Friday, May 18, 2012

Why I Am Proud of the Messianic Jews, Truly "God's Chosen"!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative  journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The Messianic Jews are an amazing group of people. They are truly living, acting and speaking as God's glorious REMNANT and His genuine CHOSEN PEOPLE among the Jews.
For these Messianic Jews have done what is holy and righteous in the sight of the God of Abraham:they have acknowledged they are sinners, they have repented of their sins, and come to their only true Messiah, Yahshuah ha'Moshiach, for SALVATION. These are the true Jews who worship God in spirit and in truth.

I know, because for decades I would periodically  fellowship in Messianic Synagogues, beginning with BETH MESSIAH under Dan Juster in Maryland many years ago. I volunteered briefly with Sid Roth of MESSIANIC VISION when he was based in Maryland. I performed Messianic outreach among Jews and Russian Jews in NYC periodically for many years.

No Jew is automatically "God's Chosen" and receives the promised blessings of God automatically, just by virtue of birth. They are "God's Chosen people" who BEHAVE as God's Chosen people!

Convince me that the Jewish communists who rape, torture and murder the innocents are  "God's Chosen." 

Convince me that Jewish Illuminati and Sabbatean satanists who also rape, torture and murder the innocents on satanic altars are somehow "God's Chosen." 

Convince me that the Jews of Hollywood who churn out disgusting filth, immorality, blasphemy against God and mockery of Christianity, and whose influence helps to corrupt millions and lead them away from God (a true Jewish communist goal for America) could ever be classified as "God's Chosen." 

Many of these Hollywood Jews are themselves involved in satanism, ritual sacrifice, homosexuality and perversion of every kind, including sexual abuse of minors who star in their movies...according to their victims' personal admissions.

In fact, these kinds of Jews behave worse than the Gentiles around them, that Jewish literature loves to insult and refer to as Gentile cattle and worse.

Convince me that somehow "Jews do not need Jesus" their Messiah to save them from their sins.



Romans 3:23-"For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

And deceiver John Hagee, YOU will spend eternity in the lake of fire in eternal torment, be cause YOU have LIED to the Jews, told them "Jews are under a different covenant and don't need Jesus..." And many Jews believe your words, will not turn to Jesus as a result...and they will perish as a result OF YOUR SOUL DAMNING LIE.

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."
Revelation 21:8

Gentile Christians often have no idea what Jews must overcome and suffer to come fully to Yahshua Ha'Moshiach, or Jesus Christ for salvation.

First, Jews must overcome years of being exposed to both cultural and written and verbal explanations of why somehow  "Jesus is not the Messiah."

From family members, to rabbis, to books filled with blasphemy and hatred against Jesus the Messiah like the Talmud, Jews hear the lie repeated again and again. And if you hear a lie frequently, you begin to believe it without examining the actual background of THE LIE.

Once Jews begin to research the truth, read the New Testament, begin to pray and finally are convicted that YES, JESUS REALLY IS THE MESSIAH and get set free from THE LIE, they then have to deal frequently with rejection and confrontation by family, their local rabbi, and friends.

There even is an antichrist "deprogramming" program among the Orthodox Jews, wherein Jews who have received Jesus as Messiah are literally lured into a trap or abducted, and taken away to secret facilities to be pounded 24/7 with the hate message of  "Jesus is not our Moshiach, and you will never get out of here until you RENOUNCE JESUS CHRIST!"

Survivors have written books about, including"Kidnapped For My Faith."

I know it is all true, because it happened while I was training at the Slavic Gospel Association in Wheaton, IL, to reach out to Russians with Jesus, we opened a RUSSIAN CLUB in Chicago. It attracted Russian Jews as well. Many came to know Jesus as Messiah through our outreach in Rogers Park area.

One Russian Jew was Grisha Grazhutis. He played in a band and had long hair then(1979-1980). Grisha fell in love with Yahshua, and became a Messianic Jew. However, one night he disappeared for several weeks. We did not know happened to Grisha until my friend Oleg Kis brought him back from NYC! (You can find Oleg Kis on FACEBOOK, in fact.)

He was abducted for his new found faith in the genuine  Messiah Yahshua, by none other than Lubavitch Chabad of 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY. 
Remember that Lubavitch Chabad are the people who presented the Noahide Laws legislation in Washington DC, finally signed by Bush Sr., thus paving the way for horrific future Christian genocide of up to 200 million American Christians who love Jesus and will never deny Him by accepting the Noahide Laws.

You can read my previous article detailing his abduction by Lubavitch, and miracle escape with Oleg's  help, from Lubavitch deprammers from their headquarters above by going to:

Yes, Jews who come to Yahshua for salvation must endure many trials and hardships for Messiah's sake...but they ALL realize that their new found relationship with the God of Abraham through Yahsua is WORTH IT ALL.

Just ask my wonderful friend Rabbi Hadassa Ryklina from Moscow, leader of inspirational Beth El Messianic Temple in NYC. I am proud  of her  determination to overcome every obstacle and to proclaim '"YAHSHUA IS MOSHIACH!" to her fellow Jews in Brooklyn and beyond.

She has known much suffering and hardship throughout the years as she strives to serve her Messiah. But His divine grace, or chesed in Hebrew, has brought her through continually. You can go to her website to learn more about her calling to share Yahshua with her fellow Russian and all Jews in her region.

I remember my difficult years of outreach for Yahshua in NYC and Brooklyn. The persecution was relentless against the much hated "missionaries" sharing Yahshua with the Jews. I endured firebomb threats, my friends were often beaten up up on the streets and their literature torn into shreds by roving gangs of Orthodox Jews, many trained by Lubavitch to hate Jesus and His followers, frequently prowling  the streets on the lookout against Christian street witnessing. 

Lubavitch hatred of Christian outreach was manifested in one of their meetings, as one Russian Jewish woman attending it later came and admitted to us that one Lubavitcher stood up and announced:"We VOW  not to 'lose ONE MORE SOUL' to the missionaries!"

Sorry, but Jewish souls are NEVER LOST when they accept Yahshua their only true Messiah into their lives!
Pray for Messianic Jews throughout the world today. Pray for their testimony to their fellow Jews to be effective and blessed. Pray for the Messianic Jews in Israel: they are God's genuine spiritual Remnant who have returned, and they are much hated and persecuted by the unbelieving Jews therein. There is much sin and spiritual darkness in modern day Israel. Their witness is needed greatly.

Pray for the success of all Messianic Jewish ministries and fellowships  worldwide.

What will the Jews enforcing the Noahide Laws against GENTILE believers in Jesus, do to the JEWS who also believe in Jesus: behead them too? I don't have the answer yet...but I know they plan to kill ALL BELIEVERS IN JESUS under their ANTICHRIST world government of Revelation 13. 

But both Jewish and Gentile Believers in Yahshua the Messiah know that He is worthy to live for, AND WORTHY TO DIE FOR!

Pray for ALL JEWS to be enlightened about  their need for their only true Messiah, Yahshua, and to be set free from all bondage through turning to HIM.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Good post. God bless!

  2. I just wanted to first say, I am so thankful for the Jews that accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I believe it's so important for all of us to be Born Again as the Lord told Nicademus. I can't see inside the heart of any individual only God can. However, we can tell their walk by their actions. With that in mind I feel I have to say this. I do have a few things against some of the items in this article. Please forgive me for the things I'm about to say if it offends anyone. This is not my intentions I assure you. Messianic Jews for Jesus do not accept the True Jesus of the Bible, they are led to believe that they do. It starts off as pure and loving then it shows it's ugly head. The Talmud is introduced w/ the Misnah Midrash and Haggadah (sp). The Babylonian Talmud is very blashemous against our Lord and His virgin birth. There's a big influence of Synagogue of Satan law in the Messianic Jew religion. Most high ranking Rabbinic Law Jews will admit Lucifer is the god. The Russian Female Rabbi Hadassa Ryklina violates 1 Tim 3 with being an overseer, bishop, deacon or pastor. Then there's 1 Cor. 14 is another. Jesus Himself said call no man Rabbi for we only have one Master (God). Then she sit in front of the most wicked symbol in witchcraft Hexagram, Six Pointed Star, Solomon's Crest(When he backslid), Star of Remphan, Chiun or Moloch. Thsi is not the Star of David, David never represented himself with a star. His representation was The Almighty Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ our God. Psalms 110:1 is one of the verses that proves Jesus is God. Beware of Wolves in Sheep clothing. With that evil imgagery behind her is possibly showing some intentions. I pray she's not an implant and if she is I pray the Lord exposes her. I know some of you will be angry with what I have said.(Gal. 4:16 Am I therefor become your enemy because I tell you the truth. But I say unto you, do your research and pray for answers from the True God. I thank you and may God bless you the diligently seek Him!!