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US Military Source Confirms: Russian Troops in USA


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following information comes from a concerned US military source who speaks of evidence he uncovered of Russian military presence in NW Montana. 
The majestic mountains of  NW Montana

This is the exact same region of Montana as I was living in before I returned here to NC to help with my brother in September 2013.

I first began my investigative journalism in Montana in 1997. Al Cuppett, a Pentagon linked source who previously lectured across America about coming martial law, had shared several thing with me about the Russian military and martial law in the Montana region.

A Montana state trooper had admitted to Al his experience about stopping a convoy of military trucks heading north west in Montana, hauling heavy howitzer cannons. When the trooper pulled one truck over, the driver presented an official DoD badge, but admitted he was Russian, as were all the other drivers. 

US military howitzer
I can tell you what those military howitzers are intended to be used for: they will be used by the foreign troops, Russian included, to blow the patriot freedom fighters out of their hiding places in mountains in Montana. And sadly, they will be used under the jurisdiction of the US military elements of America that side with the NWO agenda for America.

Just like the invading NATO troops blew the Yugoslav freedom fighters out of the mountains of former Yugoslavia as they struggled to retain their independence from the NWO UN globalist agenda for their region. And sadly they failed. 

As a result, former Yugoslavia was subdivided into four UN-patrolled regions...even as America will someday be divided into ten UN regions to be patrolled by foreign UN/NATO troops.

There are more NWO resisters and freedom fighters holed up in the mountains of Montana, than in almost every region of this nation.

These freedom fighters of Montana are the "elite special forces" of the civilian  Patriot NWO resisters movement. I should know:I lived surrounded by many of them for many years in those mountains. I interviewed them throughout those years. 

One Montana Patriot I interviewed told me the following: "yes, ma'am...I know that everything you're saying is true. And it will be outta my COLD DEAD HANDS that they pry my gun, because we are NOT SURRENDERING TO THE NWO and I will never be taken alive to a FEMA camp..."

More than one Montana freedom fighter echoed the same sentiments and words as I interviewed them.

Montanans told me that they have witnessed Russian troops training in those mountains, many times. They would stumble on these Russian troops while on hunting expeditions, for example. One hunting party discovered a contingent of Russian soldiers rehearsing with a US military authority overseeing the exercise.

When the US military officer spotted these hunters, they were approached by him and ordered to leave immediately. I recently spotted a photograph of Russian military rappelling down the steep cliff of one mountain IN MONTANA. This was posted on a Russian military website.

But WHY would Russia send her military to the mountains of Montana to train in mountain warfare, when Russia has plenty of high mountain ranges to train in? The answer is obvious. They are training to help take over America for the globalist NWO agenda under martial law.

Interestingly, only a few hours west of NW Montana, lies SPOKANE, WASHINGTON. It was in Spokane that my Russian contact warned me that the Russian spies were intimidating the Russian Christians. I asked her what they were saying. She said that they bragged openly, stating:

 "Ha! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in Russia, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!"

America, it is far past time to WAKE UP! 

Here is what one article recently published on the Internet had to say about Russian troop presence in NW Montana, directly from a military source:
Russian military

Before It’s News just received the following email from a retired American military officer who has agreed to identify himself as SFC Hawkins. 

We have been requested to republish this email in full. According to SFC Hawkins, he served in the US Army from 97-01. After he got out of the Army, he had a meeting in the Pentagon after which he became a civilian contractor for the military, traveling to different states training defense contractors for the next several years. 

With a top secret security clearance, he put two and two together to realize what he was REALLY training these contractors for, so he decided he no longer wanted to be a ‘part of their crazy plans’. 

He has since moved out to Montana where he has met plenty of other Veterans and Americans who are ‘wide awake’ and prepared to defend our ‘once great nation’ once again. 

What ARE Russian troops doing in America, everywhere? The email below is directly from SFC Hawkins unedited:

Essex, Montana

I want to let you and everyone know that there are Russian troops here in Northwest Montana. 

To be exact they have been spotted all over Flathead, Lincoln, and Lake Counties. I have witnessed the myself and have had people I know tell me they have seen them and I have personally gone to a town called Essex and found where they are located. They have made a base of operation in Essex and when I went to Essex I could only get 1 person to talk to me about it and he told me that they have been there sense 2012 and that they do a lot of training in the mountain areas surrounding the Northwest. He also told me that they have had military vehicles delivered via railroad and his count was 50.
The numerous train tracks in Essex Montana. I have previously documented prisoner boxcars with shackles have already been hauled by BNSF over these very tracks, to preposition in Montana for martial law.

It was in ESSEX, Montana, that film producer Lewis Cohen filmed and interviewed me on my research regarding massive sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES in the NW Montana region. Dressed in full Montana cowgirl attire, I spent several hours being interviewed as I stood by the numerous railroad tracks in Essex near the WALTER IZAAK Inn. 

I revealed to him the numerous eye-witness sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles for martial law, that have been heavily sighted in Montana. In fact, one  former Navy SEAL confirmed to me what a militia leader had previously revealed: that even one Senator with a large ranch and railroad tracks on it, was storing prisoner boxcars with shackles for the government secretly( Senator Max Baucus.) Yes, all of this is REAL. -PRS]
Military source email continued-

Whitefish, Montana

I personally have seen military vehicles parked or being driven in the Kalispell, Columbia Falls, and Whitefish area.


[COMMENTS FROM PAMELA-This is the very region I was living in. The old aluminum plant in Columbia Falls, now closed, has been secretly converted into a human crematory oven to dispose of the dead bodies of NWO resisters as they begin to pile up under martial law, according to one reliable military source. Prisoner boxcars with shackles have been heavily sighted previously in Columbia Falls. I have documented this and much more in my previous reports while investigating in Montana.]

Columbia Falls, Montana, gateway to Glacier National Park (and also the deep underground military base located in GNP as well.)


Military email continued-

And when I have asked police officers and even brought it up in a town meeting I was thrown out. 

I am a military veteran and for someone like me to get treated this way is inexcusable. Not to mention as an American citizen. I know things are getting bad and I have been investigating and looking into what’s been going on with politics, the government, and our military sense 911. 

It frustrates me knowing what I know. And when I talk to people about it, either two things happen. I either get a “whatever you say” and “that will never happen in America” or “people know what I’m talking about and are preparing for a total collapse of America”.

It is extremely hard to find and purchase ammo in this area. 


[COMMENTS FROM PAMELA-One of the reasons that ammo is short in supply there in Kalispell, MT, is because of DHS waiting early every morning at WALMART for ammo to come in, and then purchasing huge amounts. One WALMART employee told me this personally. When he asked these two men about why they were there every morning to buy up huge amounts of ammo, he told they mumbled something about being with DHS and referred to preventing another Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. Well, if they are DHS buying up the ammo, it is only so that the locals can't get their hands on it to fight back under upcoming martial law...and so that DHS has even MORE to take out all Patriot resisters under martial law as well.-PRS]


Military email continued-

Stores are short on supplies and now with Russia invading Ukraine and Russian, Iran, China, and Japan threatening the US and moving warships to the borders of America it is getting too crazy. And the main stream media needs to stop being puppets and get the REAL news out so people can get prepared for what’s coming.

Last but not least I really appreciate people like you that get there word out and open peoples eyes.-END OF EMAIL FROM MILITARY SOURCE

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