Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome to CHANGING GAITS Christian Ranch!

DAY 11
Guy with one of his horses

God truly works in amazing ways!

Back in Montana, I met a young man called Tim, who told me all about the wonderful Christian ranch and rehab facility in Minnesota, called CHANGING GAITS. He advised me to look them up on my PRAYER JOURNEY as I traveled east. I prayed about stopping there to see them, and got the green light from God. And so, I exhausted my final gas money to get here. AND AM I GLAD I DID!!!

The director, Guy Kaufman, is a wonderful man of God with a vision for broken lives to be healed through Jesus Christ and healing therapy. He is supported in this work by his dedicated wife Sandy. Here on the ranch, God is using horses for physical and spiritual therapy for people with many different needs.

Even the "MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION" (see the donated horse below)  uses his facilities to bless people in need and crisis. People with terminal illnesses who wish to ride a horse, can do so. Young men seeking to overcome addictions are finding peace, healing deliverance and grace to be set free at this wonderful Christian ranch.

It is beautiful here. Broad green pastures filled with old fashioned fences and trees and flowers...and HORSES! Dozens of beautiful horses! A large arena barn is here as well, in which therapeutic rides on horses take place all the time. Even churches bring youth groups here for trail rides and special events.


Guy has a wonderful barn manager, 
who directs the arena activities 
and specializes in horses.

Every day begins with prayer and devotional readings from the Bible, with every resident participating...even me this morning. It was wonderful. We read from the Bible, we shared insights, and we prayed together. I prayed for my brother as well. 

Many of the young men here are recovering from substance abuse. I shared with them the story of my brother and why is is in a nursing home today, at the age of 58. He never fully surrendered his life to Jesus Christ nor got deliverance from severe substance abuse for over thirty years.

It took a life-threatening crisis of ending up in a hospital for three months in intensive care, for my brother to finally repent and give his life completely to Jesus Christ. He was then transferred to several nursing homes, and now Golden Living in NC following a fall and a compound fracture. He is now confined to bed, with pain continually.

I shared with them that all of this never would have happened, had he sought God many years ago for deliverance from alcohol and drug addiction. he would be healthy and active today IF....if only he had turned to Jesus to be set free so many years ago.

Yes, my brother is now a born-again believer in Jesus Christ now. Jesus has saved him completely from his sins. He loves Jesus! And he acknowledges that it was sin that brought him to where he is at today, in a nursing home. But he also knows that it is the grace of God that will someday take him to Heaven, where he will never suffer pain again!

As I shared with the men today at the ranch, "I hope that this never happens to any of you. You CAN be set free completely from your addictions! Jesus Christ has the power to SET YOU FREE. Jesus has the power to GIVE YOU NEW LIFE. Please...don't make the same mistake my brother did...let Jesus set you free NOW so you will never suffer as he has suffered." I then prayed for them for mighty deliverance and healing and mercy through Jesus Christ this morning.

My ministry is not only about the disturbing things coming to America that Christians need to be made aware of. God is doing many wonderful things in the world today, and right here in America as well. I love to be a part of what God is doing in our world today, through Jesus Christ. It is so important to focus on the good things God is doing in our world today as well.

You too can be a part of God's life changing miracles happening on the CHANGING GAITS ranch in northern Minnesota. Visit their website today, and discover what God is doing there. And then, consider sending support to help Guy keep this wonderful ranch going. They love donated saddles and tack as well.

Here is their website again:

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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