Monday, March 3, 2014

To My Aussie Readers Who Inquired About Mexican Serape

I found it!
The Mexican blanket you wanted, mates.

Hey, mates down under! SO happy to hear from you. Got good news for you...I was able to locate the Mexican blankets (serapes) that you wanted me to send you...but I lost your original email requesting one!

So please contact me soon, before all "bleep" breaks loose in America with this crazy situation of America's dangerous meddling with the Ukraine situation. Personally, only a fool would kick a mean bear and not expect some serious consequences. And the Russian bear can be a mean bear when provoked! I and millions of my concerned Americans say, "Obama, hands off the Ukraine crisis!" 

But what does it matter? The government doesn't listen to the American people anyhow...that's one reason they got America  into the terrible state this nation is in today. And they certainly don't listen to God's word, the only thing able to set America straight.

So if you still want this lovely blanket (actually there are two, about 3 feet by 3 feet), contact me by email and send me your mailing address as well. And you better act quickly before America ends up getting blown off the map (and ME with it) by the incompetence of our present bumbling administration in dealing with this volatile crisis in the Ukraine. 

Thanks, mates, and God bless you all DOWN UNDER! Love those Aussies.....the funniest people in the world. Hey, mates! When I come, you can "throw some prawns on the barbie" and we can have a lovely dinner together!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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