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My Readers Ask: But Isn't the CIA Composed of "Mostly Christians" and Wasn't Hitler Also "a Christian?"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

At first, I was highly amused to receive today an email from one reader, claiming my reports were "silly" regarding the CIA black ops and one previous report exposing occult origins of Adolph Hitler. She tried to prove that somehow both Hitler and the CIA were "Christian" based.

I then became incredulous as I read her email, pondering how anyone in today's world, wherein we have numerous books and many historical websites exposing the dark and occult backgrounds of both the CIA and Hitler, could even begin to come to such an erroneous conclusion on either.

Hitler and his fellow Nazi occultists were anything but "Christian" by Biblical definitions! To spare myself hours of writing on such a subject, I am including quick links for your edification on this subject. However, I have written several lengthy articles personally exposing the occult roots of Hitler and the Nazis previously.

Frankly, if any of my friends who were former CIA "black ops" people had been sitting next to me and reading this email, they would have undoubtedly sat back and laughed uncontrollably over any thought of the CIA being "Christian" in any manner!

In fact, some of the first employees of the CIA beginnings, were Nazi scientists and war criminals, who were considered valuable for their military and scientific knowledge.

Let me bare my heart with you. There are many nights I simply cannot sleep and have to spend hours of prayer, grieving deep into the night over facts and information uncovered regarding the black ops of the CIA and the many innocents dead or still suffering trauma in their wicked wake. Infants and children are not spared. Nor teens. Have you ever met with families and their children who are tragic victims of CIA programs like MK-ULTRA mind control and other secret CIA programs? I have.

Burned into my tender mind and heart are the agonies and horrors and true "crimes against humanity"these hapless victims have suffered at the hands of the CIA in some of their experimental programs. In such program such a MK-ULTRA, precious human lives are treated no better than mere "lab rats," subjected to horrific human experimentation involving mind- control and drugs and more, and then tossed when they are finished using them.

I even visited MK Ultra survivor Sue Ford, aka "Brice Taylor," in Hawaii at one point several years ago, when she tried to rescue her daughter Kelley from further mind control drugs and abuse. What Sue had to share with me was shocking about her former experiences under CIA control. I had come to try and help her, as a desperate mother, with her daughter she was attempting to rescue.

Tragically, after 8 days, I was compelled to leave. The many years of terrible neuroleptic drugs and abusive mind programming had done permanent damage to her precious daughter. And through CIA mind programming, her daughter had become violent and dangerous, frequently attempting to attack and murder her mother through such CIA mind programming, even as I watched, incredulous. I soon came under physical attack as well.

I have counselled many people in crisis throughout the years. I have ministered to many people as well. But I have to draw the line of how much or how long I can help anyone, when unexpected physical attack begins. As much as I wanted so desperately to help her, I finally realized that it would take far more than what I could ultimately offer in the form of assistance to this precious mother and daughter. And so I was forced to leave after 8 days of prayer with them and trying to be of some assistance to poor Sue and her daughter.

You can pray for them. You can also help Sue Ford by ordering her book (click on link above.) This woman suffers intensely to this day from the wickedness of ungodly people in power and CIA corruption that inflicted such great tragedy upon her life. As Christians, we should always seek to show such victims the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

One former elementary school, Dearborn Hills, in Indiana, (now closed permanently after the experiment ended) was used for a CIA black op involving satanist teachers/principal and forcing children into satanic rituals-unknown to their parents-during the daytime. I personally visited one family victimized by this satanic CIA black op experiment. You can read about this in my reports SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

As the mother of two victimized children told me with tears,

"Although the school has now been closed, the perpetrators of these crimes against the children cannot be touched, because the husband of the satanist principal, Jan Utter, is CIA..." His wife, the school principal Chris Utter-Heller, was the satanic high priestess of the coven that terrorized these precious children. The satanic high priest was Jim Pierce, then the Middle School coach of Sunman-Dearborn School district in Indiana.

And the list of such tragic victims of CIA wickedness goes on and on and on.....

To even attempt to insinuate that the CIA is somehow "Christian" is to literally blaspheme and libel the Name of Jesus Christ and Christianity itself. Rather, the CIA is filled with wickedness and depravity, satanism and murder of the innocents, dark NWO plans for the brutal murders of millions of innocent Christians and Patriotic fellow Americans marked for destruction as future "Resisters of the New World Order" through much CIA planning.

Their hands are continually covered with "the blood of the innocents." And that blood cries out to a righteous God in heaven for vengeance. Whether the blood of those victims destroyed through their CIA drug importing/distributing black-ops, or the blood of the innocents assassinated because their crime was to "know too much" or "to talk," or the innocent infants and children experimented upon (Nazi scientist style)until they perished at their hands, or those victims murdered in their many satanist rituals....the blood of the victims of CIA darkness cries out before God the Almighty.

And those who will suffer and die by the millions because of CIA planning and complicity in the coming martial law/NWO agenda, spelling brutal torture and termination of all suspected "resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER," will only add more innocent blood to their hands.

Everywhere they go, these kinds of CIA operatives leave a trail of tragically destroyed lives and futures, health and happiness, and distribute sorrow in their grim wake. Are ALL CIA officers involved in the darker aspects and agendas of their agency? No. There are some performing what may be considered valid intelligence oeprations for our nation's security, etc. But sadly, many ARE involved in the darker black ops that the CIA is notorious (and well known) for.

However, there remains a glorious ray of hope breaking through the clouds of all this darkness! God DID send His Son Jesus Christ into our world filled with tragedies such as the above, to suffer for the terrible sins of ALL mankind, and to provide forgiveness and eternal life to ALL who come to Him!

In short, Jesus Christ died for the sins of the CIA too. I have personally been in contact with at least three former CIA, involved in very dark operations at one time, who came under the conviction of God in their lives and turned to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation as a result. Their testimonies are incredible. I have published some of them previously.

I also remember the times I drove to the CIA headquarters in McLean, VA, to park across the street from their restricted compound and then spend much time in intercessory prayer for these people...and their hapless victims as well. Swirling through my saddened, tormented mind as I prayed were the frank revelations given to me by former CIA of just how great the darkness and the wickedness really is throughout their ranks.

I would think and pray about their role in planning the coming NWO nightmare and the persecution of tens of millions of innocents who will be arrested as "resisters of the NWO" and taken to boxcars and shackles and camps to be destroyed, with Christians in America ranking high on their hit list.

I prayed regarding what another former CIA officer warned me about, the terrible plans for chemical/biological warfare being developed secretly by their microbiologists, to someday be deliberately released against us to make millions of Americans too sick to fight back or resist as this NWO communist tyranny is brought upon our nation in the future.

I prayed about the destructive CIA drug running going on continually in our nation, wreaking havoc with our youth and filling up our prisons. AND providing lots of "BLACK FUNDS THROUGH BLACK OPS" to keep the NWO agenda alive and running.

These former participants turned truth-tellers taught me that there simply IS no genuine "war on drugs" in America. This is just government cover-up. But there IS a war against the American people and youth of today, through the curse of these dangerous and addicting drugs being brought covertly into our nation by CIA black ops and various military black ops as well.

And of course, none of this could be successfully accomplished, without the help of the damning complicity of the government and White House controlled/censored/bribed major news media, dutifully covering up such tragedies in our nation today.

And YOU, the American people, are their victims, continually.

And this is ultimately WHY I place my life and all I hold dear at risk , to tell YOU, the American people, the truth that you deserve to know and understand in the desperate times we now live in today.

So please, folks, do your research and try to get the facts straight the first time! There is nothing "Christian" about Adolph Hitler, nor the CIA. But you CAN pray for God to touch the hearts and lives of those men and women involved in the darker aspects of the CIA, for His light to shine into their lives and to bring conviction and salvation to them as well.

Pray for our nation at this time as well. America remains on the threshold of MARTIAL LAW. The entire infrastructure is in place. All it takes now is a series of well-planned government/military black ops triggering massive explosions ( ), earthquakes (Project HAARP generated,( deliberate spraying of deadly chemical/biological over our cities, etc. and their LONG AWAITED MARTIAL LAW SCENARIO will take over our nation. Even as my former CIA, military and informed sources revealed to me when I began this intriguing career of investigative journalism in 1996.

ONLY THE GRACE OF GOD AND PRAYER HAS HELD THIS NWO CHAOS BACK. Become a part of God's answer to this terrible darkness. PRAY.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting for the American people

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