Monday, January 4, 2010

The Emerging Underground Church USA

A Growing Grass Roots Remnant of Christians Are Emerging to Prepare for NWO Communist MARTIAL LAW Throughout America-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

You are frequently reading privileged information throughout this blog. It is the HIDDEN and censored kind of information that the news media is ordered to block out regularly, such as my reports on the GULAG SYSTEM being set up across this nation, the many prisoner boxcars with shackles being prepositioned nationwide, the modern guillotines the military are being trained to operate even as you read this, and much, MUCH more.

I just met with several other Christians following a church meeting yesterday. We discussed information as I report on. It was refreshing to talk on the same level of understanding regarding these issues. Often I cannot do this with many people. Their level of understanding and comprehension has been tragically dumbed down and blinded by the constant barrage of government/NWO propaganda blitzed into the American homes every single day through television, radio and the media. This is the most powerful form of mind control today.

And this is WHY ALTERNATE NEWS JOURNALISM, investigating and reporting on the truth, is critical to the survival of the American republic and our liberties we hold dear. AS Jesus Christ said, "YOU shall KNOW THE TRUTH and the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE." The NWO does not want you to KNOW THE TRUTH about their hidden agenda! Because this would then set you free to understand their strategies and to then counter this terrible darkness that threatens each and every one of us today.

I learned much about the NEW WORLD ORDER through studies at the Slavic Gospel Association once based in Wheaton, IL. Through their institute of Slavic Studies, I learned that the Russian communists were masters of PROPAGANDA. They controlled the news, such as IZVESTIA and PRAVDA. All OTHER non-official information publications were forced underground. The Russian dissidents, Christians and others against communism, called such publications SAMIZDAT and TAMIZDAT. They formed the TRUE underground news network that Russian resisters of communism relied upon heavily. People publishing such materials were arrested and imprisoned in the Gulag system often.

And so, the NWO communists are continuing in their expansionist schemes here throughout North America today. With their massive GULAG system set up under FEMA and Homeland Security, coupled with massive numbers of prisoner boxcars prepositioned nationwide to haul NWO resisters and dissidents to the camps,l Bolshevik style, nothing has changed in the communism world globalist agenda for the world. And their NWO/communist propaganda apparatus continues throughout America through the news media moguls heard by the majority of Americans today.

The NWO can only operate under the cloak of deception. The Illuminati can only operate under a cloak of deception. They have succeeded in their massive preparations nationwide for a communist/NWO takeover of our nation, America, ONLY because of the complicity of the news media that most Americans blindly trust to give them THE TRUTH about affairs in America today. The government, the military, the intelligence community, the news media-all critically needed to carry out a successful MARTIAL LAW/NWO takeover of America-have been carefully concealing the truth to the America people regarding the massive NWO communist takeover plans.

But the Christians I have met with across America and Canada who have carefully taken the time to perform their successful ALTERNATE NEWS research regarding coming martial law and the NWO agenda, are preparing to face the coming storm of persecution and martyrdom we face in this North American continent.

Some have told me they are even praying about leaving the country with their small children to protect them from the horrors to unfold. Some have already done so. I lectured to such groups in Costa Rica, in fact, a few years ago.

Some Christians I have met with, told me they are going to South America and other continents to escape the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. Among them were the Russian Christians I met with in NW Montana. Among some in the Amish communities, there is also a plan to relocate to South America.

And others have told me they are forming UNDERGROUND CHURCHES, as up in Montana and Idaho. They know, through alternate journalism such as mine and others who are faithfully publishing the truth, that new detention camps to deal with NWO resistance in that region of Northwestern America, are springing up rapidly, even as my reporting and years spent up there in investigating and lecturing and uncovering information has revealed.

They have read the accounts of CHRISTIANS UNDER COMMUNISM in Russia , Eastern Europe and China and beyond, and have learned all about the UNDERGROUND CHURCH that was forced to spring up under communist persecution. And they are following that pattern and seeking God even now for how to operate under NWO communist persecution, when the Constitution is suspended, martial law is declared, a and all our existing Christians freedoms under the Constitution vanish and we come under PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS turning America into a communist police state.

Even as under Bolshevik communism, FEMA will be seizing churches and using them for secular purposes. Hear the words of FEMA to one pastor in Pensacola, FL:

"Hey, PASTOR! We have decidede that UNDER MARTIAL LAW we will seize YOUR church and use it for our base of operations...." and "legally", they will be able to do just that under Presidential Executive Orders!

And such Christians are wisely taking the time to fast and pray and to seek God for stretegies when the onslaught against their Christian faith begins under martial law.

It is time for American Christians to learn from the CHRISTIANS WHO SUFFERED UNDER COMMUNISM. I recommend that you purchase books such as TORTURED FOR MY FAITH by Richard Wurmbrandt, and many other Christians who suffered under communism. I personally have fellowshipped with Russian and Eastern European Christians who suffered in the Gulag system under communism. I wrote letters of encouragement to Christians in the gulags, as I obtained names and addresses. I have listened in fascination to their accounts of surviving cruel communist anti-Christian persecution in Russia.

One set of book I highly recommend is by DC TALK called JESUS FREAKS VOICE OF THE MARTYRS. You can locate these explosive and inspiring books in your local Christian bookstore or on the Internet. THE INFORMATION THEY RELATE IS SOON COMING TO OUR NATION! And we all need to learn from those persecuted Christians under communism who have gone before us.

Yes, the EMERGING UNDERGROUND CHURCH is silently forming across North America. God is waking up His people! Many are beginning to respond, especially since we NOW HAVE A MARXIST/COMMUNIST PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE! All of a sudden, CHristians are begining to finally wake up as NEVER BEFORE. They see the light at last, and now my reporting on the coming communist NWO police state is finally beginning to make sense to them. Buyt the hour is very late.........

To protect others I will not go into more detailed information about the emerging UNDERGROUND CHURCHES across North America. But it is happening, silently. I will report more on the emerging underground church and how you can help start your own in your region, and how to avoid or detect hazards such as FALSE BRETHREN who the government is professionally training to infiltrate Christian organizations, and in fact HAS been doing for a long time now. KGB infiltration into the churches happened in communist Russia and other countries, and unknown to MOST American Christians, has already been happening HERE through the CIA, FBI and other intelligence community black ops.


-Pamela Schuffert


  1. Before it gets to that level there might be a subtle persecution and pressure upon the churches to tote the state line. Political correctness is rife throughout the churches, and this political correctness, at its heart, rejects Jesus as King. It is of the spirit of Antichrist (1Jn. 4:3) and will culminate in the most political figure the world will ever know - the Antichrist himself. I've been working to bring reform within the existing churches and looking to form " a church within the church" that is able to more effectively address existing church systems by doing so from a platform of accountability other than their own, and groups forming within churches to bring the tension of truth and the preeminence of Jesus Christ within. Those who are interested can read more at



    we just prayed out the demons. My HOUSE shall be called a house of prayer...... not house of pot luck.