Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Please PRAY for Little Patrick

George H. W. Bush Sr. with little Patrick

Little Patrick is a very special young man. He needs your prayers. He is only two years old, and has been diagnosed with LEUKEMIA. Due to chemotherapy, his hair is sadly falling out. But he is a very brave little man who needs our love and our prayers!

Another thing that makes little Patrick very special, is that his daddy works for the SECRET SERVICE. And amazingly,  his daddy is actually a part of the Secret Service security detail that watches over GEORGE H. W. Bush Senior.

To show their solidarity with little Patrick, all the men in this SS detail decided to shave their heads as well! And this also includes George H. W. Bush. 

G.H.W.Bush and his SS security brigade  with shaved heads, and little Patrick in the front/middle

You know, maybe God is using the plight of a precious little boy to touch the heart of G. H. W. Bush Sr. 

Bush Senior is aging, and may not have many more years left on this earth. My prayer from my heart is that Mr. Bush may find peace with God at last, and forgiveness for all his sins, just like my father also did 6 months before he died.

I hope that God chooses to use little Patrick to touch the heart of Bush and his entire SS security, by granting a wondrous miracle of divine healing to precious Patrick. May God touch Patrick's family as well through much divine intervention and grace. I was once dying and considered incurable by my two doctors, and that is when Jesus Christ stepped into my life, and healed me completely after I received Him as my Lord and Savior in 1971. 
Jesus loves the children

Can we all join our hands and hearts together in praying for God to be glorified through this little child??? As the Bible once said, "And a little child shall lead them." I pray that God uses this special child for His glory and reaches down to heal Patrick, not only changing his life forever, but the lives of all those around him ...including George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. as well.

May God be glorified in little Patrick!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. Sister Pamela I can only say Amen to your prayer for little Patrick, And all those surrounding him.
    God Bless! From, Brother John