Friday, September 27, 2013

Thank YOU~ Your Prayers WORKED!

DAY 18

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Thank you for your prayers. Last night was the FIRST NIGHT in five nights of sleep following this accidental injury of my back and neck, that I haven't tossed in feverish agony and muscle spasms and recurring cramping pains.

Although it hurts to type this, I now have more mobility with less pain and my body (back/neck/shoulder) is slowly healing...thanks to the faithfulness of Jesus Christ and the prayers of God's precious people.

Keep praying for me that I make it safely to my destination, please. I had a bizarre accident happen two days ago. I hurt too much to spend time reporting on it, but can do so today finally. As I was traveling down an interstate highway, I heard a strange noise coming from the rear. My vehicle began to jerk forward and backward. Finally someone pulled up and rolled down their window and told me to PULL OVER...YOUR TRAILER IS UNHITCHED!

 I quickly did so. Thank God I was safe! Because The BALL connected to the hitch hauling my new trailer had COMPLETELY COME OFF! Only safety chains had prevented it from rolling down the highway to wreak havoc with other hapless vehicles that might encounter it. 
I prayed and asked God what to do as traffic whizzed by. It was hard enough dealing with this pain minute by minute. But as I prayed for grace, the pain actually subsided, and God showed me what to do. I called my insurance company, told them of my location, and they located a reliable towing garage service at the highway mile marker I was at. Within half an hour, a rep from JIM MOORE'S Towing there in Ohio came, separated the trailer from my SUV, and I soon followed him to their garage.

Amazing things began to happen quickly. They actually had a replacement ball and hitch in stock there! The manager informed me that the wrong size ball had been attached to my hitch to being with. So he replaced the entire towing mechanism completely. Within less than an hour after I had called for help and help arrived, everything was repaired, replaced, and I was back on the road again! Halleluia!

The  trailer was just fine, thank God.

And of course, unexpected emergencies like this require funds for repairs/replacements. THANK YOU READERS for YOUR kind support for this PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA and to be with my brother in NC. YOUR kindness paid for this emergency repair crisis. YOUR kindness paid for the gas necessary to do this. YOUR generous compassion paid for the very trailer I was hauling...the food I am eating.... and more. THANK YOU AND GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU ALL.

And furthermore, may God richly bless and minister to all those who simply cannot afford to give any support at this time. We have all been there. I too have been in a position where, in spite of serving Jesus in numerous ministries, at times I have had no money to give to others or even tithe. BUT...God blessed me anyhow, just for my love and obedience to Him.

The greatest gift we can ever give to GOD and to OTHERS, is the gift of OURSELVES given in love and compassion and service to both. God wants committed and obedient SERVANTS more than anything else! In the sight of God,  one of His children living to love and serve Him is PRICELESS! It is worth more to Him than any money we could ever give Him.  And we can ALL do this, whether we have this "filthy Illuminati currency not worth the paper it is printed on"...or not.

But unfortunately, THIS world's system runs (only for a season) on filthy Illuminati bankers' currency. (You  can be certain it will NOT control this world's financial systems, if there even IS one, AFTER JESUS RETURNS!

And so, I also thank you for your practical help as well financially. Without YOU, this trip would never have been made possible!

Thank you again...and to God be all glory as well!

Keep praying for my health and safety on the road. 

Still too much pain to do any articles beyond this simple message. But there are plenty of websites with alternative new to keep you up to date on latest events. Be sure to watch THE PREPPER NURSE on YOUTUBE for some excellent prepping advice.

Love and blessings in Jesus Christ to you ALL, 
Pamela Rae

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  1. John 16:33 KJV
    [33] These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

    God Bless! From, Brother John
    (Isaiah 28: 11-13.) Don't stumble.