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Russian Military in ALASKA, America's GULAG STATE

Urgent Information Revealing the Government's Hidden Plans
-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective- 
Throughout the many years of my investigative journalism, I have traveled all over the world and all across the USA. I have also spent time investigating in Alaska.

After researching Alaska, I am convinced that Alaska will become to America, what the Siberian GULAGS (detention camps)were to communist Russia.

Abandoned Russian GULAG
I have personally uncovered many disturbing facts about this state and region that confirm it will become a major location for disposing of American Patriots, gun owners, political and religious dissidents under martial law.
And furthermore I have proof that RUSSIA IS HEAVILY INVOLVED IN THIS. Americans are utter fools to believe that Russia is finished with the Illuminati's globalist agenda through Russia or other nations.

Russia has been quietly building up her military arsenal over the years since the staged "demise of the former Soviet Union." Russia's globalist agenda is ever the same, Putin is but a "pretend Christian" solely for political purposes and gaining the support of the largely Orthodox Russian people.
Putin kissing icons and Bibles in Moscow churches

In fact, many of the leaders in the Russian Orthodox Church have been exposed as secretly KGB (now FSB), spying on the Christians and monitoring them. This has always been a well known and documented fact. Putin is also "ex" KGB. Somehow I am not impressed when I see photos of Putin kissing Russian icons in the Orthodox churches of Moscow. It is the fruits of a genuine Christian walk that we should always look for.

Many years ago, one Russian leader stood up and proclaimed that someday "America will fall like ripe fruit into our hands." He declared that that they would DECEIVE THE WEST by making incredible concessions to America, designed to lull America into a state of letting their safety precautions down. But then, Russian  would strike and attack America when she was most vulnerable. And at a time of America's economic crisis and internal division, there is no better time.

The Russian bear advances the world globalist agenda
"And THE BEAST which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet LIKE A BEAR..."
(A RUSSIAN BEAR perhaps...???)

I was fascinated to find out many years ago, that there is A TUNNEL FROM SIBERIA TO ALASKA. Just as huge military tunnels hundreds of miles long crisscross North America, that were created by huge nuclear boring machines that melt through 6 miles of solid rock an hour, so this tunnel could have easily been created within less than a month beneath the Bering Strait.

Military nuclear boring machine

Col. Jim Ammerman, a wonderful military chaplain now deceased, used to travel across America lecturing on the coming military of America, or martial law. He admitted to me one day that there indeed was this joint military tunnel from Siberia to Alaska. I later had this confirmed as I investigated in Denver, Colorado. I spoke to a Russian Christian pastor of a large Russian church there one day, and asked him if he knew about this strange tunnel.
I was shocked when he informed me that he did! How do you know, I asked. He smiled and replied that as he was being debriefed before leaving Russia to immigrate to America, a KGB officer started bragging to him about secret things Russia was doing involving America, and told him also about this tunnel accomplishment.
I also have read an interesting report about the largest detention camp built in America. It is located in ALASKA in the wilderness, west of Anchorage. It reportedly will hold one MILLION prisoners, and boasts a landing strip and and train tracks that lead to it...and also a human crematory oven.

What also disturbed me was the admission that this facility jointly flies a RUSSIAN FLAG and an American flag. And, the fact that RUSSIAN MILITARY ADVISERS preside over this facility.
But then, why not? Russia has had 8 decades of running brutal detention camps under Communism, that murdered millions of political and religious dissidents throughout the years. There are even gulag cities like VORKHUTA.

Christians were frequently arrested under Communism and sent to these horrific deathcamps and gulag cities. I have personally met with Christians who were imprisoned there and used to write letters of encouragement in Russian to them at times as well.
Throughout the years, I have performed extensive research on the horror of prisoner boxcars with shackles sighted throughout North America and Canada as well, reminiscent of the Nazi deathcamp  boxcars of WW II.

I have interviewed people extensively about this, including one person whose husband was a high executive in Gunderson INC, the company under secret contract with the US government to produce thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles for a hidden agenda.

She admitted that this was no rumor, but true, and that her husband had finally admitted this to her. When I interjected that they would be used to haul people to FEMA/DHS camps under martial law, Nazi style, she admitted that this was true, and that they even had a satellite company in Texas that was also producing prisoner boxcars with shackles.
A call to Col Jim Ammerman of Dallas/Fort Worth confirmed this completely, with a personal friend of  his admitting to him by phone that he had just turned down a job offer of welding shackles into boxcars right there in Texas.
While researching in Montana several years ago, I spoke to one man, Ken, who is a construction worker and metal welder as well. He revealed something shocking to me. "I have these two construction buddies of mine from different states that I met here...they told me that they had both worked in Alaska recently and their job was WELDING SHACKLES INTO BOXCARS...."

These two men had both responded to an ad requesting metal workers for a rush job in Alaska. Construction people often travel all across America, to where the jobs are and work is available for various projects. And once that job is finished, they then travel to another location.
And when I was investigating in Alaska earlier in 1999, I read articles in the Fairbanks newspaper about the rush to refurbish the ALASKAN RAILWAY, using high tech equipment to rapidly remove and replace old and rotting RR track ties,  replace metal railings, etc. Their goal then was to finish by the year 2000.

The Christian family I was staying with in Fairbanks, also researching martial law, informed me that two military bases in Alaska with much land, had closed down and been turned into prisoner camps instead. Throughout my years of research in North America, I had repeatedly discovered that many of the military bases closed down in America had quietly been retrofitted to become future military prisoner detention camps for martial law. Fort Greeley was one of them.
As I looked at it's location on a map and realized how large it was, I could already envision how many prisoners under martial law that it could hold someday.
While a guest on Lenny Bloom's "CLOAK AND DAGGER" broadcast out of Toronto, Canada, exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER several years ago, his co-host Sherman Skolnick (now deceased) revealed a shocker during my  live interview:

"Did you know, Pamela, that even as we speak, Russian military are building DETENTION CAMPS FOR AMERICANS on the Aleutian Islands right off the coast of Alaska???"

I did not at that time, but I do now. This was the very broadcast that the Canadian government cut off right as I was in the middle of a sentence. I was pleading with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) over the broadcast to exercise restraint in Canada under martial law towards the Canadian citizens.

I had already been informed through Canadian sources that the RCMP would be going to people's home to put a bullet through the head of all people on secret Canadian government lists of Canadian to be rounded up and terminated under martial law.

Sadly, this program was later pulled off the air by the powers that be, that did not want the truth to be told to America and Canada exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER. You can read more about this by clicking on link below.
                                  Bleak Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska
And of course at the request and full go-ahead from the treacherous NWO elements in the US government and military.
After living and working in the Arctic Circle in Kotzebue, Alaska, for one year in 2011-2012, I now have a much better understanding of what life is like living at the same latitude as the grim Siberian gulags.

Let me be blunt: unless you have actually lived up there for a period of time, you can never fully comprehend what I am about to share with you.
When temperatures reach killer-cold levels of -60 to -70 degrees below zero, the impact that it has on every part of human sensory perceptions of you body is incredible.

Literally every cell and organ in my body shrank back from wanting to go outside in that brutal killer cold. Whenever I had to go on an errand to the grocery store or somewhere else, I had to psych myself up as I slowly got dressed, insulating every part of my body from that terrible cold.
I even had to create a breathing face mask, insulated with wool, to put over my balaclava head covering. Otherwise I would have developed ARCTIC LUNG, a frightening condition created by breathing in super-chilled arctic air. This air literally freezes the avioli in your lungs as you repeatedly breathe it in. It then creates breathing difficulties similar to emphysema.
In fact, I temporarily developed this condition during the first month I was there. Frightened that I could not breathe normally at night, gasping for breath, I was informed after the fact that I needed to have a special breathing apparatus to protect my sinuses and lungs.

I was surrounded by the bleak and freezing tundra while there. At night I simply could not go to sleep easily, and so was up until 2 or 3 AM in the morning spending time in intercessory prayer for America and the world as well.
I would sit in a living room chair, gazing out the double-paned insulated window, watching the swirling Northern Lights,  and think of my personal experiences in the Arctic.

And then think about the hardships of Russian Christian prisoners of conscience throughout decades of Communism, that were shopped by prisoner train to the bleak Siberian gulags to suffer under these conditions, and many to ultimately die.

I could only imagine the horrors and hardships they faced at this very same latitude, without the comfort of adequate food and warmth and clothing, and being forced to work in this horrific climate as well as prisoners. No wonder so many of them died quickly in such bleak and remote settings.

And then, I would begin to remember my years of research on the martial law agenda for America. I could not help but think of my research in Alaska and the evidence of detention camps for Americans, and the prisoner boxcars with shackles, and the huge detention camp with Russian military advisers over it, and the military tunnel from Siberia to Alaska.
And intercessory prayer would rise up within me in earnest for my fellow Christians in North America and Canada. It was so clear to me that AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST was indeed coming, and that Alaska would become AMERICA'S FUTURE GULAG at last. These were sad nights for me, as I grieved over this evident martial law plan for my nation and my fellow Americans.
Having worked with Russian Christians persecuted under Communism, I understood perfectly how brutal the Russian military, who ran these gulags, could be. Christians were brutally isolated, deprived of even the comfort of their Bibles and other Christians, forbidden to pray or worship God or share His word with one another.

They were frequently beaten when found with even pieces of paper with Bible scriptures scrawled upon them, and sent to solitary confinement without heat or mattresses in them. I know, because I received newsletters from Russian Christian groups telling about their people in the gulags. They provided names and addresses, and I would write to them in Russian.
Both heat and food and clothing were always inadequate, in order to add to their torment and suffering. No dental care was provided. Sawdust was often added to food, irritating gums and stomach and creating tooth problems as well.

The threat of beatings or isolation cells was always present. Siberia is filled with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ, and I lament that not enough Christians in America are fully aware of the suffering of the saints that occurred in that part of the world. Because we should be...and the same tribulation is coming to us someday as well.

And now, Alaska has quite evidently been prepared to become AMERICA'S FUTURE GULAG under the ugly specter of martial law. With Russian military advisers operating the largest detention camp in America, located there in Alaska, I could only imagine the level of cruelty, brutality and persecution of religious and political resisters of the NWO that could occur in that detention camp.
No wonder it also boasts a human crematory oven, perfect for AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, eh...?
In light of all this, is it any wonder that Russian spies are bragging openly in America, quite confident that GULAG AMERICA is our future??? And again, I will reiterate what my Russian Christian contact told me in Spokane, Washington one day.
Russian KGB/FSB were intimidating Russian Christians in Spokane, telling them, "Ha! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in Russia, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!"
I can never forget those words she shared with me as I ate dinner with her at her home. And I remember saying to her, that unfortunately, these Russian spies were correct. Martial law was coming to America. And the Russians will play a major covert role in all of this someday.

Many researchers believe that everything going on in the Crimean, Ukraine and Russia at this time is simply another Illuminati script being acted out, and that beneath the veneer of open hostilities between America and Russia, the covert treaties with Russia and NWO agenda for America using Russian military is proceeding as planned.

How much of this can prayer change? How much of this can be deterred by Americans who are now aware of these outrageous and traitorous plans for millions of innocent Americans? Only time can tell.
But by informing my fellow Americans, I am hoping that by creating awareness, there will be those who will wake up and decide that this it NOT going to be THEIR future in our nation...and that they will do something constructive to help prevent this from every happening under martial law.
The more Americans who become informed, the greater the potential is for concerned Americans to rise up and do some thing to prevent AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST from ever taking place.
Please choose to become a part of the answer to this looming crisis in America's future And choose to not become just one more victim of man's inhumanity to man. Is this the future YOU choose for yourself, and your children as well?

If not, then stand up and let your voice be heard, spend much time in prayer as well, and seek God for His plans to stand against Satan's agenda for your nation, America.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Please help me continue in this intense field of alternative news journalism.
I spend many hours of research and writing to provide this important information free of charge to the American people, and to worldwide readers as well.

Literally, if readers do not send support, I have no food, no gas, and no way to continue in this vital reporting. I have laid down my life and all I hold dear to warn you, my readers. Please consider sending support  to enable me to help save America from this tragedy of a planned AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

An  INFORMED people is an ALERTED people and an ACTIVATED people who can stand up and make the difference in this critical hour. I have given my best for the past 19 years now to warn my fellow Americans. Now, will you give to help keep this work going? I cannot stand alone in this tempest.

God bless you all as you stand firm for GOD AND LIBERTY in America.

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