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The following comment was published on following my article on the foreign booksellers appearing all across America now.

Mrs.Green has commented on your story ""Russian Booksellers" NOW Appear in Livingston, Montana!":

I just wanted to let you know that this is happening in Alabama too. In late July a young man speaking with a heavy accent came to our door in lower AL. He stated he was selling books to help promote better education for children. 

We found this guy sitting in our yard as we were leaving for an appointment. He would not get out of the car because we have 3 large dogs and they were "on guard" around his car. 

When we came outside to get in our vehicle all three dogs were sitting by his car and he rolled down his window to speak to us. We called the dogs back and then he got out of the car and asked about our children. I had two teenagers with me taking them to volleyball practice so he knew I had kids. 

After speaking with him a couple of minutes I told him we were on our way out. We introduced ourselves to each other( first name only) and I asked him where he was from because of his accent. He said the Ukraine. I told him my first name and he said he had spoke with other people in our neighborhood.

 I live on a road that is 4 miles long and my family members are the only ones that live on this road. He started talking about the lady up the road in the brick house and did not know that she was part of our family. 

He lied about meeting her and her name. I know this because I spoke with her after I returned home that evening. During our conversation he showed us his notebook with the area roads and houses marked on them. He was lost but he was also selling educational books to help children in school. 

He followed me out of the drive way as I left not realizing my husband was in the house the whole time. Later that night he came back and tried to get out and come into the house. My husband met him at the door and told him I was not there and that he needed to leave. He tried to walk into the door with my 6 ft 2 husband standing in front of it. 

Needless to say he did not make it. My husband told him to get off our property and not co me back. He also told him it was not safe for him to get out of his car in people's yards because of the dogs and getting bit by them. My husband also told him that some of these crazy southern people would shoot and ask questions later if he trespassed on their property and told him to be careful whose yards he was stopping in without calling first. 

We called the police and reported the incident. My mother lives about 17 miles away but in another county. He was reported to police in that county the next day. 

The police stopped him and checked him out because all of the calls reporting him on private property. The Sheriff came by the next day and reported to us that they had told him to stay out of the "country" areas and sell his books in town for his own safety. 

So, THIS IS REAL. It is happening in AL, It happened to me and my mother in our rural country areas in AL.

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