Monday, January 4, 2010

My Readers Ask: "But Aren't You AFRAID...???"

How To Obtain Victory Over FEAR and Move Forward to OVERCOME-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Monday, January 4th, 2010

As I discuss information with others who are becoming aware of the coming NWO/martial law crisis in our nation, the question frequently emerges in one form or another: " But AREN'T YOU AFRAID OF...." regarding the risks of this kind of reporting. I have many answers to this kind of question. And all of them center around THE CROSS and the COST OF DISCIPLESHIP when following the Lord Jesus Christ.

ONLY BECAUSE OF HIS GRACE am I no longer afraid. My flesh is mortal like yours. It hurts when offended. My emotions are genuine, and I experience pain, sorrow, disappointment, heartache and more like you, my readers.

In the beginning of this kind of work, I began to slowly recognize the dangers of this kind of undercover investigative journalism and reporting. Through various revelations of insiders and open threats by the intelligence community, dark scenarios began to emerge in my understanding, of the potential for abduction or arrest, brutal interrogation and torture and ultimately death.

But I am a Christian, rooted and grounded in the eternal WORD OF GOD for 38 years now. AS A CHRISTIAN, I understand that we have faced brutal persecution, torture, imprisonment and death for two thousand years now, at the hands of many different ENEMIES OF THE CROSS AND JESUS CHRIST throughout the centuries.

Throughout most of these 38 years, I have been involved in ministries in which persecution and various dangers were always present. This includes death threats in my life when standing with various Christian families under threat by the satanists in certain regions of America. This made me a target by covens in those regions. In one case, they even went so far as to set up an abduction attempt on my life in the mountains of North Carolina, where my reporting exposing ASHEVILLE SATANISM and working with victims is so hated by them.

Throughout 4 years of Christian pro-life RESCUE of the unborn with OPERATION RESCUE, I endured many arrests, trials and imprisonment in both jail and later prison at one point for peacefully intervening to save the lives of the unborn. Oh, the power and glory of God upon your life when you are persecuted for righteousness' sake! God's glory and power were often manifested in prison and jail as I witnessed to both women inmates and guards alike about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

While performing Christian outreach in the Jewish communities of NYC and Chicago and elsewhere, I and other Christian outreach workers often came under attack from militant Orthodox Jewish groups (such as Lubavitch Chabad, writers of the NOAHIDE LAWS that will be used to persecute Christians in the future in America), who attacked both me and other Christian witnesses for our testimony of Jesus Christ. At times in New York City, they would not only verbally attack and threaten us, but physically assault us on the streets until police intervened. One Russian Orthodox Jewish rabbi threatened to have me arrested and thrown into prison, communist style, for proclaiming that "Jesus Christ is the Messiah" to his Jewish people.

"We will have you arrested and thrown into prison for deceiving the people..." he threatened, glaring at me. I countered with the fact that "...this is not communist Russia...we have religious freedom here in America!" Many were the challenges of witnessing Jesus Christ among such communities in New York City. But many Jewish hearts responded to our love and the words of Jesus their Messiah as well.

The FBI threatened me through my webmaster a few years ago. They came into his office and said, "Look, buddy...on a scale of 1-10, this woman rates an 8 in our priority, to take her out...we don't like her telling Americans these things...tell her that her time is very short...we have reams of files on her...we monitor every email she send and receives...." and so on. My webmaster was truly frightened when he relayed all this to me. This was a deliberate act of government intimidation to silence me through fear.

Had I responded to their fear tactics by retreating into silence, my many years of reporting would never have taken place to wake up America. They never would have had the powerful effect that they indeed have had regarding the emerging grass roots movement of Americans becoming aware of this terrible NWO conspiracy and preparing to act in response.

But in fact, God gave me a spirit of boldness in response! I had done nothing illegal in my reporting. They simply did not like their dark NWO tactics exposed. God through Jesus Christ gave me the grace through much prayer to RESPOND IN FAITH and NOT IN FEAR. And my reporting has continued ever since, and has made a difference indeed, as people have told me across the nation as I encounter them, whether by radio or by website.

Let me be blunt: ANYTIME you step out in faith in obedience to the Word of God and the Gospel in the midst of a very dark world, you face persecution, testing of many kinds, and in some cases, you must confront death itself.

We MUST understand from the Word of God that following Jesus Christ can result in persecution, dangers, and ultimately death for His sake. But THIS IS NORMAL DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY! Is Jesus Christ and obedience to His call in our lives worth it? Is the salvation of your eternal soul worth it? THE ANSWER FROM THE WORD OF GOD IS "YES!"

God called me to this reporting as a distinct calling in 1996. I answered the call in obedience to Him. And I have never turned back in spite of many hardships, dangers, much sufferings, persecutions, loss and tribulations. I often grow tired, weary, discouraged.But again, my Bible tells me that HE IS WORTHY!

WORTHY IS THE LAMB who suffered and died for ME, that I should suffer and die for HIM! Worthy is the Lamb, that we ALL should choose to embrace the cross and follow and obey HIM.

And so, my beloved fellow Christians, YOU must also choose to RESPOND IN FAITH and NEVER IN FEAR in the times that we face. We as Christians will be forced to face many persecutions now in place. The modern GULAG SYSTEM of prisoner boxcars and shackles and FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY camps ( including underground facilities) are all in place for the future persecution of the Church in North America.

The outrageous NOAHIDE LAWS ( )and their shameful modern GUILLOTINES are now in place, with our US military training in many bases in secret facilities in how to operate the modern guillotines. The guillotines will someday be used against the Christians of North America, in tempting them to renounce their faith, become NOAHIDES and to join their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda as martial law is declared. And this will also happen worldwide as well. This IS Bible prophecy coming to life before our very eyes. (Revelation 20:4)

This is also Matthew 24 also coming to life before our eyes, as Jesus Christ described what we end-times Christians would face immediately PRIOR TO HIS RETURN to this earth.


God is preparing His people by warning them of things to come.I cannot begin to count all the prophecies and visions that Christians have shared with me throughout my past 14 years of investigative journalism and travels nationwide/worldwide, of seeing the modern guillotines and the military that will operate them against them, of seeing themselves taken to the camps in prisoner boxcars and shackles, of being tempted to deny Jesus Christ and join the NEW WORLD ORDER or being beheaded. Everywhere I travel, interview and lecture, Christians come up to me and tell me of God giving them revelations of these things to come to pass in our nation and worldwide.

God is apparently speaking to His people by His Holy Spirit. The question is: HOW MANY ARE WAKING UP AND RESPONDING IN THIS HOUR? Are YOU responding, NOT with craven and cowardly fear, but with FAITH THAT RISES TO THE OCCASION to OVERCOME?

My reporting is intended to be a wake-up call to my endangered fellow Christians through my nation, and to my concerned fellow Americans. It is also intended to inspire a return to TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY. This is very different from what has evolved in to mere traditional "churchianity" in America today.

TRUE DISCIPLESHIP counts the cost and is willing to forsake ALL to follow Jesus Christ. TRUE DISCIPLESHIP takes the time to understand the cost. TRUE DISCIPLESHIP takes the time to understand what it means to EMBRACE THE CROSS, to deny self and to follow Jesus Christ, regardless of hardships and dangers and threats and sufferings encountering by so doing.

I testify to my fellow American Christians, that ONLY TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY, founded on the ROCK of JESUS CHRIST and His eternal Word, will survive the coming storm of persecution, suffering and martyrdom coming to North America soon.Those who are compromised, are playing games with their eternal souls, will not stand the test of coming persecution for Jesus Christ. They will ultimately deny Him, fall away, and perish eternally as a result.

In order to follow Jesus Christ throughout the years, into many forms of ministry involving suffering and hardships, I have had to totally crucify self and natural emotions completely, to operate in the supernatural and His grace and divinely inspired emotions instead.My life is no longer dictated by normal emotions, but by HIS WORD and calling on my life.

FEAR CONTROL has no place in the life of a true disciple of Jesus Christ. You will either obey FEAR or FAITH IN GOD. Through FEAR, some Christians have been moved to DENY JESUS CHRIST under persecution and to perish eternally. Through FEAR, Christians have been moved away from the calling of God on their lives. Through FEAR and intimidation, the Gospel message has been stopped from being preached at times by those once preaching it.

You cannot serve FEAR and mere human emotions, and OBEY GOD AND HIS WORD at the same time.

Jesus Christ foreknew what He faced when he went to Jerusalem, to be betrayed and rejected and crucified. But He did NOT spend time in morbid meditation on such coming persecutions and His future death. Instead he rejoiced for the glory that was to be revealed, and His coming resurrection!

And so we as Christians must also look beyond our sufferings to come,and join with Jesus Christ in EMBRACING THE CROSS, and die to self and fear, and MOVE FORWARD WITH THE PURPOSES OF GOD IN OUR LIVES. We must rejoice in the eternal reward to come! We must rejoice in our future RESURRECTION and glory of reigning with Jesus Christ on the earth. We must choose to BELIEVE THE PROMISES OF GOD and walk in faith to inherit them.

Am I afraid there of the things I report on? Do I fear the coming persecution of the Christians in North America (and beyond) under a NEW WORLD ORDER of communist tyranny? The guillotines? The boxcars and deathcamps? The potential for interrogation, torture and death?

BY HIS GRACE ALONE, I do NOT fear. Jesus Christ tells me in His Word: "FEAR NOT!"

My Bible tells me I am to fear GOD ALONE who can destroy body and soul in hell. My Bible tells me I am to NOT fear man who can only destroy the body and then do no more. I do not spend any time thinking about these things. I realize I face all these things for the sake of the call of God on my life. But as a soldier of the Cross of Jesus Christ, I simply know that God has given me a job to do and I must faithfully complete my task before God permits me to be "taken out" for HIS glory and purposes.

And this is nothing extraordinary. This is merely TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY. And the Bible promises the HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT for ALL our life's circumstances we must face.

I am not the only Christian woman facing these things in our generation. MILLIONS OF MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS nationwide and worldwide face what I face, for the sake of our faith. I am only one of MANY called by God to stand in faith and grace in this hour.

Therefore let us stand together in the grace of God through Jesus Christ and take HIS HAND to walk the coming tribulation out in faith and never in fear. Resolve to spend time in the Word of God, finding His promises for dealing with the bondage of FEAR, if you are suffering from this in various forms, including concerns about the future of our nation.

And remember: there was never a coward that won any battle! You cannot operate in fear and expect to obtain victories! Jesus came to take away our fears and to set us free.

Do you wonder WHY the Bible says, "But the FEARFUL and the unbelieving....will have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE...."??? Note how "FEARFUL" and "UNBELIEVING" are placed together in this verse. It is because the two go together.

It is because FEAR can lead a person to deny Jesus Christ when facing persecution. Or to refuse to accept Him as their Lord and Savior to begin with, due to threats of persecution or death, as occurs in communist countries all the time. God does not give us a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, of LOVE and a SOUND MIND.

In closing, I can testify that God has given me deliverance from a spirit of fear, to press on to serve Him. Sometimes it is a daily battle to overcome natural fear when in crisis or facing danger.

But He has promised us ALL that HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. And He will bring us through the battles we face to VICTORY as we abide faithful in Him.

-Pamela Schuffert

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