Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FINALLY! Prayer Journey Across America Continues...Again

DAY 17
9/25 2013

It is a miracle that I can even type this article 
for you tonight. 

Every word I type is aggravating my recent injuries, and very painful. I have just finished enduring 4 days of excruciating agony due to an unplanned shoulder/neck/arm injury while moving heavy things in my U-haul trailer (including a heavy copy/printer machine) looking for things to donate to CORRECTING GAITS Christian ranch in Minnesota.

Sometime on the 21st, this accident happened quite unexpectedly. The pain began gradually after all my lifting and straining with heavy objects in my trailer. And continued to worsen and increase until it was almost unbearable. Sleep at night has been almost unbearable, with every  movement, even simply laying down, bringing forth more muscle spasms, contractions, numbness and tingling and PAIN.

These past four days have been days of unrelenting pain and frankly, agony.

Having a background in home health care, I performed research to discover what actually happened. Based on tenderness, swelling and pain surrounding my left rotary cuff (where arm meets shoulder) I determined that I had inadvertently torn some tissue there while lifting. Others nerves and muscles have been affected, with tenderness and swelling, including in my neck as well. Even numbness and tingling as well, where the swelling had blocked the nerves.

Unfortunately, I had to exit CHANGING GAITS prematurely and go the closest WHOLE FOODS MARKET in St Paul, to get the proper pain relieving liniments to rub into the affected areas to help alleviate the terrible and never-ending pain.

I was not looking forward to driving! But when you are a woman alone on the road, you have no other choice but to look to God for HELP and grace, and push ON. How badly I felt about leaving Guy and his wonderful ranch hands prematurely! 

But I DID provide a great Sunday dinner for all of them before leaving. Had to cancel the big barbecue cookout I was going to do for them, and instead go purchase some rotisserie chickens and salads and deserts to bless them for all they do. My friend Cathy, who works with them, had to drive me to pick them up.

Sadly, I realized with this unexpected health problem developing, that I would have to cut short my plans for a more extensive journey on the way back to be with my brother, and go the most direct route so I can completely rest my back and shoulder and arm as soon as I get there.

I had originally planned to go the longer route that would take me near Washington DC and FEMA REGION THREE to pray at this important time in our nation. But God hears our prayers for ANY region, no matter WHERE we are. 

I just don't have the strength at this time, and do not feel it wise to prolong my time on the road with health issues like this. Safety is a major concern for me as a woman alone on the road. And so, I am proceeding directly to my brother the closest route at this time.

I am now forced to type with one hand at this left shoulder and arm just doesn't want to cooperate...pain getting worse as I type with both hands. Darn!

I apologize to my readers who requested postcards...I have DOZENS OF THEM! And stamps too. I mailed out the first batch a while ago. But dealing with this pain and incapacitation has taken everything at this time. After I arrive, I can then safely focus on doing more articles and mailing out more postcards as I recover gradually. One health article said the damaged muscle in my neck may take 1-4 weeks to completely recover from the pain and injury.

And the rotary cuff injuries may be even more complex with it's own set of particular problems, including weakness and numbness.

Every day I have had to battle the pain and uncertainty of everything that just went wrong health-wise, with the power of PRAYER AND THE WORD OF GOD...MILE AFTER MILE. Accompanied by stopping to rest frequently. But again, when you are a woman traveling alone, you have no other choice but to take the hand of Jesus and battle it out until victory is achieved and you safely arrive at your final destination at last.

So please pray for my health issues at this time with me. Secretly, I am hoping no one notices me here in this truck stop restaurant, desperately trying to type this to you all before my strength gives out due to pain, as I periodically pause to try an adjust my position to alleviate this.

And THANK YOU ALL for your support that made this PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA all possible! THANK you! God BLESS you ALL! I will thank you all individually when I get to my destination and have recovered enough to write and send postcards to all who helped enable me to do this.

Please, just pray for this final day of driving tomorrow. 

Pray for a total healing miracle so that I can get proper sleep at night...including tonight (Weds nite). Pray for strength for the final day of driving (maybe two in fact, depending on how long I can drive each day.)

Pray for my safety as well. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Pamela, back on the road again


  1. Pam, praying for the Lord to do a quick work of healing in your shoulder, neck and arm and for a safe trip to your brother's.


  2. Prayin for you, who is that man from Shadow??? I too am experiencing same pain, only ice and motrin seemed to help, after 2 wks not lfting arm better today. Totally takes your strength I understand, stay safe. Blessings