Sunday, March 9, 2014

Is Vladimir Putin "A Christian?"

Vladimir Putin in a Russian Orthodox Church

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting invetigtive journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Someone asked me recently, if I thought that Vladimir Putin was "a Christian."

Many photographs have recently been published depicting Putin in Orthodox churches, kissing icons and the Bible, and standing with leaders in the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow. 

However, many researchers like myself suspect that Putin is a "Christian of convenience" on the outside. He cannot be a true Biblical Christian by the Word of God's definition UNLESS he bears the FRUITS of a true disciple of Christ.

No one can be a world leader, especially of a very corrupt Russia today, and be a true Christian operating in Biblical principles. Just like Bush Jr. who deceived Christians in America to get the Christian votes and win the election. "I AM A CHRISTIAN!"

(No, Bush, Jr., you are NOT. You are a satanist and a member of Yale's SKULL AND BONES, a member of the Bush/Scherf Illuminati bloodline. You and your father helped to lay the deadly groundwork for the coming NWO AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and the future persecution and martyrdom of me and my fellow Christians under martial law.
You are of your father the devil and going into perdition with all the rest, unless you repent. )

Same with Putin. There is much deception and KGB infiltration into the Russian Orthodox Church, including into leadership. This is a historical proven fact. The previous leader of the Russian Orthodox church in Moscow was also an ex-KGB.

Furthermore, Putin was a KGB officer in his past. Ever hear of Putin renouncing his sins committed as a KGB agent?

KGB agents persecuted, monitored, imprisoned and tortured and killed CHRISTIANS in Russia under communism. There is covert hardcore satanism and human sacrifice in the KGB, just as there is in the CIA and other branches of the intelligence community.

Hmmm...I have never heard of Putin repenting and asking forgiveness of those he oppressed during those years of working for the KGB. Behaving as a Christian while working for the KGB would have gotten him fired quickly...or murdered. KGB torture and murder Christians all the time, as history painfully records.

Furthermore, HOW could Putin possibly be behaving like a Christian, when he has been sending his Russian SPETSNAZ military to America, with the full understanding that they will be used to arrest and murder CHRISTIANS and other innocent Americans (NWO resisters) under martial law?

Could a Christian leader send his military to another country, knowing they are going to be building prisoner detention camps to torture and terminate innocent Christians as well as others sent there?

Did you know that Putin’s military troops are also trained to behead Christians in America under martial law, just like select elements in the US American military have been secretly trained to do so as well?Military sources revealed to me that the very purpose of the foreign troops in America, are for them to do the dirty work against the American people that our domestic troops don't really want to do to their own people under martial law.

And now Putin has just issued an order for honest journalists in Russia to be labeled as “terrorists” and subject to imprisonment for daring to publish the truth about corruption in Russia, and anything that disagrees with Russia’s foreign policies, etc. 

Anyone that criticizes Putin in journalism can now be prosecuted in Russia. How reminiscent of the "former" Soviet Union and it's policies against freedom of the press!

Sounds like a tyrant to me. True Christians WELCOME the truth to be proclaimed! The Bible says we serve the God of ALL truth.

Based on clear evidence weighed against the Bible, do you still believe that Vladimir Putin is a true Biblical Christian?

I hear a deafening silence out there…

Based on the Bible’s definition of what a true disciple of Jesus Christ is, I see no evidence indicating Putin is a true born-again Christian, walking in the light of God’s truth and word.

President Putin, I am certain this article will reach your desk some day. IF you are truly a Christian, then I challenge you to prove it by your actions.

WITHDRAW YOUR RUSSIAN TROOPS embedded in America for the hour of martial law. You know what they are going to do to me and my fellow Americans, and so do I. And their actions will amount to CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and SIN against Almighty God.

I certainly know what Russian military are capable of doing to innocent people and civilians. I know their bloody and ruthless track record and what history records. And they will do the same thing in America to innocent civilians under martial law…exactly as they did to innocent women and children and victims when Russian invaded Afghanistan.

So please, President Putin, prove to the world that you are indeed a true Christian! Then the glossy photos of you in church will become more believable.

Terminate the secret treaties made with Russia and America, for your military troops to commit crimes against humanity against the American people under martial law.

SHUT DOWN the detention camps your Russian military have built already in the Aleutian Islands. WITHDRAW your military troops from North America and Canada and Alaska.

WITHDRAW YOUR RUSSIAN MILITARY EQUIPMENT from North America and Alaska and Canada. Abandon the plan to seize the Pacific Northwest for Russia and cancel that secret treaty with the US government as well.

Show the world and North America that you truly are a follower of the peaceful Jesus Christ, Savior of Holy Mother Russia and of all mankind.

President Putin, I have prayed with many Russians for salvation, and seen the true power of the Living God transform their lives completely. It takes MORE than kissing an icon and going to Orthodox mass to save a person’s soul eternally. You can kiss an icon but still have the devil in your heart. You can kiss the Bible, and still push the codes that send nuclear missiles and trigger WORLD WAR THREE.

Instead, you must have a living walk with Jesus Christ, obey His word daily, repent of all your sins, and sincerely follow Him. I pray for the salvation of Russians continually, and for your salvation and that of Dmitri’s as well, and for all the leadership of Russia to find the power of God’s wonderful salvation in their lives.

Dear Vladimir, IF you die without Jesus Christ as your Savior, you WILL perish in a hell a thousand times hotter than your most deadly nuclear missiles in Russia’s arsenals today. And that is never the will of God for you, or anyone else.

Is money, control and world power truly worth the value of your eternal soul???

President Putin, I pray that God will melt you heart with His eternal mercies and love for your eternal soul. Lucifer and his New World Order will only rule the world for a short season, even as our Christian Bible declares.

And then, Lucifer will be judged and destroyed, and all those who have served and followed him and his NEW WORLD ORDER will also be judged by a holy God, and cast into HELL and eternal torment and destruction. 

Please, don’t remain among such deceived people. Receive Jesus Christ today, and prove to the world that you are indeed a Christian BY YOUR ACTIONS. I am praying for you.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. I agree with this, the sme with George Bush and all tht are involved with the Freeemasons


  3. Dear Pamela,

    This is my first reply on your blog.I don't think I have left a comment here before.I know that I DEEPLY appreciate your blog and the information that you put out.God had me walk through the lie / deception of the whole Left Behind series, my dad called HOME to glory 9 years ago May 6,2014,read those books and was VERY much into Prophecy,however he questioned his salvation and always viewed God as a judge and had a very hard time seeing God as a Loving Father.I KNOW that I was deceived into thinking there was a Rapture,HOWEVER my eyes are OPENED WIDE to the TRUTH.As Hosea said ,"......My People are destroyed for a lack of Knowledge....""My 2 brothers are NOT close all with the Lord.My adoptive sister NEEDS the Lord --(( met her at the same Dr's office while having natural IV supplements due to an adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B Vaccine,after the 2nd shot EXACTLY 2 weeks later,she has lymes / tetanus and that is how we met).She has NO family that keep in contact,so we have become her family.Anyway,I believe in my whole family I am the ONLY one who knows the TRUTH in regards to what is coming on the Church VERRRRY soon.--(( My adoptive sister knows about some of this stuff having investigated lymes/ tetanus vaccine....she has had it I believe 7 years and I am at 5 1/2 years of being sick,EVERY DAY is a battle.Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually this THING has affected EVERY area of my life.I KNOW God allowed it.I know that FORCED vaccinations are coming and that THOUSANDS , upon THOUSANDS will be SICK just like how I am NOW.EVERY joint,muscle,organ has been affected...I am lost my thyroid--(( cysts and nodules which PTL God healed waiting on blood work))---I have MENTAL issues and """ SENIOR MOMENTS "" at 28 1/2 years old.I walk into a room and forget why??? I came in there,I sometimes forget the stove on,walk into a store and forget why ???? I am in there??? YOU know how HARD this is EVERY DAY.On disability....3 years now.I believe that God took my earthly father HOME to glory because I don't think he would have been able to handle what is about to come on us.

  4. The difference between Putin and Obama:


    Read these and take them how you like. I believe that Putin is a true Christian but has to be an international diplomat at the same time. Since the rest of the world is Jew controlled he has to play his cards close to his chest.

  5. Pedo-midget Putin hungrily eyes a whole new country of young boys to conquer.