Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All Across AMERICA People Are Telling Me...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(Ever feel like a storm's approaching...?)

I have been spending much time recently with people from all across America. Performing research throughout an internationally renown  tourist region, I am encountering many different people, including many Christians as well. I find that tourists here on vacation are very friendly and conversant, and that makes for great interviews with people.

However, I find it amazing that everywhere I encounter fellow Christians, when they ask me what my work is and what I report on and I tell them, so often they reply (in so many words)

This is not an exaggeration. The frequency of this kind of response has overwhelmed me, in fact. And I am convinced when I hear this repeatedly from so many Christians, that God's Holy Spirit IS attempting to warn God's people of THINGS TO COME.

"But when HE, the Holy Spirit Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth...and He shall show you THINGS TO COME." John 16:13

I just spoke to a friend this morning, and she admitted that this summer simply "does not feel 'normal'."

For those of us doing research on a regular basis, we already knew something was coming to America, from a practical perspective. 

But I find it amazing that people I encounter now from all over America that I meet, with NO background research in alternative news websites or radio, are telling me personally that they know something in not right, and that something ominous is about to happen.

A lovely Christian couple from the Philippines, who now live in California, told me this only yesterday. We were walking through a beautiful forest, admiring the scenery, when we met.

When they asked me what my work was, I told them about my investigative journalism and what it was uncovering, and the implications for the Christians in North America.

The wife told me, "I can FEEL IT! I know something is coming!" Great shades of deja vu, I remember thinking when she said this, because now I am hearing these kinds of words from Americans everywhere I go. Everywhere! So many sense within that something is coming, but without alternative reporting to warn them, they simply are not sure what it is. 

That is why my journalism is so important for the Body of Christ. This is why God called me to this task so many years ago. And thank God for the other dedicated Christians out there who are also researching and warning God's people of things to come.
We prayed together before we parted. I tell the people I encounter to PRAY against all the wicked intentions of these NWO people attempting to bring America down under a police state, and to pray against "false flags" operations designed to deliberately create disasters across America in order to suspend the Constitution and bring martial law down at last. Thankfully, prayer works...because God exists!

I personally confess to readers, that if I did not have the occasional relief outlet of hiking in breathtaking scenery wherein I also spend much time in intercessory prayer, I would be an emotional basket case. 

Who wouldn't be devastated, knowing what I research about? I have learned to find what ministers to my heart and mind and soul, and to then do it to avoid depression and discouragement. 

Whenever I step into majestic mountains and forests and waterfalls, I leave behind everything I know and have researched, and focus on God's glorious creation all around me, and become lost in the wonders of His world instead. Words of thanksgiving and praise to God spontaneously follow. 

However, I also encounter other people trying to do the same thing in such settings, and find myself sharing Jesus and His love with many other people throughout such odysseys searching for beauty and peace. 

This world is very dark and oppressive, and so many people are trying to find peace and comfort in a world filled with tragedy and sorrows. I enjoy leading them to Jesus, and sharing the wonderful things He has done for me and for millions of others as well.


When facing difficult times or circumstances, it is important for all of us to find our place of peace and comfort and refuge from the world around us. Many of you face challenges in your daily lives. Some of those may include difficulties in marriage, struggling with unsaved loved ones, financial difficulties, health crises and other important issues. And many are concerned for the future of America.

Discover what ministers to YOUR PEACE WITHIN
And then DO IT.

It may be spending time in the words of comfort found in the eternal WORD OF GOD.

It may be listening to uplifting Christian music, something which I do all the time to find hope and comfort.

It may be taking a lovely walk in a quiet park, sitting on a bench and spending time with God in worship and prayer. I often do this, and bring my musical instrument with me to play, surrounded by God's beauty in His creation. 

As I spend special  time in worship and praise to Almighty God, the power and the glory of God descends into my soul and I feel His peace and joy as never before. 

For as we minister to HIM, He ministers to US!

I have found that when I minister to others, God lifts me up as well. 

I may go to a nursing home to love and encourage others, or provide food to the homeless in my area. I also provide clothing and Bibles as well to people in crisis. One compassionate anonymous reader has faithfully supplied BIBLES for me to distribute as I minister, for which I am eternally grateful.

Volunteer working in various facilities helping others is also a wonderful way to help others and to find peace in doing what is right in the sight of God.
Ministering to the elderly

I feel deeply sorry for those who try to seek comfort in the things of this world such as alcohol or drugs and other false relief outlets. You will never find lasting peace or fulfillment in such ultimately destructive habits which may become deadly addictions.

However, Jesus promised to His followers, "My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives..."meaning His peace is DIVINE and infused into our lives by the Holy Spirit, also called THE COMFORTER.
Peace and comfort through the Holy Spirit of God

As I have explained to readers, the purpose of my journalism is not to create fear and paranoia or depression in readers. In fact, I am not even responsible for how people respond to the truth I report on. Everyone must make their own choice as to how they respond to the truth. Will they respond positively with FAITH and HOPE, or negatively with fear and depression? The responsibility to make the right choices in life remains yours. And "we win or lose by the way we choose."

I am simply attempting to communicate the truth about what all North Americans will inevitably face in the future of this nation, so that people can seek God for His grace and strength and prepare NOW to successfully face the future.


Pray for the future of our nation and our world today. It is quite evident to Christians in America, that people who are walking in sin and darkness have infiltrated every power base in America, to bring forth the future dictatorship and police state USA. 

And who else is left to counter the darkness, but God's true chosen people who are walking in the light of His Son, Jesus Christ???

We as Christians are the only ones that God can use to bring His light and salvation into this dark world today. There is a great accountability  in the sight of God for everyone who calls themselves "a Christian." What are we doing to make a positive impact on our world today?

I strive every day to reach out to my world around me with Jesus Christ and His truth and love. I spend much time in prayer. Daily I ask God to show me His will for my life, and to lead me to the people I must encounter with His word. I pray daily for protection from those determined to destroy His people. 

And I pray unceasingly against Lucifer's plans for the world, and against his plans to persecute and destroy my fellow Believers as well. Just as God must have His people who work through in the earth, the same is true for Lucifer and his kingdom of darkness. 

Therefore in my prayers, I stand against every satanic high priest and high priestess and their covens, against every planned abduction and sacrifice of the innocents on their altars, against their plans to murder my fellow Christians under martial law...in fact, I strive to cover every base in coming against Lucifer's NWO and his kingdom of darkness on earth. 

And of course, I pray for their salvation. Jesus died for them to be saved from Satan's power, as well as for us!

The NEW WORLD ORDER that I expose and teach against, consists of the followers of Lucifer, or Satan. They are determined to bring forth his earthly world reign of terror and genocide of the non-compliant (that means CHRISTIANS especially.) 

But what are we doing as Christians to counter the darkness??? There is so much more we can do!

If wicked people are working unceasingly under satan's power to bring forth this kingdom of darkness, how much greater impact can the people of the ONE TRUE GOD have on our world today, by bringing forth HIS holy kingdom and will on the earth instead??? 

Is Lucifer and his kingdom of darkness greater than the Lord God the Almighty and His kingdom? NEVER! Then Christians, what are we doing to counter the darkness??? The Bible tells us to resist Satan steadfastly. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. God's word makes it clear that we are to stand against the wicked one continually!

Personally, I will continue to do everything God enables me to oppose Lucifer, his followers and his wicked plans and his people of darkness. I will pray every prayer, I will do everything God shows me to make a difference in our world today. We all must do this. As the Bible says, 

"Do not be overcome by evil, 
~Romans 12:21~

May you find your place of peace, strength
and comfort in Jesus Christ
and His resting place today.

"You need not fear what the future holds,
when you know HIM Who holds your future,
Jesus Christ."

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~
P. O. Box 2396
Columbia Falls, Montana 59912


  1. Pamela,

    Perhaps we are closer to that day than we realize......perhaps.


  2. Something is indeed occurring and the question is not will it happen but when will it happen. From: Daniel.....knowforyourself.squarespace.com

  3. My neighbor and I have discussed this very same thing. "Something" is fixing to happen. As a Christian I am praying that "something" is the "Blessed Hope" of Jesus Christ snatching us up outta here. I live in a town that has a military base and the jets have been flying much more lately. Watch Israel, and all of the Middle-East. It is our "prophecy time clock." I fully expect a city to get "nuked" and it would be a city in South Eastern Michigan. That city is broke, owes billions of dollars. The whole town is in shambles. I still have family that lives up there. Yes, something is fixing to happen...soon.

    Great article

  4. WHAT A SAD DAY FOR AMERICANS,the most christian nation on the planet,yet they don't have a clue?AND YOUR BIBLE explains it all to you,IF you don't understand whats happening,READ YOUR BIBLE AND BELIEVE,its all there,REVELATIONS of our LORD are starting to be fulfilled in front of your eyes ,YET your still blind,...1948 set the clock ticking and still you don't see,THE LORD has told his PROPHETS warn them of my return,WE welcome the DREADFULL DAY OF THE LORDS return,a day of mourning and dread,of death and woeful things coming upon the world,PRAY you won't see the wrath of the LORDS return,SADLY to many who have been decieved will see it,I have been blessed to see it ahead of time,its total destruction,america will be gone forever,SWEP CLEAN of all evil,after it was over,I DIDN'T RECONIZE america any more,there were oceans where there had been land,there were deserts where there had been mountains,and right near my house was the ocean,in the rocky mountains of colorado,gone ,now only ocean..and islands...........