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Christian Heroes Under Communism-Vanya Moiseyev

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout my years of working with Russians and Russian Christian survivors/overcomers of communism, the powerful testimony of Vanya Moiseyev remains one of the most poignant and powerful witnesses for Jesus Christ and His power in the midst of communist darkness that the world has today. An excellent book detailing his life testimony and his subsequent circumstances of martyrdom in the Red Army, has been written by Myrna Grant, simply entitled VANYA.

I was personally privileged to meet one of his former pastors, Stanislav Nasteka, now in America, who confirmed it was all true. Here is one account of VANYA.-Pamela Schuffert

In the last letter that he wrote home, Ivan Moiseyev (known to friends and family as Vanya) urged his brother Vladimir,

"Don't tell our parents everything. Just tell them, 'Vanya wrote me a letter and writes that Jesus Christ is going into battle. This is a Christian battle, and he doesn't know whether he will be back.' I desire that all of you, dear friend, young and old, remember this one verse. Revelation 2:10 -- 'Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.'"

The next day, July 16, 1972, twenty-year-old Vanya died in suspicious circumstances. The Soviets claimed it was an accidental drowning. His family insisted that Vanya was tortured to death.

The son of peasant farmers, Vanya entered the army at eighteen to perform two years of required military training and service. Because he spoke openly of God, which was forbidden in the atheistic regime, Vanya was persecuted by his military supervisors.

His letters home and the tape recordings that he made on his last leave home, documented the cruelties used against him. At times he was starved. He was awakened and interrogated night after night, and often struck. For two weeks in the dead of winter, he was compelled to stand outside in his thin Summer uniform. He claimed that God miraculously warmed him.
Miracles confirmed his testimony. Once he was run over by a truck. He was told his life could only be saved by the amputation of an arm and part of a collapsed lung. Delirious with fever he prayed earnestly aloud. The next morning, he was completely healed.

On another occasion, he was challenged by his barracks to prove that God exists. The test was that God obtain leave for a certain sergeant. Leaves were hard to get. After asking God if he should accept the challenge, Vanya agreed. All night, he sat up with the sergeant explaining the things that he would need to know when he became a Christian. The next day, an authority from another town called and ordered the leave. The sergeant became a Christian and so did other men.

Vanya was an army chauffer. When every effort failed to break him of his faith, he was ordered to chauffer some KGB men. He did not return. A coffin arrived at his parents' home, welded shut. Vanya's mother insisted it be opened. A brother, who belonged to the Communist party resisted, but the rest of the family prevailed. Vanya was barely recognizable. Witnesses, Christian and non-Christian alike, signed a statement which declared that his chest had been burned. His face and body were lumped and bruised. Heel marks marred his body. His heart was punctured in six places.

Under Communist pressure, the non-Christians withdrew their testimony. The Soviet's claimed that the six heart punctures were from attempts to restart the heart with adrenaline after a drowning accident and that the other marks were from an autopsy. They claimed the Baptists made up the torture story to discredit the regime.

However, in light of thousands of other incidents of mistreatment of Christians in the Soviet union, and given Vanya's letters and recordings, the Baptist story is the more believable of the two. To cap matters off, Vanya's unit was broken up because so many men in it had become Christians.


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Last updated July, 2007
Note-In working with and encountering Christian survivors of brutal communism over the past 30 years, I heard many other accounts of Christian suffering and martyrdom, especially when working for years with the Russian Baptists in New England. You will find reference to this wonderful camp (Ashford Camp)on page 18 on the following link:

I worked here for five long summers in an long-term overnight camping program, often with up to 15 young Russian Jewish children under my direct care. Often these children came from the families of Russian dissidents battling against communism and for human rights, such as the KOVALEV FAMILY.

Little Anastasia Kovalev was an amazing daughter of the Kovalevs. She was a junior dissident in action! Her sense of humor was reflective of Russian dissident caution when uttering words against the Communist regime. (Her family had only recently come from Russia at that time.)

Anastasia would urge me to come into the corner of our cabin with her, to bend over and hear her political jokes learned from her parents.

"LENIN-DUROCK! Brezhnev...DUROCK!" In Russian, this meant, "Lenin is an idiot...Brezhnev is an idiot!" And then she would laugh and laugh, and all at the tender age of five years old!

These Russian Christians are wonderful people, filled with accounts of suffering, martyrdom and overcoming under decades of relentless Communist persecution.

American Christians have much to learn from their examples, from what they have suffered and how they overcome. American Christians MUST UNDERSTAND: America is about to go into NWO communist captivity. Persecution shall descend like a terrible flood across the North America continent, affecting Canada, Alaska and North America. Decades of planning by the world communists and their many allies (including the satanists and the Illuminati, etc.) have laid the deadly groundwork for America to become one vast GULAG system of detention and termination camps for all NEW WORLD ORDER/Communism resisters.

Commmunist traitors to our Christian heritage and our Constitution have successfully infiltrated the major power bases (political, news media, government, intelligence community, educational systems) of our nation, having done so gradually and relentlessly over past decades.

The Communists HAVE an agenda. Theirs is an agenda of malevolent and destructive hatred towards the Christians of America ( and throughout the world.) They hate the God that the Christians serve, and their world view is NOT a Biblically-based one. Therefore, they step out of the guidelines of what the commandments in Word of God permits or forbids people to do, and instead act out of lawlessness, cruelty, ruthlessness.

Rejecting the commandments of God's Word, Communists will do whatever it takes to implement their satanic world globalist communist agenda: murder, false accusations, persecution, lying news media, and whatever else it takes to accomplish their evil goals.

In fact, the actual "god" of communism is Satan/Lucifer. It was founded and funded into power in it's beginning by apostate Jews, void of the word of God, who worshipped satan (the Rothschilds and their many supporters and adherents,) planning the Bolshevik Communist takeover from New York City in the early 1900's.

The Rothschilds to this day remain a financially powerful Jewish Sabbatean (satanist) Illuminati bloodline family. They play a major role in fueling and funding communism for their purposes to this day, including in the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST I have reported on . They are the ones laboring to perfect the coming Biblically prophesied "CASHLESS SOCIETY" of Revelation 13 through their power in the financial world.

2000 years of traditional Jewish hatred against Jesus Christ and the Christians who believe in Him, coupled with Illuminati worship of Lucifer and his hatred of God and His Christians, forms the basis for their planned communist/NWO persecution of the Christians and the desire to eradicate it wherever communism seeks to take over in a nation.

I have had conversations with a former Rothschild Illuminati member, one who fully participated in grim human sacrifices with the Rothschilds and who was used to help the Illuminati infiltrate the US military with their NWO/communist agenda, especially in Fort Lewis, WA. Fort Lewis is a major military base of training the military to operate the modern GUILLOTINES that will someday be used to execute Christians who refuse to renounce their faith under martial law, backed by the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS mandating such execution of Christians as "idolaters" and "blasphemers of God". Doc admitted to me that while there, he both witnessed, and in some Illuminati rituals even used, these modern military guillotines on hapless victims sacrificed during their grim rituals.

I asked him, "Well, did they work?" He replied, "Just fine....."

DOC MARQUIS is a wealth of knowledge on this subject, as a former participant. When I talked to him about the roots of communism and the Rothschild, he immediately confirmed my research, stating how it was indeed planned by them and funded out of New York City at that time by the Jewish bankers Rothschilds.

But what should the Christian response be in light of such revelations and understanding of the truth behind Communism? This question must be asked, in light of a frightening event occurring throughout Germany and Europe today.

I discovered while researching 6 months in Germany in 2001, that there is a renewed underground uprising of THE NAZI PARTY among the youth today. This uprising involves thousands of German youth. When I investigated and reported on this in 2001, the last estimate was about 8,000 underground members and 7,000 open members of this Nazi youth uprising. And it has been spreading throughout Europe as well.

One member, Christina, took me to her apartment in Munich, Germany. She proudly showed me piles and piles of modern magazines, filled with pictures of Adolph Hitler and Nazi war criminals, and praising them as well. Pictures of Jews in synagogues and articles vilifying them also were in these magazines, I noted as I began to glance through several.

And then Christina began to recount to me the truth behind the New World Order (Communism) and the Jewish background and role, etc. Much of what she was saying was, in fact, historically correct about the Jewish communist threat to undermine and take over Germany at that time.

BUT HER RESPONSE TO THIS TRUTH WAS FOR THOUSANDS OF THESE YOUNG GERMANS TO RETURN TO NAZISM...which would obviously lead to the potential for another holocaust against the Jews. Nazism is a "religion" of hatred and intolerance. It led to unspeakable cruelties during World War II. Precious lives, including that of Jewish infants, children, and elderly were sacrificed in their attempt to root out the Jewish communists and their influence in Germany. And whenever innocent victims are sacrificed, even in situations such as this which threatened Germany, it is wrong...period.

And here is where we as Christians must decide now in our own nation: HOW should we respond to the truth about coming martial law and the Jewish communist NWO agenda against us? IF we are truly Biblical disciples of Jesus Christ, we must then turn to the eternal Word of God for the answer.

In the words of Jesus Christ Himself, we are commanded to love and forgive and pray for our enemies. We are commanded to turn the other cheek. We are commanded to have compassion on them and to pray for them.

There is no place in the Biblical Christian worldview, for the horrors of a HOLOCAUST that indiscriminately destroys the lives of young and old alike. There is no place in the Christian heart for retaliation, hatred and cruelty. We are to follow the examples and words of Jesus Christ to the end, including under persecution.

Throughout my years of working among Jews and Russian Jews, there has been nothing but God's love and compassion and tenderness from my heart ministered among them.In the midst of uncovering truth during 13 years of research on the NWO agenda, I have chosen to respond to the truth with prayer and God's Word.

However, do I PRAY AGAINST the darkness I see coming to our nation and against my fellow Christians? Without ceasing! I awakened last night and prayed for several hours, until dawn broke, about all I now know. Nor can I in good conscience advocate that Patriot Americans and endangered Christians merely sit back and allow such unprecendented horrors and crimes against humanity to take place unchallenged against the innocent in our nation as martial law comes down.

But it is imperative that we maintain, as Christians, the heart and mentality of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord when facing persecution. This is something we must all choose to do a true Biblical Christians in the hours we face.

For through your love, your forgiveness and your prayers towards those who tragically choose to become our enemies, many will be touched by the love of God and turn to God as a result. Many will be convicted of God regarding the wrongfulness of what they are about to do in our nation. And this is exactly what God wants. Through our prayers and Biblical responses, hearts are then moved, minds are changed, and God is glorified as His will is brought forth.

-Pamela Schuffert

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