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Dear Pam,
A little news from New Mexico.
I am a returning student at WNMU; I had a chance to look at some of the 
required textbooks for the very popular "Criminal Justice" degree program

There are about 4 textbooks, all about Terrorism and Terrorists.

In one textbook, all "Christian fundamentalists" are labeled "terrorists"!  Also all anti-abortionists(Christian pro-lifers) and traditional (husband/wife) marriage supporters are all now labeled "terrorists"!

I didn't know I was a terrorist. 

I have never wanted to terrorize anybody!  I wonder how many universities are now pushing this? I thought this program was to help with a law degree, or a job with the local police.  
 Regards, D__________________________________


The above email was sent to me by a concerned American citizen in 
 NM. She also happens to be a devout Christian with several children. 
 My reader is very concerned over the implications of grossly libelous "Christian" mislabeling on a University textbook level, falsely associating terrorism with Christianity,  influencing millions taking this course nationwide, using the above textbooks.

As soon as I find out more, I will inform my readers.

Christian readers, what have I repeatedly warning you about! The NWO  in America will someday come after YOU, falsely labeling you as "terrorists," and fight against you in the name of "combating terrorism." You will be arrested and thrown into FEMA boxcars and taken to FEMA camps, all in the name of  "fighting terrorism."

However, I am glad we understand exactly who the REAL terrorists are....and WE aren't the ones!

OKC BOMBING, covert false flag black op instigated by government

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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