Monday, September 30, 2013

Visiting my LIttle Brother for the First Time Now

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

FINALLY! I'm HERE, little Brother John!

Little Brother's eyes light up with joy as Big Sis comes through the door.

He loves stuffed animals ("critters") and so I brought him a MONTANA MOOSE!

Well, thanks to GOD and YOUR prayers and support, I am finally here...sore arm/shoulder and all (ow!) I can't believe it.....whew.

Little Brother was not expecting me at all tonight...I decided to surprise him completely. You should have seen his eyes light up when he recognized me at last as I walked towards him. A surge of love simply filled my heart as I looked at him and hugged him. We have been apart for at least three years now...I out in the Wild West, and he in NC.

I am so glad we can finally be together again, especially at this time in our nation.

I gently explained to my brother why I felt compelled to leave the state I love, Montana, and return to the brother I love even more at this time. I told him that very serious tragedies and events may be happening relatively soon in America, and that he would need my assistance in the future if things all come down. He understands. 

But then, he added to that. He replied that we would NEED ONE ANOTHER, and be a strength and comfort to each other during hard times. And he was right. I need Little Brother as much as he needs me.

And in the Body of Christ, we all need one another. That is why Jesus  created HIS BODY OF BELIEVERS in the earth today. Throughout the coming times of testing and tribulation for His sake, we will absolutely need one another. We need to learn now what it means to be "members of one another" and to walk in Biblically defined love as well.

Much thanks and appreciation to ALL OF YOU for helping to make this PRAYER JOURNEY to be with my beloved brother at this special time. I couldn't have made it, WITHOUT YOU!

John wants to thank you as well. He really wanted me to be here with him.

Remember God's unfailing promises: 

"Blessed are the merciful, 
for they shall obtain mercy." 

May God show abundant mercy to all of you who helped to make this all possible, whether by your love and your prayers, or giving and sharing at this time.

Pamela Rae and John Schuffert in North Carolina


  1. Praise the Lord safe and sound !!! I am orig from Mt so know how you miss Home. Blessings and prayers for you both and for ministry

  2. Pam, John is Blessed to have a caring sister like you! I'll say a Prayer, too. May YAHUSHUA (JESUS) be His Strength and Comfort in this suffering, and His Bed-side Friend! YAH's Peace and Blessings!