Sunday, March 2, 2014

Deadly Dangers of Russian Troops in America ESCALATE

Russian Troops in America for 
Martial Law:
What dangers do they pose for us now?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

With the crisis escalating between Russian and America over the tense situation in the Ukraine and Crimea, a new and deadly danger is emerging against the American people.

Previously throughout the years, Russian and Slavic troops have been quietly brought into North America (including Canada and Alaska) to allegedly assist the traitorous elements of the US government that support a NWO agenda for America.
Many reports have surfaced throughout the years regarding the presence of the Russian and other foreign troops brought to North America. Military and Pentagon insiders have previously exposed the real reasons behind the foreign troops in America today.

Russian special forces, or SPETSNAZ, are among the most deadly and dangerous military forces in the world. They are also the most heartless and cruel, killing without mercy men, women, and children. The former horrors of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan help to make this abundantly clear.

Even more recently, websites such as Steve Quayle's have confirmed the presence of the Russian military forces in America here to fight against Americans under martial law...and to KILL them.

Click HERE to read about Russian killers in America.

I have reported for many years on the Russian military presence here in America, entenched for the hour of martial law. In one previous report, I shared the following information:

A Russian Christian contact who was translating my reports into Russia and then sending them out to Russian churches in America, told me one day something shocking. 
Russian FSB (formerly KGB)

"Pamela, the Russian spies here in Spokane are bragging to our Russian Christian people." 

I asked her what they were saying. Olga replied, 

" They are saying, 'Ha! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in Russia, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!'"

Very revealing indeed...but not totally surprising!

With military tensions escalating rapidly between Russia and America at this time, the question must be asked by every American: 
Russian military camouflaged in ghillie suit

What kind of threat do these Russian military forces entrenched across America NOW POSE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE???

And exactly WHO do they take their orders from now? Don't Russian soldiers take their orders from Putin and Moscow???

And if from Putin, then do they not present a threat to the safety and well-being of the American people at this time???

Think about this.
Russian military snipers

FORGET about waiting for a formal declaration of MARTIAL LAW for the Russian troops in America to attack Americans. These Russian foreign military troops present a direct threat to the well-being of the America people NOW, due to escalating tensions and crises unfolding between Russia and America.

Simply consider who these Russian Special Forces were sent by, and from whom they ultimately take their orders. And right now, it is certainly not Barack Obama, as he squares off against Putin! Is Putin mad at America  now? You bet!

Another urgent question must be asked:

 As America faces the prospects of war with a powerful and deadly enemy, is THIS a proper time for Americans to be meekly turning in legal assault weapons and other protective firearms, leaving Americans defenseless in the face of potential WAR,and facing danger from the enemies entrenched within???

Every honest American with common sense should know the answer to this question. Of course not.  Even DHS (Homeland Security) just purchased over a BILLION more bullets! I guess they knew through intelligence sources that this was coming all along...

And anyone trying to confiscate weapons of self-defense from the American people, as we face the ugly specter of WAR, becomes a traitor to this nation and her people. And history tells us that most traitors eventually get rounded up and hung by the very people they betrayed...

This is a time to "lock and load," to stock up on ammunition, food and medical/emergency supplies, and to keep prepping until you can't do any more.

And to fall upon your knees in prayer and repentance, realizing you don't stand a chance of emerging victorious without the power of the Living God on your side. 

Receive Jesus Christ now, and get right with God while you can. The will BE no "second chance" when a thermonuclear weapon detonates in your neighborhood! 

Or if a Russian sniper gets you first...

Become aware of the enemy entrenched within our gates. Don't become just more more victim.

Well, America...looks like the "conspiracy theory wackos" were right all along. How many of you scoffers are now going to get "caught with your pants down", as they say, and are sadly unprepared to face the coming crises???

And for all Christians who engage in "RAPTURE timing" speculation, I have yet to  see a "quicky rapture" taking Christians out of the worldwide persecution and crises. No rapture came for the Christians in Syria or Egypt as they came under severe testing in their countries recently. Nor for the Christians recently executed publicly in North Korea. 
Church burned by Islamic terrorists in Egypt recently

And the list goes on of Christians suffering and martyred for their faith worldwide in recent times, who quite evidently were not "raptured out" of their trial of faith, which the Bible declares is" more precious than gold."

Of course, every Christian who studies their Bible knows that we are living " in the last days" in general. And we all know is coming is relatively "soon". But HOW soon? Nowhere in the Bible does it ever say that "Jesus Christ will come when WHEN WE WANT HIM TO." 

In fact, Jesus teaches us just the opposite in His word. "The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it.".
(Luke 17:22) 
Persecution and suffering causes Christians to long for the day of His return! But nevertheless, He will not return until the Father says IT IS TIME!

Jesus Christ will return to this world when the Father says it is time. Not even Jesus know the day nor the hour, but the Father only. 

And just maybe the Christians in North America will have to suffer for their faith for a season, even as millions of Christians have been suffering all across the globe in these end times. 

Jesus declared in Matthew 24 that immediately before His return, ALL NATIONS would hate the Christians and persecute them, even putting the to death worldwide. And "all nations" must include NORTH AMERICA, or the Son of God would then be a liar. 

But because HIS WORD IS TRUE, Christians in North America will experience their  season of trials of faith and fiery testing, even martyrdom, before He comes for His own. And I hope the "rapture crowd" is prepared.

NOW is the time to become aware of the potential dangers from WITHIN and WITHOUT that Americans face at this volatile time, and to prepare accordingly.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Well, when THEY come, I shall boldly raise my arms to heaven and knock them out. Sniffff.
    Okay, so pun aside, If they are here now, then there is not much we can do about it. A lot of our own military here, active or retired, will have skills and experience to deal with this to some degree. Of course, our government is actively trying to declare veterans insane so as to take away their firearms.
    Anyway, it does not look good for us.

  2. I spotted the Russian Spetsnaz in down town Houston today. They were taking pictures of everything. Buildings, roads, signs, even entrances into buildings. Tourists would never take the kinds of picutres these guys were taking. They had back packs on and were speaking russian. I walked up to them and told them that Vladimir Putin would nuke America. I did not get the typical response one would get. They were afraid and hurried to flee from me. I was wearing a suite which probably scared them more. Most Americans walking the streets of down town Houston are absolutely oblivious to what is happening around them. The fact that i followed them for 20 minutes than made the comment i did scared them. These guys are fixing to begin the end games. The blood moons are the signs to this sleeping country of ignorant citizens.