Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Understanding Martial law, the New World Order And Coming Chaos

(Important note for my readers: The following simplified version is for people who have perhaps never heard of the kinds of information I am presenting on this blog. While MANY of you have known about the NWO agenda for America for years, and understand all I am about to share, it is important to constantly educate Americans who have never heard of this information before. I frequently encounter such uninformed Americans every day. Thus the need for a quicky simplified version.-Pamela)

Important Subjects to Fast and Pray About for America's Future-

I am writing this report to help simplify in your mind the troubled times coming to this nation. I want Christians especially to understand so that they can pray and act accordingly. The present government censored/controlled news media, complicit in covering up so many government "black ops" designed to lead American into chaos and martial law, will never tell you the truth about this subject. They are the NWO government mind-control over the American people.

This is why you have 24 hour news channels blaring out "official government versions" of major or important events in the world today. You were not there: you did not see it happen. However, you are compelled to believe everything they are saying is "truth." They are in effect thinking for you and deciding for you in such news reporting. But IS IT THE TRUTH? Smart Americans want to know.

You, the American people, have been programmed to believe somehow that everything the news media presents to you is the unbiased and complete truth. However, in a recent court ruling that I read with interest, the judge declared in his ruling that the news media is NOT legally compelled to "tell the truth!"

This is WHY more and more Americans are turning to alternate news journalism in response to what they know discern to be much disinformation on the television/radio news broadcasts today.

Americans are turning to alternate news broadcasts on shortwave stations. They are turning to publications written by former government/military sources, now become whistleblowers, exposing the NWO agenda of the corrupt despots who seek to rule the world under Satan's power. They are turning to whistleblowers' reports. They are seeking out alternate news forms that they hope are more reliable in truth than what Americans are receiving now.

This is why more and more newspapers are folding up and closing down. In the wake of ongoing disaster events like the Oklahoma City Bombing, "9/11" and many other tragedies with suspicious origins and evidence of government cover-up and complicity, people are waking up and finally demanding the truth! Many Americans frankly are weary of what they finally perceive to be continual government cover-up, lies, scandals and corruption at the highest levels regarding events that are shaping America's destiny.

Jesus Christ declared, "YOU shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FREE!" Freedom means LIBERTY. For LIBERTY to continue therefore in America, people must KNOW THE TRUTH!

From my 14 years of difficult and dangerous, time-consuming and costly investigative journalism, I now understand perfectly the NWO/communist agenda for our nation. From former CIA (who participated in the NWO planning), to Pentagon, military and various other sources, a grim picture has emerged of the dark future there NWO despots have planned for YOU and your nation.

Here it is in a simplified version.

The term NEW WORLD ORDER is simply a new title for the goals of WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM, repackaged in modern terms. It is indeed the Bible's prophesied "KINGDOM OF THE BEAST" of Revelation 13, with the MAN OF PERDITION and his allies attempting to rule over the world under Satan's power. Former satanists and former Illuminati confirmed to me personally that the NEW WORLD ORDER is indeed Satan's manifest kingdom on earth, the satanists/Illuminists/communists are the backbone, and Satan himself is the spiritual head of it, even as Revelation 13 indicates clearly.

Historically, Communism is the direct product of the direct planning and funding of apostate Jewish Illuminati (satanists) out of New York City in the early 1900's. Communism also contains many non-Jewish converts/proselytes among the gentiles, or non-Jews, as well.

The NWO communists, both foreign and domestic, have been working furiously for decades now, often behind the scenes, to bring America DOWN into their planned chaos, in order to impose their coming NWO communist government police state.

One of the major terms the NWO uses is, "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS." Only THEY create the deliberate CHAOS, and out of it's ashes they then bring forth their NEW World Order!

The only way they can bring America down and impose their NWO agenda, is for America TO COME UNDER A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW.A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW means the Constitution has been suspended, and with it ALL OUR PREVIOUS LIBERTIES GUARANTEED BY IT have been abolished as well!

For MARTIAL LAW to be declared, tremendous disasters have to occur nationwide, thus justifying declaring "martial law" and imposing military rule and activating the PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS..

The Presidential Executive Orders that will be imposed under MARTIAL LAW will effectively turn America into a POLICE STATE with religious and speech freedoms abolished, and MUCH more.


My former CIA sources and military sources warned me from the beginning, as I first received information in 1995, that America will experience more and more seeming "disasters" coming to America, which will originate NOT with groups like "AL QAEDA" but rather our OWN military/government forces (called "BLACK OPS") with the intent of using them to either further legislation that is designed to take away our freedom in the guise of "BATTLING TERRORISM."

The lying and complicit major news media networks will publish and proclaim the "OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT VERSION" of these disasters, but in fact will only serve to cover up the truth about the origination of these "disasters" for the US government/military black ops.

This happened in fact with the Oklahoma City Bombing, "9/11" and many other suspicious events that have been used to further their NWO agenda.



Part 2

As I traveled across America and various parts of the globe to further unmask and uncover the truth about coming MARTIAL LAW/NWO takeover in America, I repeatedly heard from former insiders I encountered that when Americans hear the words MARTIAL LAW DECLARED NATIONWIDE, that would BE THE END for FREE AMERICA once and for all.

One information source with trusted contacts in Washington DC, Ed Pack of Spartanburg, SC,, told me about how his information sources in Washington DC uncovered the horrible covert government plan of "OPERATION RING OF FIRE," describing a major "black op" designed to trigger martial law nationwide through a series of MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS in major cities and strategic locations. These could be in the form of SUITCASE NUKES or even our own missiles from various bases, redirected towards internal targets, as one of my previous investigations uncovered.

LARRY WAYNE HARRIS, former CIA microbiologist become whistleblower, informed my radio listeners how he was paid at one time by the CIA to help develop deadly microbes, viruses and bacteria to later be deliberately unleashed against the unsuspecting America people. The complicit lying news media would then churn out the "official government version" to cover up the full responsibility of our own government and military.

Harris warned my radio listeners to fully anticipate deadly ANTHRAX releases over major cities and strategically targeted regions in the future, as one of their strategies to then declare MARTIAL LAW over those regions. He mentioned other possibilities as well. Harris has sadly been the victim of GOVERNMENT COINTELPRO misinformation in their desperate attempt to try to discredit his shocking revelations to the American people.

PROJECT HAARP military frequencies are fully capable of unleashing deadly WEATHER CRISES over America, and also triggering deadly EARTHQUAKES in the targeted regions.http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=PROJECT+HAARP+earthquakes+weather+modification+ELF&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&aql=&aqi=&oq=

Already I have been receiving emails with reports indicating evidence is being repeatedly uncovered of US military complicity in the triggering of the deadly earthquakes in HAITI recently. Such reports reveal HOW and for WHAT HIDDEN REASONS Haiti was targeted.

I want to emphasize again and again to my Christian readers that I was repeatedly informed by former insiders, that when martial law is finally triggered and declared and fully comes down, one of their major targets of NWO satanist wrath WILL BE THE CHRISTIANS. Insiders from the CIA and the world of satanism told me they hated the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA above all, because they stood in the way of their agenda more than any other group (with gun owners and Patriots falling closely behind.)

I was informed that brutal torture and death awaited the Christians (and all other NWO resisters) under the NEW WORLD ORDER and martial law, and that prisoner boxcars with shackles awaited them to take them to those infamous FEMA/military detention camps for brutal treatment and ultimately termination. Yes, I said TERMINATION as "resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER."

Frankly, WHY should this surprise anyone in America? History does repeat itself. The Bolshevik communists did this. The Nazis did this. They arrested and brutally took away to camps, using the railroad systems, all political and religious opponents for elimination. and someday soon , it is also coming to the North American continent. over 800 modern detention camps under FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY and closed military bases do NOT lie. Thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned nationwide including throughout Canada and Alaska do NOT lie. And someday they will be used against us in earnest.


-Pamela Schuffert


  1. "Ordo ad chao" is the motto of the freemasons. It means "order out of chaos."

    All the disasters in the world, disease, earthquakes, weird weather, economic problems, nuclear accidents, etc. are all either being intentionally created or exacerbated (using scalar technology in the case of earthquakes and weather, and other phony government programs and policies)by the Illuminati as controlled by Satan.

    The purpose is to depopulate the earth through disaster, famine, etc. to make it easier for the Antichrist to assume power over the earth which has been Satan's goal since Eden.

    Rev. 11:18 speaks of Christ comeing to destroy "those who destroy the earth."

    We are in the Last Days. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon!

    By MarvLS1

  2. I agree exactly with you. I wish you peace and safety.
    Aaron Molitor
    Offerle, KS