Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IT'S A MIRACLE! Brother TALKS for FIRST TIME Since Crisis

Just ONE MORE EXAMPLE of How God Answers PRAYER-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

It is a miracle! I went to visit my brother yesterday. He is laying in a medical bed, surrounded with all kinds of critically needed medical equipment, including a ventilator. He has a tracheotomy tube in his throat and a feeding tube in his stomach. Weeks ago he was IN A COMA and close to death.

But yesterday, following PRAYER IN A LOCAL CHURCH in Tulsa on Sunday, he was TALKING in spite of his tracheotomy tube in his throat! The doctor said that he should NOT be able to even speak with it in. BUT HE DID!

His FIRST words spoken since the crisis began was, "IT IS A MIRACLE!" He struggled at first to form the words, but finally they came. And finally, we were able to carry on a normal conversation for the first time. Halleluia! PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST our Savior and HEALER!~

He remains in alot of chronic pain. I watched as they inflated a special device to help transfer him for the first time since his crisis to a special chair, to semi-sit up. Pain from his broken toes suffered previously through a wheelchair running over them a few months ago erupted as they transferred him. He grimaced through the ordeal, but finally was securely in the chair.

We discussed his future. He made it clear to me that HE NEEDED ME with him through this crisis for love and encouragement and support. As a Christian and a family member, promised him I would remain with him to help in any way throughout this crisis. It will be be long term, possibly for the rest of his life.

Having worked for years previously (prior to my past 14 years in investigative journalism)as a home health care/nurse's aid caregiver to fund my missionary outreaches in the past, I am able to perform the needed help should he improve enough to be in a home situation. But for now he must remain in special care facilities, remaining in stable but guarded condition.

We also discussed gently the possibility of his dying, realistically. He suffered much brain damage due to lack of oxygen initially when his lungs shut down sue to pneumonia in both lungs and their collapse. He remains weak. He cannot move all his body parts at command. His hands and arms, once so skilled at playing guitar in church on Sundays, can barely move now.

But John received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior several years ago. His sins, which were many throughout his years of drugs and partying (tragically so typical of many of today's youth) are forgiven forevermore. He said that he knew if he were to die, he would go to be with God through his Savior Jesus Christ and was not afraid of death. Praise the mercies of the Living God, Who sent Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the world.

Should he continue to overcome his circumstances, he will require much rehabilitation and therapy. But God and big sister will stand with him through his future.

Please continue to pray for John. I will be returning to the Carolinas to set things in order, and to work as rapidly as possible to relocate to Tulsa where John is.

You can actually mail cards of encouragement to John!

If you desire, you can send your cards with words of love and encouragement to: John Schuffert through my mailing address, since he is being moved back and forth at times from the therapy facility to the hospital due to further lung distress just experienced last Friday.I will forward them to his location. ALL encouragement is appreciated by John at this difficult time!

Just my visiting him and reassuring him I would be with him through this ordeal, and letting my love show, has made a incredible difference in his visible improvement already.

This is only one small example of the power of God's love working through us, in action. LOVE IS ACTION! The Bible tells us to love NOT only in word, but in word AND DEED OR ACTION.

God's love manifesting through each one of us should result in appropriate actions conveying the reality of that love for God and for others. God's love manifested in practical ways provided my help for Shlomo that he needed during the bus trip. God's love manifested in practical ways provided much needed food for the hungry I encountered during the bus trip.

Your prayers are a manifestation of your love and concern for others. God may lead you beyond PRAYER to ACTION as well. "FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, " declared the Apostle James. "Prayer" is asking God to do something. Many times in response to prayer, God may ask US to do something about the situation we are praying about!

Our prayers, coupled with our Scriptural actions, can often make the critical difference in today's troubled world.

Purpose today to be a greater part of God's answer to a perishing world full of darkness and tragedy. Because YOU are important! You would not be in the world today, if God had no purpose for you here!

And thank you for YOUR love, prayers and support, always!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from Tulsa, OK

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