Thursday, January 28, 2010

WHY I am Proud of My Pastor and My Church: Montreat EPC

I am proud of my pastor, Richard White of Montreat Presbyterian Church in beautiful Montreat, NC. I have known and enjoyed Richard and his wife Portia for 20 years now. Richard has been the faithful pastor of this church for many years. He is surrounded with a committed and faithful office staff who also love the Lord Jesus Christ. Edward, Cathy, Ron, and many others work hard to help make this church a true expression of the Biblical Body of Christ in action.

When the Presbyterian Church USA began going down the slippery slope of false doctrines (heresies) and compromise with the written word of God several years ago, Richard and many other concerned Christians in this church decided to take action. They voted to withdraw membership with the PCUSA and to become a part of the Scriptural "Confessing Church" movement and are now proudly continuing as a Presbyterian EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church).

Richard is the kind of pastor who stands with the members when they put their lives on the line for righteousness and obedience to the Gospel. When I and other Pro-Life Christians took a stand for the unborn children in the Asheville, NC, area, and found ourselves arrested and on trial for our standing with the unborn, Richard faithfully attended the trials and prayed for us at the church with other concerned members. One member, Steve Aceto, helped us as a lawyer with legal assistance. The congregation prayed for us.

When I was involved with the many battles against satanism in these mountains, helping families in crisis and putting my own life frequently in jeopardy, Richard and his wife and prayer group stood in the gap with me and the endangered families. At one point, the battle was so intense that I could have died had it not been for their prayers!

In this day when so many mainline churches are going down the path of compromise and disobeying the Gospel, Richard and his fellow leaders and congregation have taken a clear stand for the Gospel and following Jesus Christ completely. I am so proud of him and the good men and women who work beside him to make for a wonderful Christian fellowship.

This church has assisted me through more than one crisis, and many other families and people in crisis as well. They work hard to line up with Biblical admonitions about how a Body of Christ should behave towards one another, support and pray for one another, especially in crisis.

Unfortunately, because they are helping many families in crisis during recession, they cannot provide all the answers to the crises I am now facing. This is why I must share my needs with my faithful website readers. After all, it is my readers who are directly profiting from my research and labor to present my investigative journalism to them.

This post by no means is meant to indicate that they or church leaders/members necessarily agree with me on all my viewpoints contained throughout my journalism.

Rather, I have written this to illustrate how the Body of Christ SHOULD love, pray for and stand united with one another IN SPITE OF varying differences, viewpoints, etc. And how my wonderful Church and pastor have done this very thing. I personally believe that Pastor Richard and his committed congregation of devout followers of the Lord Jesus Christ will resolutely stand firm to the end when all I have written about for the past decade begins to unfold in our nation.

Come and visit Montreat and the wonderful Christian retreat grounds here someday!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC

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