Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Incredible Response to "WARNING TO RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS" Article

Russian Orthodox Christians praying

-BY Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

My article, WARNING TO RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS LIVING IN AMERICA has brought forth an incredible response from readers across this nation, and possibly worldwide. I posted this article on and it has become one of the most widely read articles presently posted, with thousands of hits. (Article below.)

I am amazed, and I am thankful as well. I meant every word that I wrote, and I know it was written at the leading of God. I always pray about what subject and topic to write about.
Russian Baptist Christians praying

If you are a Slavic Christian, please make a copy of this article( and hand it out to your Slavic Christian friends. 

Or forward the link of this article to your Slavic fellow Christians. If you are America and have Russian Christian friends, as I do, please forward this link to your Russian/Slavic Christian friends as well.

The information contained in this article is all very true, and disturbing as we watch world events unfold around us. Having lived and worked among Russian and Ukrainian Christians for many years, I have a deep love for them, and am deeply concerned for their safety in America's future. 
"Christ Is Risen!" Easter card in Russian

This article is intended as an urgent wake-up call for the Slavic Christians living in North America.

These Slavic Christians are among the most committed and sincere Christians I have ever met. Decades of suffering, persecution and martyrdom under cruel Communism have served to forge them into true disciples of the cross. I have found them to be very loving and giving and compassionate people, wherever I have encountered them and lived among them

Ukrainian Easter Egg

I do not want to see such wonderful Christians hurt in America's future, caught in the crossfire of opposing forces in our nation under martial law...or wrongfully persecuted should fighting break out between America and Russian. And the potential remains for both to occur.

Ukrainian Christians living in North America are equally endangered, due to several factors peculiar to North America. Most Americans do not know the difference between the Russian language and the Ukrainian language. 

To them, Ukrainians and Russians look the same and sound the same. And so when Americans find themselves combatting the Russian military in America under future martial law, they do not know the difference. 

And therefore all Slavic people are endangered by such American policies of importing and then using Russian troops to combat American freedom fighters as they rise up in opposition to coming tyranny under martial law.

Therefore, I am very thankful that this article is receiving so much positive attention and circulation, and I pray that it reaches the Russian/Ukrainian Christian communities across America quickly. 

Beloved readers, please pray for increased circulation of this important report these people quickly in North America. Pray that they will take to heart this warning, and seek God now for wisdom and guidance for their future. Thank you.
Protestant and Orthodox Christians standing for peace during Ukraine tensions.

"A faithful witness saves lives..." Proverbs 14:25a

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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