Thursday, March 13, 2014


Behind the scenes:
America’s Hidden Role
The Ukraine Crisis
ANONYMOUS hackers uncover shocking emails indicating major false flags planned for UKRAINE by US military working with
co-workers in the Ukraine

More and more evidence has been steadily emerging through alternative news journalism, of the blatant role America and her foreign allies have been playing in the destabilizing of the Ukraine with the intent of  severing their economic dependency ties with Russia, and aligning instead with the western powers.

Alternative news media has done an excellent job of uncovering the truth about America’s hidden role in everything that has been happening in the Ukraine in recent past months.

Americans must remember that the US specializes in fomenting “regime change” frequently, for the purposes of increasing American hegemony (expansionism) throughout the world today.
So what America and her EU western allies have done recently in the Ukraine is nothing new: it happens (unfortunately) all the time.

However, this time a major nerve with Russia has been touched: the UKRAINE AND CRIMEA. I personally believe, based on the history of that region, that Russia will not let go of her economic and other ties with the Ukraine, without military intervention.

What is disturbing now is critical evidence emerging that proves America is working with people in the Ukraine to create “false flags” or staged attacks that will appear to have originated from Russia, but in fact did not.
Russian military convoy

These staged attacks, that will be declared through controlled news media to be “Russia attacking the Ukraine”, will then be used to justify Pentagon/NATO involvement in counter-attacking Russian forces and supporting the new western-installed/backed regime in the Ukraine.

What will be the rather obvious end result??? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

And of course this will also trigger MARTIAL LAW BEING DECLARED IN AMERICA. How convenient for the NWO!

As my military and other insiders informed me, MARTIAL LAW will be THE BEGINNING OF THE END of America as we once knew here. And the commencing of the horrific persecution against the Christians nationwide, even as I have reported on for many years. 

Everything you've ever read about it...the famine and the riots and the looting and the arrests and the FEMA camps and the foreign troops and more...will commence under MARTIAL LAW.

And if that does not disturb you and move you into "prepper on steroids" mode, nothing will.

Keep following ALTERNATIVE NEWS JOURNALISM sources for the latest updates in this unfolding crisis.


Because if the false flags go ahead as planned, and Russian is drawn into direct confrontation with America, there just may BE no normal "tomorrow," but  nuclear war and "whoops...there goes the neighborhood!"

ABOVE ALL, "seek the Lord while He may be upon Him while He is yet near." This is clearly the time for Christian intercessory prayer throughout North America, and the WORLD, as never before.

If nuclear strikes hit North America (and inevitably  someday they will) millions of lives will be adversely affected, and many  people will die unexpectedly without a second chance to get right with God.

Don't you be one of them! Receive God's mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ TODAY...pray for Jesus Christ to come into life and become your Savior... ask Him to forgive your sins and give you eternal life...because this is the ONLY way to get right with God.

Only THEN will you have the grace  and protection you need from Almighty God to bring you safely through the times to come. Don't face the future without Jesus Christ!

 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock...."
~Jesus Christ ~


My personal comment: Are these people in the US military plotting the staged false flags crazy?  Are their Illuminati handlers crazy as well?

Do they really WANT  WW III? Of course, the MASONS have always wanted WW III, according to the demented teachings of Albert Pike. They believe that WW III will so disillusion mankind regarding faith in God, that they will turn to LUCIFER INSTEAD.

(And they are wrong...most informed people hate satan and his cronies more than ever, now that the truth has been made known about their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, and the evils these madmen had already done have been exposed through alternative news media and other sources. I hate Lucifer more than ever, and certainly know that he is not the answer or mankind's problems, but rather THE CAUSE of the worlds problems instead!)

You can be certain that the Illuminati ruling elite and the Masons want WW III to occur. They want this confrontation to occur with Russia now...or why would they be giving the orders to to their military connections to trigger it? The US military and NATO are all secretly controlled by the shadow government and their NWO agenda.

The NWO elites all believe they will be safe in the deep underground military bases while all hell breaks loose on the surface, so why should they care what happen to US?

Don’t they realize there WILL be severe consequences to North America? Doesn’t Russia have military allies, including CHINA with her vast military forces and arsenal?

And how far will Russia be pushed by the western powers (EU/US/NATO), until they rise up and all hell breaks loose???

And who gets hurt in the end? The innocent, the helpless, the handicapped, the sick and the elderly, the children, and the Christians as well. 

Do these madmen and murderers even care? As history records regarding their planned wars for financial profit of the Illuminati bankers and corporations, NO! 

But thankfully, there IS 
an ALMIGHTY GOD IN HEAVEN Who does care! 

And his hands of grace and power moving throughout the world, are MOVED 

YOUR prayers!

Thank you, discerning Christian intercessors, for fasting and praying as never before at this critical time.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. AMEN Pamela !!! Your one of my main news source.My adoptive sister sent me THIS 2 days ago to my e-mail ::

    It is almost like God is showing me and putting 2 and 2 together makes 4.
    I am REALLY depending on God because there is no way that our family can prep.VERYYYYYY limited income.Plus,the way I have to FOOD is SOOOOO expensive.Celiec,dairy,egg,NO meats.My family is just going on with life............EVERY day my spirit is HEAVY.
    The SAD thing is SOOOOOOOOO MANY believe in an escape and THAT is the HARDEST deception to live under.Plus,MOST Christians just going about their lives, etc.......I already have in my prayer journal THIS whole situation,the Persecution of the Church in North America that is coming,the Persecuted Church in other parts of the world and THAT humbly I would be faithful even unto death.......5 1/2 years ago when this whole SEVERE adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B Vaccine reaction happened exactly 2 weeks after the 2nd shot,my dr natural one told me the 3rd shot WOULD have landed me in a hospital bed,IN FACT how SICK I was I BELIEVE the 3rd shot would have taken my life.At the beginning of this and even going 2-3 years MANY times I felt IS THIS going to kill me.It is like I have a WAR on the inside of me DAILY from this.There is A LOT that I don't deal with anymore but I still battle residue from it.

  2. I pray let the judgment being on earth. God has given enough time now no more.