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In Appreciation of My Christian Heritage that America Was Founded Upon-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I can never forget standing upon the banks of the Thames River in London, England in 1998. There before me stood the marker indicating that the MAYFLOWER set sail from this very location, with Pilgrims aboard who were destined to sail for what was to become AMERICA.

Family genealogical charts I had received from my relatives on my mother's side, revealed that I was a direct ( and not distant) descendant of John and Priscilla Alden.

Family research had uncovered that my ancestors had sailed to America aboard the Mayflower, that they had fought for America's freedom in the American Revolution, and that some were actual circuit-riding preachers in New England (CT) who began to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this young nation. My direct ancestors played an important role in the founding and establishing of our nations based on the principles of the Word of God.

Frankly, I am weary of American history revisionists trying to change the truth about America's Christian founders. I know my true American heritage, and our nation was founded primarily by God-fearing mean and women of God. In spite of encountering conflict from many enemies of the Gospel and enemies of true liberty, true Biblical Christians from many varying backgrounds prevailed throughout the beginning of this nation to establish a nation based on Biblical laws and principles.

The battle to move America away from her early Christian heritage has only intensified with time. Communists (NWO)and their allies (foreign and domestic)have proven the main opponents to maintaining a government originally based on Biblical truth and principles of religious freedoms in America. The battle is being waged on many levels, from the educational systems in America today and the deliberate brainwashing of our youth to turn them away from God and Biblical principles, to the war aged by THE MEDIA continually, to those groups and agencies attempting to form laws removing and outlawing the Christians freedoms our nation was founded upon. The war against Christianity is being waged everywhere across America to day, throughout every sector of society, and it simply does not stop.

It is critically important that the committed Christians of this nation begin to understand the Christian heritage and principles that our nation was founded upon, and to then begin to understand the forces of darkness who have been relentlessly waging deliberate war against our Christian freedoms and heritage.

I fear that the Christians of my nation do not comprehend the deadly forces of darkness that hate both their faith in God through Jesus Christ, and also hate them as well. It is utterly foolish to believe that we as Christian Americans can merely sit back and expect to preserve our Christian heritage and treasured freedoms in this nation, without making any effort to stand effectively against the darkness that is constantly battling against us.

It is not without reason that I have faithfully reported on the coming POLICE STATE USA under martial law that we face. So great is the hatred of these NEW WORLD ORDER communists for the Christians of America, that they have laid out a complete plan for the demise of Christianity and destruction of the Christians throughout this nation.

It has happened in other nations. Russia, China, Eastern Europe, North Korea, Kampuchea, Cuba, Ethiopia all fell to the ravages and horrors of world globalist communism, with deadly effects on the Christians and the churches in those nations. The BLOOD OF THE CHRISTIAN MARTYRS flowed like water throughout these nations under the wicked scourge of satanic communism and it's bloody supporters.

For years I have listened to the first-hand accounts of persecution suffered by Christians under communism from Russia/Slavic and Eastern European Christian survivors. Communist cruelties beyond belief brought suffering, anguish, torture, imprisonment and martyrdom to countless millions of innocent victims, young and old alike, only BECAUSE THEY WERE CHRISTIANS.

I remember my years of writing letters to Christian prisoners in the GULAG system under communism in Russia, following my training in the Slavic Gospel Association Names like Galina, Sergei, Georgi Vins, Vanya Moiseyev, and many more remain burned into my memories as I prayed constantly for their previous Christian prisoners of conscience under communism.

What was their crime? For some, it was the crime of teaching Sunday School to minors, as with Galina Vilchinskaya. Under communism, it was against the law to teach young people under the age of 18 anything about God, EVEN IF they were the children of Christian parents.

Not only was Galina sentenced by the communists to three years of hard labor in a cruel gulag for teaching children about Jesus Christ, but when her sentence was finished and she was flying home, drugs had been secretly planted in her suitcase before she landed. When her luggage was searched, the drugs planted by the KGB were discovered, and she was subsequently re-arrested, tried under false charges, and sent once again to the cruel gulags of Siberia to suffer for her faith. YET SHE CHOSE TO REMAIN FAITHFUL TO JESUS CHRIST! She survived this bitter ordeal, and now lives in America. Ask Galina what life was like for the committed Christians under communism!

Bibles were outlawed and forbidden under communism. Some Christians were sent to the gulags simply from secretly printing BIBLES and distributing them. One young man, Sergei Bublik, was arrested under communism and sentenced and imprisoned in bitterly cold gulag. His crime was secretly printing Bibles for fellow Christians. At one point he was beaten and thrown into an unheated solitary confinement cell when prison guards discovered a small portion of Bible Scriptures hidden in his clothing one day. BUT HIS FAITH SURVIVED!

How well I remember singing the Russian hymns filled with minor keys, recounting their sufferings for Christ Jesus under communism, as I worked among Russian Christians in their retreat in New England for many years. One hymn was entitled "Stormy and Black, the Sea of Life is Raging." ("Strashno Bushuyet, Zhiteskoy Moryeh.")Another hymn was entitled, "Living for Jesus, Dying is Gain." ("Zheet Dlyah Eesoosa.")

In fact, last night as I prayed about where America is going, I felt inspired to pull out my old accordion, and began to play the Russian hymns of faith that I had learned so many years ago. The fact that our region in America is going through a severe cold spell brought to remembrance the heroic accounts of Christian prisoners under communism suffering in the bitterly cold gulags (such as Vorkuta), as I continued playing my accordion deep into the night.

Tens of millions of innocent Christians suffered unspeakable atrocities at the hands of NWO communist murderers in many nations,throughout the past 100 years. Thousands of churches were desecrated and torn down or turned over to the Communist government to use for secular purposes. Christians were mocked, tortured, sent to mental wards to be tortured with mind control drugs, transported to cruel Siberian gulags or other prison systems to be tortured mentally, physically and emotionally by these communists.

Interestingly, the US government has threatened me for my reporting more than once. They said bluntly that they don't appreciate my telling the American people the truth.

Should I feel compelled to remain silent in this hour, when MY nation faces the same kinds of atrocities under NWO communism, as other nations have experienced??? How can I remain silent in this hour???

And now, North America has her own future Gulag system set up by the NWO communists of our generation. It stretches all the way up to Canada and Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, in fact. I received information that Russian military under secret US/Russia treaty with the US government, were building new detention camps on the Aleutians for American freedom fighters who will resist the NWO communist takeover under martial law. Yes, it has finally come to this: Americans are to be sent to detention camps for opposing the coming NWO/communist takeover of their former Constitutional government. And many of these camps are TERMINATION FACILITIES.

Russian spies (FSB)are bragging to my Russian Christian friends in America. They are saying,

"Ha! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in Russia, so shall it SOON BE IN AMERICA!"

For years previously, some Americans have laughed at my reporting and research. They said "Look...this can NEVER HAPPEN IN AMERICA!"

Yes, I have suffered and endured much for performing this kind of journalism. And even as foolish Americans were laughing, the NWO communists of America were covertly setting up their vast gulag system and preparing the boxcars and shackles to take away the American people to the camps for termination or re-education.

And now? America finally has A COMMUNIST/MARXIST PRESIDENT.

What do you think the final outcome will be, my fellow American Christians and fellow Americans, now that we have an open communist/Marxist President, set up by the NWO shadow government??? Are you still attempting to retreat into denial over what should now be OBVIOUS TRUTH???

And what do you THINK that NWO communists do to "conscientious objector" journalists like myself, who publish reports against communism and their NWO, and expose their world globalist agenda? And who adhere to their Christian faith?
Simply follow the pattern of what communists have always done in the past. They oppress, persecute them and ultimately kill them. Read about my brave fellow journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya, killed by the communist government for exposing Russian communist military corruption.

Yet another Russian journalist, dedicated to uncovering the truth, was discovered dead, his head literally torn off. How NWO communists HATE for the TRUTH TO BE TOLD and their dark activities exposed!

I testify to you, that my life remains in jeopardy every single day that I continue to warn and wake up my fellow Americans through this reporting. But as a Christian, I also realize that Jesus Christ has called us to lay down our lives, in order to do what is right in the sight of God and His Word.

God help me, therefore, if I prefer my own personal life and safety, to the lives of MILLIONS OF MY ENDANGERED FELLOW AMERICANS/CHRISTIANS and the future of my beloved nation, America. YOU are important. Millions of my beloved fellow Christians and Patriotic Americans, their families, their children, their elderly....they are ALL important. YOU deserve to know what the government does not want you to know, and that is THE TRUTH.

Therefore, if by my reporting,even ONE American is awakened to the deadly dangers we now face...if even ONE Christian is alerted and prepares to face these coming times of tribulation in victory with Jesus Christ to the end...then ANY price God calls me to pay for this work is worth it all.

We are about to lose our Christian heritage to the NWO communists, America. There remains NO "safety-comfort-denial zone" left to retreat into any longer.Wake up.

Please...don't let my years of sacrificing to perform this valuable investigative journalism on your behalf be in vain. Don't let the things I will inevitably suffer in the future for this reporting on your behalf be in vain.

For if you continue to ignore the warning, you will be THE ULTIMATE VICTIM in the end.

God forbid. Don't give them that satisfaction.........

-Pamela Schuffert

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