Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Response to A Recent Email

I recently received an email from one blog reader. He was Jewish. He attempted to call my blog a "BLOG OF SHAME," apparently because of my reporting covering subjects like the tragedy of Jewish complicity in the Noahide Laws threatening the lives of millions of Christians, the truth about deadly communism, and other related reports.

"Blog of Shame?" Because I have dared to openly speak the truth, even as Jesus Christ, though ever loving His people, the Jews, was also compelled to speak out regarding their sins?

I have no shame over my honest reporting. Rather, I feel deep sadness and shame over those people who have labored in my nation, to bring an end to our Constitution and who combat our treasured Christian based founding and our heritage. Many Jewish agencies such as the ACLU ("Anti-Christ Labor Union") labor ceaselessly to bring an end to our Christian freedoms in America.

I feel deep shame over those who are willing to accept "perks, payraises and promotions" in the government and military and intelligence communities, to betray the lives of millions of innocent Americans and Christians and to send them to the untimely deaths in prisoner boxcars and shackles to the GULAG system across our nation, communist style...many for the "crime" of being Patriotic Americans and Christians, the very kind of people our nation was founded upon from the beginning.

I feel deep shame over those who are deliberately using the Christians in America for their hidden agendas, and who will betray them in the end into the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY deathcamps. As one Jew remarked to another, "So what are you gonna do..USE the Christians NOW, and THEN...???" Meaning, THEN destroy them in the camps under martial law when their usefulness is finished.

Yes. That is precisely what is happening even now. Many prominent Jews with dual Israeli/American citizenship have tragically played a major role (ongoing) in the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, of NWO/communist takeover of my nation.

No, it is not only Jews who play a role in the coming NWO agenda for America. There are many recruits from many backgrounds, and for many agendas. But in response to the Jew who was not happy with my covering this subject and the role his fellow Jews play in this, I mention the above.

I refuse to be ashamed of my role in telling America the truth. I have no reason to be!

Rather, they should feel ashamed, Jew and Gentile alike, who play a role in this dark NWO agenda and the future destruction and demise of millions of innocent Americans.

-Pamela Schuffert

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