Monday, May 14, 2012

Coming American Crisis:One Christian' Woman's Response

I am reading the Word of God.
I am spending time in His Presence.
I am trusting the Savior of my soul.
I am believing that NOTHING can separate me from His Love!
I am my beloved's and He is mine!
I know that the only thing that will take away His glory is my own doubts and fears...circumstances and sin in the world around me cannot remove the GLORY from my life..just look at Stephen in the New Testament.
I am trusting that God is working ALL THINGS together for my good, things that I may not understand, things that look like a punishment or a judgement.
I am believing that God is just, but also merciful.
I am praying and fasting for our leaders and our nation,
I am listening to prophetic teachings and asking God to show me if they are on track or in deception.
I am praying that He will keep me from deception.
I think that about covers it...

1 comment:

  1. LOVE IT! That inspires me more in doing that. What Lisa said is THE answer in these Latter Days! The Son of GOD is our Focus!