Saturday, September 21, 2013

MORE From "CHANGING GAITS" Christian Ranch...

DAY 13

Welcome to 
Christian Recovery Ranch, 
and to the wonderful things they do 
for the local communities here...
and all across the nation as they assist men in recovery.

Today I watched the amazing people at "CHANGING GAITS" as they volunteered their wonderful services and people to assist in a Christian outdoor evangelism festival in a neighboring town. The air was filled with excitement as children stood in line to ride the horses or take a buggy ride 'round the town, complements of "CHANGING GAITS" Christian Ranch.

Today, three fine men living at the ranch, and the ranche's own beloved Renee, the professional horse trainer who volunteers her skills at CHANGING GAITS, made lots of children and parents very happy.

Renee as she gives excited children a buggy ride 'round the town

This fine ranch hand oversaw the signing up for the horse back riding adventures and buggy rides. As you can see, all their horseback riding services were FREE to the community today at the Christian one is deprived of the joys Jesus provides to ALL through CHANGING GAITS.

Another great volunteer from the ranch makes sure 
this little tyke stays safe on the horsey!

What makes these men at the ranch special is, they have all decided to overcome their problems GOD'S way, through Jesus Christ, and to get set free once and for all. They have become born-again Christians, and these men witness the life-changing power of Jesus every single day they are there.

The men at this ranch work hard, every single day, to keep the ranch in shape and growing. People use this facility continually. Handicapped children enjoy the special treat of horseback riding here. Terminally ill children find their dreams come true at the ranch, as they enjoy riding in the spacious arena or trail rides. Christian youth groups also come here for special events. But in everything that happens at "Changing Gaits," God is glorified and the Name of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and preached.

Guy Kaufman (center), founder of "Changing Gaits" Christian ranch 
with several riders.

These men at the ranch are learning how to led by Jesus Christ, instead of "the world, the flesh, and the devil." Just as a horse learns to follow his master and trainer, so these people are learning how to follow the Master, Jesus Christ. 

A horse led by a good cowboy, will always be led to green pastures and pure refreshing water. That horse will learn to trust his master, as the cowboy takes good care of him. A good cowboy will never overburden his horse or give that horse more than it can safely bear. A bond of love and trust will develop between that cowboy and his horse. And someday, they will find themselves inseparable.
And so it is with the "Good Cowboy and His horses." These men at "CHANGING GAITS" are learning so much about a relationship of trust and growth and love of God every day that they are here. God is wonderful...and so are the people He uses for His glory!

If only...if only my brother had come to CHANGING GAITS to get victory over his drug and alcohol addiction. Perhaps he would never be in the tragic situation he finds himself today, his health destroyed by the bondage of drugs and alcohol. Yes, beloved John is finally set free through Jesus Christ at last. But oh, what a toll sin and addiction took upon his health.

But for your loved ones who suffer from similar problems, it is not too late. CHANGING GAITS is available now to help men who want to be sent free from life-destroying addictions. You can contact them by going to the following website:

Always remember: with God, ALL things are possible!
And with Him, it is NEVER TOO LATE!

Come to Jesus today for everything your heart yearns for.
Let Him bring comfort and healing to your broken heart and life.
And let Him bring you HOPE for the future as well.

You need not fear what the future holds, 
when you know Him who holds your future,
Jesus Christ.
Simply let Jesus take the reins of your life,
so that you may ride off into the sunset 
together, inseparable partners forever.
And He will bring you safely home at last.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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