Thursday, May 10, 2012


These "FEMA COFFINS" are to hold the ANTICIPATED DEAD BODIES in the times to come in "Amerika," especially under martial law. They were photographed only days ago traveling NORTHBOUND ON AN INTERSTATE. Many of these FEMA containers were photographed previously in a storage area in Georgia. 

They are actually not coffins, but containers to hold dead bodies and transport them to be cremated or dumped into mass burial locations.

WHY ARE THEY NOW BEING TRANSPORTED NORTH? IS A MAJOR CHEM-BIO ATTACK EXPECTED IN SOME MAJOR Chicago and the NATO SUMMIT where evidence is already emerging of a potential BIO-TERROR ATTACK during the summit???,_2012.html


Whether dead bodies piling up because of DELIBERATE release by the military of deadly strains of ANTHRAX or BUBONIC PLAGUE and other deadly plagues developed in secret CIA or government labs like PLUM ISLAND off Long Island, or Fort Dietrich, MD...OR dead bodies piling up because of armed conflict across American under MARTIAL LAW, "BIG BROTHER" knows that MILLIONS OF AMERICANS ARE GOING TO DIE IN THE COMING CONQUEST. And they have planned it to be this way!

These FEMA containers are to hold the bodies prior to transport to be cremated or buried in mass graves.

And this is WHY there have been sightings of millions of these suspicious FEMA containers all across America.

CIA MICROBIOLOGIST LARRY WAYNE  HARRIS was interviewed on my radio broadcast years ago. He told my listeners that he was paid by the CIA to develop deadly strains of anthrax and other deadly diseases. He admitted they were to BE DELIBERATELY RELEASED UNDER MARTIAL LAW to make Americans too sick to fight back.

"We developed deadly substances to be added to public water supplies...we designed deadly forms of ANTHRAX to someday be released over entire cities that will sicken and kill thousands of people rapidly..." admitted Harris during my interview with him. 

(Much disinformation has been published against him, to attempt to discredit him in the public eye because of the covert nature of this type of activity, to try to discredit his whistle blowing. But his admissions are truth.)

There are many more microbiologists paid to do the same type of ongoing research and development of deadly microbes to kill Americans. And when these microbiologists know too much, they are quietly terminated...and their dark secrets die with them.

I have been receiving so many frantic emails from readers across this nation, I can't keep up with them.
Russian military
Information has been pouring in about an ominous (and to be ongoing) influx of deadly RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ (Special forces) troops who will be here permanently. This in itself is a clear indication of coming MARTIAL LAW CLOSENESS.

As I have warned my readers for years in my reports, the NWO people will use FOREIGN TROOPS TO DO MUCH OF THE DIRTY WORK UNDER MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA. 
In the guise of "fighting terrorism," these brutal Spetsnaz special forces have been  trained to go after THE LOYAL AMERICAN PATRIOT and patriotic freedom fighters in America under martial law.

They are here to SEIZE YOUR WEAPONS under martial law. They are here to march you off to the prisoner boxcars with shackles, to be taken to the FEMA CAMPS.

Just like the German Bundeswehr military are HERE IN AMERICA to do the same thing...and many other foreign troops who have long rehearsed for THE HOUR OF NWO TAKEOVER IN AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

Behind the scenes and for many years now, UN/NATO/PFP troops have rehearsed for the hour of martial law and the NWO takeover  agenda for "Amerika." I have steadily reported on this for many years.

And yes, the Russians too have been training on the NWO military guillotines also, just as CHINESE military have.The NWO military guillotines (for the "kill off Christian NWO RESISTERS agenda)are WORLDWIDE, as Staff Sergeant Boysel admitted to me in our previous shocker interview that I published and has gone nationwide.

China has been a major exporter of THE COVERT MILITARY GUILLOTINES into America. Russian and Chinese communist military have persecuted and murdered countless Christians throughout previous decades, and are more than happy to now assist their Communist NWO comrades here in America in butchering and beheading Christians under martial law! 

Warnings are circulating about about a potential "false flag" "bio-terrorist" attack during the NATO SUMMIT IN CHICAGO THIS MAY 2012.,_2012.html


-Pamela Rae Schuffert continuing to report the truth without apology or regrets........


  1. I can tell you from speaking with soldiers coming home from the wars that they are fed up with government they can't get disability owed to them and the government wanting to reduce the military is how it will all happen reduce the forces and send them out of the states and then we are doomed no American forces here to help us the American people.

    1. no , and the government employed 386.000 troops from UN, they have to learn English by Oct 1 this year. This government is turning communists, trust me.

    2. we need to turn them into inmates before they pull anything on us.

    3. Went to colorado recently and had an encounter with a ufo but cant rember the events after since then ive been having abnormal dreams like witnessing events and beings always from the view of a kind of space helment i heard them say 2049 comet collision and thats the distroction ive been dreaming about maybe the boxes are for the dead from deadly ash or microbes brought from a comet

  2. Before the Sept 11, 2001 planned demolitian of the Twin Towers and Bldg 7 in NYC, I felt such tension in the air. And now, 11years later I feel this tension rising again.

    The plans are not terrorists. They are sociopaths who want control of the world, the money tne banks and want everyone RFID chipped. They will bring about Armaggedeon as the Bible says, and Jesus will need to return to stop the destruction before the earth is completely desolate. Our Heavenly King and Savior will appear after all this evil, and He will be coming in victory and power. He will be able to rule and reign with peace, justice and Eternal wisdom and happiness. I look forward to the calm after the storm. Even so, Jesus come quickly !!!!!

    1. "see that you are not terrified because all these things must occur"

    2. Amen. God be with us.

  3. well i had a feeling this will come i have wonder an wondered when the lord savior jesus would fight the fallen angel banned to the underworld i dont know how to react to this you know i watched videos an i read the bible alot im a christioan an im proud you can take my guns an freedom but you cant take my rights to be me -annyomous we are the people, we do not forget, we do not forgive we are free,

  4. I have astrological evidence of America's downfall as the Great Babylon in Revelation!

    Revelation 6:12 "I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red"

    NASA ^^ confirms lunar eclipses on April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; September 28, 2015. This is a tedrad, when you have 4 eclipses in 2 years. What's interesting is that these are all close to the horizon in the sky in America on all 4 eclipses; this turns them deep blood red!

    The 1st blood eclipse happens during the Jewish Passover, where they celebrate God rescuing them from Egypt. The 2nd eclipse occurs on their Feast of Tabernacles, where they spend an entire day in the wilderness to "camp with God", so to speak. The 3rd and 4th blood eclipses happen on the next Passover and F of Tabernacles.

    This sounds like the "moon turning blood red" sign in the Bible! How about the "sun turning black"?

    Solar eclipses happen on March 20, 2015; September 13, 2015; March 9, 2016; September 1, 2016. The one in Sept 13 is on the eve of Rosh HaShana, their New Year.

    Also, don't forget the possibility of Yellowstone erupting. God also says,

    "And the kings of the world who committed adultery with her and enjoyed her great luxury will mourn for her as they see the smoke rising from her charred remains. 10They will stand at a distance, terrified by her great torment. They will cry out,

    “How terrible, how terrible for you,
    O Babylon, you great city!
    In a single moment
    God’s judgment came on you.”"

    Give Revelation 17 a good read through; maybe two good ones. Remember that we are the great city Babylon in it.

    This fulfills 6th seal to me. This has all been planned out, so much that even the objects in the heavens react in timing to dramatic changes on Earth!

    Not only does this sign seem like it would mark the doing of all these evil things to us by our government, but it also points out that this universe we live in is a lot more complicated and that there must've been a god to have designed it.

    This universe all spins in such chaos, supernovas and colliding galaxies, yet it keeps the Earth safe and sound complete with a perpetual self-maintaining system and everything in it, aside from people, all do their part in the ecosystem. If you just let it be, it would just thrive and thrive. Yet we also get orbs in the sky to look at, and they're set in motion by God like a clock. So accurate that we can calculate Jesus's birth.

    1. A look I saw a white horse descending out of heaven and the one seated on the white horse had a name and it was written on his thighs King of Kings and Lord of Lord....and he carries on war in righteousness....and I saw a new heaven and a new earth...and every tear was wiped away...look I am coming soon....see that you are not TERRIFIED for all these things must take place.

  5. I dont no what is planned but when the lord is ready for me ill gladly go home to his kingdom

  6. These caskets will be filled 10 bodies at a time.Killed by the nearly 500,000 hollow point bullets ordered by homeland security.Or the 350,000 bullets ordered by the forestry department in case you think you can run and hide in the forest.These bullets aren't meant to fight a foreign war but to be used on the American people who resist martial law.Then the Caskets will be fed in a timely manner into crematoriums already being st up in FEMA camps all over the country.Every idiot knows you practice with ball rounds (cheap) and Kill with hollow points (self defense)these bullets which were just ordered a few weeks ago were for a reason.

  7. I don't know people, I am not American, I am Egyptian, but if this is what is going on in your lands, I expect nothing less than a nuke in my backyard, there has been millions of explanations and warnings of aliens and 2012 and now this, I still don't believe they will be able to defeat a nation, you are not sheep, you are a nation, many of you know how to fight, many of you have weapons, of many kinds, I Know globally we are going to war, but you have like 270 million guns and rifles, I doubt the resistance will suffer as the invaders, If I am going to die, I am expecting a nuke or foreign special forces to knock down my door, I know perfectly well that I stand no chance against special forces, but I know weak points of the body, I shall take his arm with me, I shall force him to empty his ammo on me, I shall try to stop him from going to the next home, everyone of them I kill will be one less trouble for the home after me, If I am dying anyway I am dying with a bang, I am inciting you all deliberately to fight back, if this is true fight back, die at your homes better than dying in their boxes, but there is still no material proof that this is against you, the people working in FEMA are your family too, people who won't do you harm, maybe this is for your protection and the coffins are for your enemies, I don't know, but the sane rule of any free man is to fight for his freedom or die a free man ... Good Luck guys, May God bless you all ...

    1. Amen,thank you,its like life has already ended here in the US just patiently waiting to lift up Jesus in the hour that darkness arrives telling you to reject Jesus Christ for your life's sake.

    2. wise words.. I am a born again child of GOD Almighty. I will fight for Him and HIs truths. I am not afraid of what man can do to me. GOD and His army are mightier than the sword. If my mortal body is killed, I will get a new one in Heaven.

  8. This Monster Storm named Sandy headed to the NE this afternoon - and knowing that it was fed by Chemicals days before to increase its size and power, and The upcoming elections that probably wont happen because of power-outages - all caused me to think what America will be like in just a few days..... Are we in store for Rioting, Martial law, Fema Camps and this?
    Which led me to this page.... any thoughts on the topic or am I over-thinking this?

  9. I cried reading this article. I can only cling to the promises of our Heavenly Creator and Father who will protect those who persevere and keep His Commandments. Remember we are not fighting flesh and blood but spirits (fallen angels deceiving our nation and leaders). I remember Elijah and the mighty Angels from God who surrounded and protected them from the enemy. Remember Jesus has given us the free will to choose Him as our Savior who has the power to give us life. Do not be afraid of the enemy. Jesus has already won this war against the evil one and the fallen. He loves us.

  10. I've always Believed in Jesus & the bible. But, I do believe this post on fema caskets 7 the fact that martial law will ultimately come to pass. i however also belive that , the Microchip is , the mark of the beast! I've contemplated this since adolesence! I read a post on Facebook today stating that under ObamaCare Laws this chip insertion will begin on March 23,2013 ! This is just the beginning of , I'm afraid a very tragic end! K. Perry

  11. May the better man win,its already millions of ghetto soldiers all ready for war with anybody at any giving time,not to mention the same amount in ex_convicts who are tired of being denied an honest living and to feed they,re own familys,let the chips fall where they may God bless us all,ya dig

    1. Im an ex soldier from iraq i no how to fight hand to hand and with heavy weapons. When this foreign enemy comes to my home he will lose his life becausw im going to take his agenda 21 and shove it up his ass. I will fight the good fight and die for my Savior Jesus Christ but i will take alot with me and they better be willing to die themselves. God Bless Have no fear God is in control !!!!: )



  14. to be sure, ladies and gentlemen, whats happening is less about God and more about control about fear. I am certainly not here to berate anyones beliefs or faith, but i felt compelled to interject. Now is no time to hide. Its is no time to coddle yourselves away behind some heavy lines of scripture. It's a time for preparation, understanding, fortitude, and integrity. A time, rather, to consider the man/woman next to you. Their hopes, aspirations, and dreams. And then to consider that which this country was founded upon. If our government will not protect it, than perhaps we may have to. Would you not defend a Jew? A Muslim? A Hindu? A Buddhist? An Atheist? Among these people, too, are some of the best of men/women. It is not about faith. It is about basic human right, of which we are all deserving of a chance at. Many times it feels as though we are on the brink of a new beginning. To which end the chips may fail, i suppose time will tell...But i should hope you do not take it lying down. I should hope you do not give in and become crippled by the fear. This is YOUR life. His life. Her life. Love one another, and care for each other accordingly. FIGHT for each other accordingly. Please understand, fighting does not always mean violence. And that if it does, may it wholly be justifiable and right.

  15. I have red before about the coffins and the martial law, the large number of ammunition, and other information that I find even more worrying but are not valid enough to mention here. But there is one thing I never understood and that is the reference in Russian troops in America. It does not make any sense at all. However I suspect that the American public opinion tends to render all it's fears and worries to the "bad" Russians as a result of the prolong hostility during the Cold war. Virtually American people have none to fear but the vast highly trained and equipped Russian army, that's no lie. No other nation ever could oppose a serious threat to the US the past 70 years but Russia. And since the average people find it difficult to accept the shocking fact of their own government planning a genocide of its own population (!!!) they tend to render it to the old big scary bear which "makes more sense(?) in an average American citizen's mind after decades of anti-Russian propaganda. As a Greek I consider my self a friend with Russia as we have much in common such as a common enemy which is Turkey. But I like America and it's people and culture plus I got some friends there, so I guess I'm talking as a friend of America. To cut things short, not only I don't think Putin's war machine is threatening you, but were I you, I would hope for assistance from him in case shit happens. Remember that he saved his own country from destruction back in the 90's when the situation was similar with yours right now. Think about it.

  16. it looks to me that anyone who finds these coffins needs to dump gasoline on them and set them on fire the plastic will burn until they are all gone. and their FIMA camps need to be bulldozed into piles of scrap. and if we ever find a guillotine it needs to be taken to DC and put to good use on politicians who are letting this go on.

  17. The quicker the word gets out, the quicker we can fix these problems.

  18. Let them try it human nature will prevail!

  19. I am ready .Not happy about it But bring it because I will die fighting