Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fukushima Radiation Making Alaska Airlines Attendants SICK!




The "official story" is that hundreds of flight attendants that are having hair fall out and itchy skin rashes "because of new uniforms" but I'm not buying it!  Here's the official story where they blame hair falling out and skin rashes on the uniforms they got in 2011.  They say it's because of Tributyl phosphate which MAY be embedded in the uniform.  Sounds pretty fishy to me and I'm not buying this explanation for a second!   One clue comes in the statement from one of the attendants that said the problem surfaced when they flew 6-7 days in a row.  The longer you are exposed to high levels of radiation the sooner you develop symptoms of radiation sickness.  

The Seattle to Anchorage Alaskan Airlines Flights are Being Exposed to the Most Radiation Anywhere!

The reason I believe that the Alaskan Airlines Flight attendants could be getting sick from the radiation is because those 3 hour flights between Seattle and Anchorage are getting hit with some of the highest radiation levels anywhere right now!  I've taken those flights in the 80s and 90s dozens of times when I used to live in Alaska and travelled to the "Lower 48" as we called it.  They are quite long and they fly high to be above the turbulence.  So you've long flights at high altitude in probably the worst area for radiation in the world right now.  Look at the map below and you'll see that the highest radiation you could possibly get would be flying between Seattle and Anchorage all the time!

There's no question that flight attendants are going to be getting hit with far more radiation now than they were before Fukushima began spewing it's deadly poison.  Who really knows how bad it is because the government shut down all the radiation monitors as soon as Fukushima began melting down!  They also won't even monitor the food for radiation!  They love us so much!

If radiation is hitting these attendants at hundreds of times more radiation than it used to do before Fukushima then I say it's very probable that after being exposed to it for weeks, months and even a year now then the first signs of radiation sickness would be felt by those attendants on these 3 plus hour flights between Seattle and Anchorage.  

It just makes sense.  I urge any flight attendant to get their urine tested for radioactive elements and to cut way back on their flights to see if that helps.  

My bet is that cutting their flight times will reduce these symptoms no matter what uniform they wear.  It seems ludicrous to me that Alaskan Airlines wouldn't replace all the uniforms IMMEDIATELY but maybe they are delaying because if they go to new ones and the problems persist then they will really have a mutiny on their hands!  

Flight attendants go on many more flights than the pilots since there are more rules for pilots and they only let them fly so many hours per month.   So I would expect the flight attendants to show signs of radiation sickness first.  

Polar Bears, Seals and More Missing Fur and Exhibiting Sores All Over Their Bodies

Of course we know that Polar Bears seals and other wildlife in Alaska have been spotted with missing fur and strange sores all over their body.  You can read about this here.  I will bet you $5 that this is radiation sickness because nobody had ever seen it before Fukushima.  The Eskimos had never seen it and they've been there a VERY long time!  Of course the "officials" won't admit it but they have no answers on what is causing it which I find patently absurd also.

Nuclear Power is a HUGE scam that has NEVER been needed and MUST be shut down NOW!

Nuclear power is destroying our entire way of life!  It's in the air, water and food now and rapidly spreading.  Our Fake News won't mention it at all of course because their job is to keep you asleep!  Not one mainstream Fake News outlet has even mentioned about shutting these stupid nuclear reactors even though it's very likely that our sun will cause a global power outage within the next 3 years!  

A global power outage caused by a massive blast of energy from our sun would cause hundreds of these reactors to melt down with hours!   This is INSANITY!  We must shut down all these reactors NOW and begin deploying Tesla zero point energy devices that can power every home and vehicle on the planet for free!  The sick joke is that we haven't needed even one of these nuclear reactors and they have already KILLED and MAIMED millions.  Nuclear reactors were put there to control the power system and make the stuff they use for nuclear warheads.  As Einstein said, "It's a hell of a way to boil water!"  

How Do You Know When the "Authorities" are Lying - When Their Lips are Moving!

When have we EVER been able to really trust the "authorities" anyway?  They've lied to us about Fukushima, GMO, Chemtrails, Fluoride, Aspartame, the Federal Reserve and so much more so anything they say must be carefully examined because most of the time they will absolutely lie to us.  We talk about all the lies they have told us on Project Nsearch all the time.  It's time for ALL of us to wake up to reality.  

The criminals and liars are running the asylum!  How did it get this way?  Because most of you turn on your TV and get lied to each night by your mainstream news!  When you finally figure out just how badly you've been lied to by your TV news you will never pay to get brainwashed again!  You will get active and spread the truth as if your life depended on it because it DOES!


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  2. These are the first to feel the effects of radiation in the atmosphere, due to high exposure, when it rains or snows these particles come to earth, why dont the governments treat this seriously.or at least test to determine if or how bad the problem is.