Thursday, May 3, 2012


The Coming Alien Invasion is a carefully planned HOAX. The military has been breeding "aliens" in the DEEP UNDERGROUND BASES for decades now. They are genetic manipulations and homegrown "aliens", and not from space.

I have personally spoken to eye-witnesses who have seen them in D.U.M.B.'s, and these sources tell me they are genetic creations, monsters and mutants all made in the bases.

The "spacecraft" are simply highly advanced military flight devices that the US military keeps from the public knowledge...and has kept top secret for decades.

The US military hope to control the masses through FEAR OF THE ALIEN INVASION.

Don't fall for their deception!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. This is getting creepier and creepier all the time, the various events Satan has planned on behalf of his fake messiah. There is, also, a BLUE BEAM RAPTURE planned to fool and discourage the Christian masses (because, of course, the true Christians, not the lukewarm, would not be raptured in this blue-beam scheme. But, Satan hopes to make them think that GOD has "LEFT them BEHIND" and hopes that they will grieve and agonize, get despondant and maybe even curse GOD and wanna die. These demonic spiritual "Alien" invasions will be part of that Great Lie that the New Testament Scriptures warned about. Those who reject the Truth of there being an Almighty Creator GOD to Whom each man will answer at the end of their lives, will be allowed, by GOD, to, therefore, receive the LIE of "little green men from Mars" and to believe whatever lies that these aliens/demons declare to the stubborn, rebellious of mankind. This Great Tribulation will be worse than the scenarios that LaHaye/Jenkins portrayed in LEFT BEHIND. Those space aliens are creepy-ugly anyway. One would have to be under some Satanic, hypnotic spell to think that they're "cute" in any way. *ugh*

  2. I have debated the "Rapture Scenario" over and again, all based on scripture. I'm leaning towards what I now call, "The Cory Ten Boom version" which says that there isn't a least, not as mainstream christainity has taught for the last century and a half. I do believe the LORD will come at the last trump and rescue his own, 1st the dead in CHRIST, then those of us left, (very few), and we will be with our LORD everafter!

  3. This is true, the Illuminati, nwo, plan to use alien terrorist attacks to unite the world in fear ,for the completion of gaining the gen. Population to agree to a one world gvt,one ruler ect, do not fear, keep Christ in your heart, stay aware. The aliens are fake, so will be the war against them.

  4. while there may be something to this scenario, the fact is that photos exist online of ufos taken in Europe before the Nazi period, so we can't blame it all on Nazi tech used by the NWO American scientists.
    I have a book on kindle (you can download kindle for pc or mac free if you don't have a kindle) A POSSIBLE HISTORY OF LIFE ON MARS which can fit ET life into a 6 day Creationist scenario with all life elsewhere originating here. extensive links to support arguments.