Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Cross Made of Railroad Spikes Around My Neck

Understanding the coming times when American/Canadian Christians MUST EMBRACE THE CROSS for Jesus Christ.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

June 3, 2009

There is coming a time in the future of the North American continent, when Christians will have to face up to the somber reality of PERSECUTION for the sake of Jesus Christ. The NAU, North American Union, plays a major role in Bible Prophecy.

Under the New World Order of world globalist communism and the spirit of antichrist, the world has ALREADY BEEN DIVIDED into ten world regions with ten appointed leaders. This IS Bible prophecy fulfilled in the Book of Revelation, regarding 10 kings, or ten world leaders, under the future world ruler THE ANTICHRIST, or man of perdition.

According to military sources I have interviewed (including Brian Johnson, former security guard in Cheyenne Mountains' NORAD), Canada/America/Mexico (the entire North American continent) forms REGION NUMBER ONE of the ten world region of the coming NWO. In secret military and government circles, the BORDERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN ERASED ON MAPS when discussing this. It is a "done deal."

People often ask if AMERICA CAN BE FOUND IN BIBLE PROPHECY. Yes, it can, and the above is the reason why.

One need only read throughout Bible prophecy, beginning in Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, to understand that this final world government prior to Jesus Christ's return to establish His millenial reign on earth, will persecute and martyr the saints and prophets of Jesus Christ.

Revelation 13 makes it clear that THE DRAGON, or satan/Lucifer, gives his power and authority and throne (seat of power) to this "Beast" of the world government to come. This world government will set up a satanic currency system and a false religious system which will include idolatry and satan worship.

Christians are distinctly forbidden to participate in this world system, and for obvious Biblical reasons. The Bible further reveals that this world system will have the power to put ANYONE to death who will not conform to it's requirement and demands.

My research to uncover how all this will be fulfilled in the practical realms, has confirmed Bible prophecy completely.

Over 800 modern detention camps are now in place across the North American continent. Many are underground as well. Numerous sources (including military/CIA/Pentagon) I have intervewed over the years have told me plainly that the camps are to terminate all those citizens who will rise up in protest and refuse to cooperate with this NWO agenda.

Thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles are now located in covert regions across the North American continent, many in fact confirmed hidden in remote regions in Mexico until the hour of their being used under MARTIAL LAW in America.

CIA sources have confirmed to me personally that the people AT THE TOP OF THE LIST for arrest and removal to the camps, as the ultimate "RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER," are the obvious: the CHRISTIANS.

One can witness the clear parallel between the BOLSHEVIK COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, with Christians being targeted, arrested, tried and condemned and taken by trains to the GULAG detention camps system throughout Russia and Siberia, AND what is clearly planned to come to North America in the near future.

Real life accounts of the horrors of the GULAGS that millions of Christians faced throughout Russia and the Soviet Union are numerous. I have personally worked among Christian dissidents who came under attack and who were sent to the gulags and camps for their faith.

Torture. Intimidation. Rape. Deprivation. Mockery of their faith. Starvation.Cruelty. Temptation. Martyrdom.

These are all words that describe the various aspects of persecution these Christians faced for their unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and refusal to deny Him, or to join the NWO, which IS world globalist communism.

And now, we face a similar wave of persecution of Christian innocents in North America today. And my years of following the railroad tracks across America to locations where prisoner boxcars have been sighted by locals, and leading to detention camps I have reported on, have convinced me thoroughly: we are facing AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

And the NWO will use the railroad system across America and Canada to literally crucify the Body of Christ, hauling them by prisoner boxcars to the awaiting detention camps for brutal treatment, and ultimately TERMINATION.

As a true Christian disciple of Jesus Christ, who knows what is coming, I confess: I am in a state of continual mourning for millions of my fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ throughout my nation and North America.

Hours are spent DAILY in my Christian walk, beseeching the mercies of God on behalf of my endangered fellow Christians who face the horrors which I outline are to come in our nation. SO graphic is the picture of what we will face, due to years of interviewing former planners who came out to warn America, that I find myself living "in the future."

Often in the middle of the night, I climb out of bed and spend even more time interceding for God to HOLD BACK THE NWO/martial law agenda INSANITY a season longer, and strengthen and protect His beloved people endangered by this NWO agenda.

I cannot stop warning my people, and I cannot stop praying for my fellow Americans and Christians who face these NWO horrors.

Finally, while walking alongside a railroad track and praying against martial law and the prisoner boxcars/detention camps agenda, I became inspired as I knelt to pick up a rusted railroad spike.

It seemed to resemble, in fact, what one might imagine to be a rusted nail used to crucify the Lord of Glory, Jesus the Messiah, and to nail Him to the cross that day.

I was reminded of the words of my Savior Jesus Christ, when He said, "The disciple is not above the Master....If they have hated ME, they will also hate YOU." "...And all these things will they do unto you, because they have neither known THE FATHER nor Me...."

The same spirit of antichrist that persecuted and crucified the Lord of Glory, is about to rise up throughout North America and persecute His people as well, under the NEW WORLD ORDER. Many will be persecuted unto the death, in fact.

And a major tool of persecution will be the railroad system and the prison boxcars with shackles.

I became inspired, and found several more railroad ties spikes. Taking them to a local artisan welder, I requested that she cut the ends off two of them, and then weld them, one on each side, onto a third complete spike, forming a cross.

When she asked me why, I told her the story behind the inspiration for the railroad spike cross. She was incredulous. And in a few days, the cross was ready.

I now wear this heavy cross periodically, as I travel across this nation to pray and to research and walk down many streets, as a symbol of deep mourning for my beloved people who will face the horrors of the deathcamps under martial law and the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda in North America.

I wear it also as a visual reminder of what is to come, and the heavy cross my fellow Christians will be asked to bear for HIS NAME'S SAKE, as they are tempted to deny Jesus and join the NWO, but instead reply,

" I AM A CHRISTIAN and I cannot deny MY SAVIOR!"

My fellow Christians and I have already been sentenced to death in absentia by the NWO planners. We are about to be crucified with Christ Jesus for His testimony and the Word of God. It is now only a matter of time until everything I have reported on for 13 years now regarding the coming persecution of the Church in North America, is manifested visibly.

This is a time for all true disciples of Jesus Christ to EMBRACE THE CROSS. And you will find as you embrace the cross, you are also embracing THE ONE WHO DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU, Jesus our magnificent Savior and ONLY Messiah!

And now you know the story behind ...THE CROSS MADE OF RAILROAD SPIKES.

-Pamela Schuffert

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  1. Every Christian should know the meaning of Matthew 24:15. Seven places around the world, a spirit of God at each, to instruct His in doing exploits against satan's own. I am eddie meador, servant of the Lord, Morgan, Texas.