALL AND BE PURIFIED (or made WHITE) in these times. Christians in RUSSIA, CHINA and many other nations were not "quicky raptured" out from the persecution under this prophesied world system of ANTICHRIST of Revelation 13(that MUST take decades to fully develop, because it IS a worldwide system of ANTICHRIST that does NOT develop OVERNIGHT throughout the world! And it is a huge world they have to subdue!)

And the North American Continent is region number one of the coming 10 world regions of the NEW WORLD ORDER, fulfilling the Bible prophecy of TEN KINGS under the BEAST. And America/Canada/Mexico are region number ONE.

The NWO cannot wait to get the ball rolling in our nation. And God has been warning HIS PEOPLE for decades now in AMERICA about all I write about and tell them.

This is my God-given perspective on all I write and share. And it cannot change, because it is Bible prophecy and it IS confirmed by the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH for years now.

Thankyou, Marshall, for sharing your perspective, however! I appreciate your sincerity. You have part of the truth, but I respectfully believe there is more the Holy Spirit must reveal to you.

God bless, Pamela


  1. Hey Pamela!
    Good stuff. I agree with you 100% with the exception of this one sentence:
    ..."this prophesied world system of ANTICHRIST of Revelation 13(that MUST take decades to fully develop, because it IS a worldwide system of ANTICHRIST that does NOT develop OVERNIGHT throughout the world! And it is a huge world they have to subdue!)"
    Where you are short-sighted (IMHO) is that the system is already set up, in place, and READY to go! All we need to have happen is an economic collapse of the EU or the USA. We're pretty much already COLLAPSED. It's just that they haven't ANNOUNCED it yet; but that could transpire OVERNIGHT! With the globalization of the financial centers of the world into the IMF, the World Bank, and the Central Reserve Banks of the various's all READY to go! The vatican is already calling for a centralized money system which THEY will control. All that's needed is the match that would instanty ignite the powder keg of civil unrest/violence that would be instantly followed with the implementation of martial law...and the rest is history! Remember that "when America sneezes the entire world catches a cold". This doesn't need to take DECADES, sister. The only thing STOPPING IT at this point in time is that the hand of God is still holding back the 4 winds (of global strife) as mentioned in Revelation 7:1-3. Since we're 2 1/2 years further into this economic collapse than when you originally wrote the ^ column...maybe you should rethink your position just a bit. Like you said...there's nothing WORSE than being mentally unprepared!

    1. The German bank will be the center of world banking, not the Vatican. This has been confirmed by the banks in America.