Saturday, January 16, 2010

SAFE IN TULSA,OK, AT LAST! UPDATE on Hospitalized Brother

Finally...I safely arrived in Tulsa 3:AM Friday morning, to my wonderful Christian host family. Exhausted and struggling with normal human emotions regarding my brother's condition, I fell into bed and got some much needed rest. The bus ride was long and arduous, due to a major accident with several semitrailers that had a terrible accident, blocking traffic for up to three hours. All my connection were missed and I was delayed for ten hours in ST. Louis, MO.

But as I stated before in a previous post, many are the hidden ways of God! I prayed for God to bring people to me that needed help, assistance or ministry. Many young people who are traveling by bus are in crisis and do not even have money for food. I always pack enough for the hungry when I travel. And sure enough, one young man traveling to Seattle told me his situation, and said he was SO hungry! I made him several sandwiches and gave him other food items, which he gratefully received. I then asked his name, put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for Clint and his salvation.

And then, a most amazing event occurred. Frankly, I miss being among my many friends and contacts in the Jewish community. God has placed a deep love in my heart for them that is Divine. I prayed a strange prayer and said, "Father God, please send into my life a Jew from NYC to talk with...." I noted later a man boarding the bus, tall and distinguished, definitely European and dressing Old World style. He definitely did NOT look like any other bus travelers that day. I watched him as he walked around the bus station, and then he came over to the one vacant seat next to me. I cordially greeted him, and he responded. Immediately I recognized that accent. "Tell me...where are you from?"

He responded, "I am from Israel..." I immediately asked him, "are you Jewish?" He replied "Ken (Hebrew for YES." I immediately responded, "Shalom, mishpocah! Am Yisrael CHAI!" He couldn't believe that this American knew a LITTLE Hebrew. And this began a fascinating conversation.

His name is SHLOMO. He was a Polish Jew, rescued from the horrors of the Holocaust as a young child, who later went to Israel. He is now in America to write a book as he researches the three branches of Judaism, Orthodox, Conservative and Liberal. Though living in Boro Park in Brooklyn, NY, he was traveling to Dallas and then Denver to meet with Jewish communities for his book.

I felt such compassion as I listened to him. Elderly, he was obviously very exhausted from his journey and now this long bus delay. At times he appeared to have difficulty walking. I took his heavy baggage over to the front of the line where mine was and made sure he was among the first to board the bus safely. I promised to keep him in my prayers for his journey and safety and slipped him some money as well...something every traveler needs.

I actually told him, "You are a miracle! I just prayed to Ha'Shem (God) for Him to send me a Jew from NYC to talk to...and here you ARE...straight from Brooklyn, NY!" He smiled. After helping him safely to the front of the line to board the bus, he said to me
"You are very kind to me...." and disappeared to the back to collapse on the rear seats and fall asleep.

No, dear Shlomo, it is not I who am "kind". As Yahshua the Mashiach (Messiah) said, "There is NONE GOOD, but GOD."It is the love of God in my heart, placed there by His grace, coming to you through me. We even discussed the subject of "messiah" together. I asked him, "Tell me, do you believe, as Lubavitch teaches, that the Lubavitcher rebbe (leader) Schneerson is the Messiah? "

He replied, "No! He cannot be the Mashiach (Messiah)! Mashiach must BE ALIVE! Shneerson is DEAD. I have been to his gravesite...."

Dear Shlomo, how wise and how right you are. Schneerson IS dead. He is not risen, either. The true MASHIACH must be ALIVE! And that is exactly what MY Mashiach and Savior is today, RISEN AND ALIVE FOREVERMORE! Yahshua Ha'Mashiach is the ONLY TRUE MASHIACH, Biblically prophesied, tha the precious Jews will even be given by God. (Although Lubavitch Chabad and other groups work heard to try to produce the "new messiah...")

What an amazing encounter! And all by Divine grace.Friends, please pray for Shlomo, for his safety and his health, and that God himself will reveal the ONLY TRUE Messiah to him by Divine grace ("chesed.") He is a precious man. I felt God's love for him as I helped him in his journey. How amazing are the ways of God...

Today is Saturday. I will be visiting my brother to pray for him and talk to medical personnel about his condition and long term care. Thanks to YOUR intercessory prayers and the grace of God responding, he is no longer close to death. He is alert, although very weak and unable to move much of his body. He has been moved now to a long term respiratory care facility.

But when the nurse placed the phone to his ear once again, so I could talk to him while traveling to Tulsa, she said he indicated he could hear everything, and even mouthed "good-bye" when I said goodbye and they took the phone from him at this point. PRAISE THE LIVING GOD for His everlasting mercies through Jesus Christ our Savior!

And of course, pray for the victims of the earthquake tragedy that struck Haiti. PRAY that many people come in desperation and their crisis and heartache, to Jesus Christ, and out of the prevalent world of voodoo, witchcraft and satanism that tragically permeates Haiti, as my Christian outreach worker friends told me about their work in Haiti. Pray for my outreach friends LINDA AND JERRY Schmidt of VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER in Tulsa, OK. They have worked extensively in Haiti, and I do not know their status as yet regarding safety.

I continue to pray for you and for our nation regarding the perilous times we face in the North American continent. regardless of my situations in life, I devote hours to intercessory prayer over all the things I write about, and for my fellow Christians as we face the coming times of testing. This morning was no different. I awakened early to pray for several hours. Yes, PRAYER MOVES MOUNTAINS and DOES CHANGE THINGS! It can be used of God to shape the destiny of human lives and the destiny of a nation as well.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER! IF you are not yet a committed intercessor for God and His kingdom, seek Him for the grace to become one. Do not let the cares of this world rob you of the precious fruits and results of INTERCESSORY PRAYER and the power of praying "in the NAME OF JESUS"!

I love you and am praying for you and for our nation. God knows who you are, in His omniscient knowledge of all things.

And for those of you readers who do not yet know or understand the wonderful power of the Living God and His Messiah and Son, Jesus ("Yahshua Ha' mashiach" ) the Christ, take the time to discover this glorious reality today.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from Tulsa, OK

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