Saturday, May 12, 2012

Urgently Looking to Jesus Christ At Such A Time As This

Christians in North America must turn to 
Jesus Christ as never before
With pending war with Iran looming which could easily lead to MARTIAL LAW DECLARATION, EVEN possible pre-emptive strikes on American soil from Iran's allies, PLUS the hostile Jewish Noahide Law legislation  to be enforced UNDER MARTIAL LAW against tens of millions of targeted American Christians through the covert military guillotine training program, PLUS SO MUCH MORE, the future well-being of the American Christians in our nation is gravely endangered.

Everything I have ever written about MARTIAL LAW COMING TO NORTH AMERICA has the potential to be fulfilled when it is declared. But let us Christians remember: none of what wicked men have plotted against the righteous must EVER come to pass!

Christians are often guilty of making a serious mistake when reading Bible prophecy. They do not discern between prophecy declaring the good and perfect will of God to come to pass, as in Messianic prophecy, and the FOREWARNING OF GOD OF THINGS TO COME.

In the case of Bible prophecy for JESUS CHRIST TO COME, this is the perfect will of God. And it came to pass.
But in the case of Bible prophecy FOREWARNING GOD'S PEOPLE OF EVIL THINGS TO COME PLANNED BY THE WICKED, as found in various Scriptures and throughout Revelation, none of their evil plans or persecutions against the righteous are of God! None of it is the will of God. 

Rather, such prophecy is the WARNING OF GOD to His people, so they can prepare to battle the coming darkness AND EMERGE VICTORIOUS, WHICH IS GOD'S PERFECT WILL!
God is OMNISCIENT(or all-knowing)...and because of  His Omniscience, He in His mercy has revealed by His Holy Spirit to His people the things to come, both GOOD and BAD.

A holy and righteous God is not in the wicked nor their evil plans of sin and persecution against the righteous. The Almighty God is in fact against them...AND FOR HIS PEOPLE to triumph over them!

We as Christians are therefore not called to sit back and allow wicked men to triumph, because of Bible prophecy revealing or alluding to certain end-time events to come.

I am SO weary of many American Christians telling me fatalistically, "...oh, well, it's all in Bible prophecy..." and then irresponsibly sitting back and merely letting evil triumphant unchallenged!

This is not the message of the Gospel! Nor ever was.
The Bible prophesies that "...wicked men shall become worse and worse." Jesus prophesied that the world before His return would be as corrupt as in the days of Noah. But is this the perfect will of God? Do we Christians simply sit back and LET the world become more wicked and go to hell? No!
God is not schizophrenic-He is of one Word, and His Word is FOR His people, and AGAINST those who live in sin and rebellion against God, and who want to destroy His children...because they are Christians. 

God's Word and wrath is against the murderers who want to destroy His redeemed children in horrific prisoner boxcars with shackles and cruel FEMA termination camps...just because they are Christians.
God's Word and His wrath is against those who want to arrest, imprison, torture and tempt His children to deny His Son, Jesus Christ...just because they are Christians.
God's Word and His wrath is against those people of the spirit of antichrist, who want to brutally behead His children...just BECAUSE they are Christians.

You do not sit back and let the enemy have his way unchallenged...or you become an accomplice to their evil deeds.

What responsible parent among you would sit back and allow a dangerous person to hurt or murder their child in front of their eyes? What caring husband among you would sit back and allow some man to attack or rape their wife?
I cannot sit back in silence and indifference, when I know the enemy plans to arrest, tempt, torture and murder my fellow Christians in America. How could ANYONE who calls themself "A CHRISTIAN?"

Not one of you Christian readers in America can afford to sit back comfortably and 
is coming down
the tracks to 

"Oh, if only I had known..." so many Christians will moan as it all comes down. 

Ah, but YOU, my dear readers, 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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