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True Tales of KGB/FSB Encounters In America

The enemy is all around us, and so often we do not perceive it.....

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout my year of training through the Slavic Gospel Association in 1979, following by decades of Christian outreach among the Russians, I experienced several notable encounters with Russian spies in America. They were very revealing!

God worked incredibly through one encounter with the KGB/FSB,as I worked at the Russian Christian camp in Connecticut one summer in the early 1980's, before the phony coup was staged in Russia.

(In case you did not know it, the phony "coup" and "overthrow of communism in Russia" is simply a major communist strategy to lull the West into deception and letting down all guards, to then strike America at the right time. The communists have planned for this to happen for many decades, even stating that someday "America will fall into our hands like RIPE FRUIT!"

And the NWO communist elements in America fully realize this and have been working to continue this deception through lying and distorted news media "bias and blackout," constantly reinforcing in the minds of the deceived Americans that "Russia and communism has collapsed" and "it's military s in shambles and no longer a threat, " etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Someday all Americans will understand this perfectly...but by THEN, it will be TOO LATE. Never forget these words....

Spies are very skillful at using their children for many different purposes. Since the communists wage ceaseless war against Christianity and consider Christians to be "the enemy," they decided that our Russian Christian camp was an ideal target to spy upon. Much Russian Bible Christian literature was also published here as well.Many Russians and Russian Jews became dedicated Believers in Jesus at this wonderful Russian Baptist facility throughout the years. So the Russian government apparently wanted the camp documented.

And so, they used their two children, Igor and Olga, as pawns, bringing them to "enjoy the camp" for the summer. My constant prayer while working among the Russians is, for Divine revelation whenever I encounter a Russian spy. The day this family arrived, something strange was happening within me. I felt a tenseness and alertness, which gradually increased as I noticed them and walked closer and closer to them. As I talked to the parents, a warning was screaming in my spirit, "BEWARE!" They were friendly enough, and the children were adorable, but I have learned throughout the years to never disregard the internal warning sounded by the Holy Spirit within me.

I watched these children carefully throughout the summer. Gradually, suspicious things began to happen. As other Russian emigre children dutifully said the pledge to the American flag, these two children would defiantly cross their arms, looking scornfully at the flag. They both made fun of God. I began to compare notes with other camp counselors, and we began to agree that these two children exhibited signs of belonging to active KGB.

Finally, one former Russian journalist, Irena (who frequently worked for the KGB while working as a state journalist in Russia), visiting for several weeks from NYC provided the missing link. She took me aside and said excitedly, "This family IS KGB! I just received a letter from my sister in Moscow, and here in the newspaper article revealing that this man is high level KGB. He has put many people into prison....BEWARE!"

I related this to the other camp counselors. And from that time on, we purposed to pray for and love and minister the reality of Jesus Christ to them with greater intensity, knowing that eventually they would return to Russia. We would have this opportunity only once to reach these children with salvation through Jesus Christ!

And so the weeks of summer camp went on. Igor and Olga were exposed to the power and the love of God unlike anything they had ever encountered in Russia! And amazingly, before the summer camping program ended, BOTH had abandoned their atheistic communist upbringing, and had fully committed their lives to Jesus Christ for salvation!

Igor Senior, however, pretending to be a Russian dissident defector, busily pursued his KGB agenda of why he placed his children at the camp. I noted with interest one day as he took out a huge and very professional camera, and laboriously began to document all of the camp grounds and buildings on film. Here was no ordinary parent filming their kids at summer camp! He meticulously and professionally documented every building on the grounds.

In fact, here is one Ukrainian publication of 1978, in which Igor Sinyavin continues to pretend he is a "dissident" as part of his KGB spy cover. He always wore a huge cross, stating that he was a dissident (protester) and persecuted under communism. This is how he infiltrated into such organizations in America to spy on them, and the false pretense under which he entered America under (political refugee.) Here is one article portraying him as a dissident:

"...Below is the text of a presentation made by Mr. Boldyrev, as a follow-up to Mr. Igor Sinyavin's statement, at a recent session of the Americans for Free Captive Nations. Both Mr. Sinyavin and Mr. Boldyrev are recent Russian emigres from the USSR and are advocates of the national rights of the non-Russian peoples of the USSR...."

But in fact he was a KGB spy, and used his children at the camp as a pretense to document it's Russian Christian activities for Russia.

But God's plans were obviously greater! His children BOTH became born-again Christians with a foundation in the Word of God that had the potential to last for the rest of their lives! Halleluia.

Another encounter with KGB came through a Russian souvenir kiosk set up in a mall, used by the Russians for public relations. All these lovely Russian souvenirs were on shelves in this kiosk. I started talking to the operator, "Larissa." Trained by the KGB to be charming in PR, we had a polite conversation about the beautiful items she had for sale. I then changed tactics, catching her completely off guard.

"You know, Larissa, I love and pray for the Russian people. I would like to be friends with them. But MARTIAL LAW IS COMING TO OUR NATION, with the help of the Russian communists. There are many NEW detention camps being set up for Patriot Americans with the help of Russia, and Russian troops will be used to help arrest us and take us to the camps...." It was fun to bait her. I watched for her response.

It was electrifying. She almost fell on the ground with shock, that here was not yet another stupid American, but ONE WHO KNEW THE TRUTH! After attempting to regain her composure, she finally stammered, " are WRONG! WE ARE FRIENDS!"

Chuckling within, I smiled and said, "I wish that were true, Larissa....but I know what is coming to America." Abruptly, I changed subjects and pointed to one Russian item and commented on how nice it was. She regained her composure and resumed the role of the charming and petite Russian saleswoman at the kiosk. I then walked away.

I then decided to walk to the end of the mall, and casually come back past the kiosk. How very revealing eyes can be, especially expressive Russian eyes! I glanced as I walked past her once again, and instantly noted that the professional PR face she was trained to wear when dealing with Americans, was replaced by the look of a crafty spy. She looked at me intently as I passed by, a dark smile on her face and the question literally written in her facial features: "HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS???" (Working with Russian for years, I have learned how to "read" them and facial features and expressions, much as one reads a book.)
I am sorry, Larissa, and all other Russian Communists/KGB/FSB who even carefully follow this blog. (Yes, I have a reputation among the Russian spies and have been watched periodically for years because of my work among the Russians.)Not ALL Americans are naive or successfully dumbed down by the lying and complicit news media! There is a vast and ever-growing grass- roots movement of Americans who ARE becoming aware through alternate journalism, and who are waking up to the deadly threat of NWO communism and their planned martial law takeover. And the Americans I have interviewed and spoken to across this nation do NOT plan to sit back and merely LET IT HAPPEN UNCHALLENGED!

"NIMBY!" ("Not in MY BACK YARD!")

Americans need to become aware that most of these kinds of public relations operations like Larissa' in the mall, are indeed KGB/FSB fronts, to spy, to gather information , to plant disinformation, observe, etc.

I was eye-shopping in a high-end department store in a ritzy area of Washington DC, looking at the perfumes on the counter, when I noticed her one day. She was tall, beautiful, dressed seductively with a low-cut blouse, and demonstrating the more expensive perfumes that day. I knew from her appearance she was Slavic. And from years of experience among Russians, I immediately suspected that here was another KGB spy, planted in a high-end store where Senators, Congressmen and generals are known to come to purchase special perfumes and lingerie for their spouses...and also lovers.

Seducing spies lure Congressmen and Generals (and others) into their enticing webs by such means, then sleep with them to suck out all the information they can for the KGB. This is standard procedure among such women operating in the intelligence communities.

Women are often highly trained in the KGB in the art of sexually seducing the people that Russia wants to spy on. This store was located conveniently near major US government and military buildings in Washington, DC. And Hollywood could not have done a better job of dressing her seductively for the scene!

I dropped a little Russian language in her presence, and she lit up immediately. I told her my name, and she said her name was Ala Rabinovich. In the process of making polite small talk, she mentioned that her father was the cantor at one time in the Synagogue in Moscow, in fact.Realizing that she was a Russian Jew, I began to share with her about my work among Russian Jews, and how so many were discovering the joys of YAHSHUA, or Jesus the Messiah, in their lives. I handed her a Russian Bible, in fact.

Suddenly, she said, "Wait a moment...I have something for you." Bending over for several minutes, she retrieved a gold semi-solid perfume container containing "PAVLOVA" perfume from behind the counter. This is quite an expensive item. "Here...this is GIFT for YOU!"

Elated, I accepted this expensive gift. I didn't realize that it had a darkly hidden price tag attached: it would almost COST MY LIFE!

The ignorance and sweet naivete of Christians can kill them.

I never should have touched the contents of that perfume container. Covert KGB assassinations of those considered enemies of communism happen all too frequently throughout the years. In the eyes of Ala Rabinovich, I was "THE ENEMY" for more than one reason. I was A CHRISTIAN who was publishing the WORD OF GOD (forbidden under communism in Russia) among Russian communists. I was also a Christian who was declaring the word of God to her fellow Russian Jews, also considered by many Russian Jews to be a major offense.

I have been persecuted MANY times by Russian Jews, including rabbis, for my sharing of Jesus Christ among Russian Jews in cities like Chicago and New York City. Many of you, my readers, will never understand this world, until you have personally walked in it as I have. It is a real eye-opener to painful realities that many Christians in America simply do not understand. But by the grace of God, the love God has placed in my heart for such people and for their salvation has never been dampened. I love and pray for them to this day.

I eagerly took that perfume container home (I love PAVLOVA perfume to this very is a well known designer fragrance, in fact. However, the KGB had taken great pains to supply Ala with specialized "samples" that were tampered with and designed to eliminate perceived enemies of the Communist regime.

I sniffed the charming fragrance from that golden container, and then proceeded to rub a generous amount on my neck and wrists. AND WITHIN LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR, my HEART WAS RACING ABNORMALLY! Yet, I HAD no heart condition and was quite healthy. OTHER alarming symptoms began to rapidly appear. I immediately had to lay down, and as the deadly symptoms progressed, began to feel that I was slowly dying. I began to mentally put two and two together,and silently lamented the fact that I had blindly accepted this "gift" from someone I did not know, who in all probability was an actual KGB plant.

ONLY THE POWER OF INTERCESSORY PRAYER, standing on the Word of God for healing, throughout the rest of that fateful day as I laid in shock, prevented something terrible from happening to me as a result of that "gift."

I eventually recovered from this frightening attack. The PAVLOVA perfume container was immediately discarded, and my skin was washed thoroughly from all areas of contact. Realizing painfully after the fact that I had been attacked, it confirmed to me my suspicions about what kind of person Ala Rabinovich truly was.

But then, why should I be surprised, really? This IS war. The communist war is ever relentless against the American/Christian ( and all OTHER Christians worldwide.) So often, we as Christians allow ourselves to forget this important fact.After all, the news we are barraged with 24 hours a day doesn't mention this reality, does it? Of course, not! Not when the news media is largely controlled by American NWO communists!

PRAY for the salvation of Ala Rabinovich, her father, and the many others like her in our nation. She may be here for ONE purpose, but God has ANOTHER purpose, and that is to touch her heart and theirs with the saving grace and salvation of THE MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST! For many are the hidden ways of God.....

As Christians in America, we must always remember: there is a GREATER battle then what we can physically see. The greatest battle of all , from the perspective of Eternity, is that for the ETERNAL SOUL TO BE SAVED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

I always keep this in mind when dealing with such encounters as these. While I pray constantly against the dark subversive activities of the communists, I also pray incessantly for the salvation of their eternal souls as well. For Jesus Christ died for ALL PEOPLE TO BE SAVED. We are battling for an eternal kingdom!

The godless teachings of antichrist communism will lead a soul into ETERNAL DAMNATION in the end. May the witness of Jesus Christ to lost souls such as the above turn many to the glorious power of the LIVING GOD through Jesus Christ.Christian readers, PRAY for God to encounter them with His mighty love and conviction here in our nation.

-Pamela Schuffert


Boast of Russian KGB/FSB spies, as related to me by Russian Christians in Spokane, Washington.

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