Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Largest Oil Refinery in Russia ON FIRE!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-



This refinery provides gasoline for gas stations in Russia, the Ukraine and other locations as well.

Oil and hydrocarbons are essential to the Russian economy financially. Therefore, any disaster occurring at a major oil refinery in Russia will have severe financial repercussions for the Russian economy. 

The question being asked by many news analysts now is, is this a covert attack against Russia at a very strategic time? And if so, by whom? Were high tech "directed energy weapons" used, or mercenary ground forces hidden in Russia?

Or was this event somehow just "an accident"?

Most people don't believe for a minute that this is somehow "a coincidence" especially at this critical time with events unfolding between Russia, the Ukraine, and the rest of the world that stands to be adversely affected should full scale war break out, dragging other nations into it. 

During a time of war, one of the major tactics used to cripple the enemy is to attack their oil refineries, and destroy their fuel sources. During WWII, my father was involved in the bombing of the oil fields of Ploesti, Romania. His plane was shot down during this mission. However, 8 men managed to bail out and survive, and he was one of them. (John H. Schuffert.) 

Bombing of oil fields, refineries and other sources of power is a standard tactic used during a time of war, intended to weaken the enemy. During war it is used all the time.
See book written about my father and his plane shot down over Ploesti.
Looks like events regarding Russia and the Ukraine are escalating at a rapid pace. 

Christian intercessors, please recognize the urgency of the this hour,  and take the time for quality intercessory prayer.

And KEEP ON PREPPING! Get your emergency supplies while they are still available. 

Because whether we like it or not, America is involved in all of this crisis. Up to her eyeballs...and Putin knows it and likes none of it. And who can blame him for being angry at America's meddling in their foreign affairs? 

However, I am sick and tired of innocent people worldwide becoming the collateral, caught in the crossfire between superpowers and their banksters waging deadly war in nations they hope to seize and control for their globalist agendas. And Christians in many nations have also been caught in the deadly crossfire between opposing forces.

Let's pray that Christians in North America don't become the next victims in this deadly tug-o-war over WHO WILL CONTROL THE WORLD AND HER RESOURCES.

Pamela Rae Schuffert
Read more about Russia's dependence on oils and fuel to keep their economy functioning:





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