Friday, July 5, 2013

Russian Troops Operating in "AMERIKA"-New Treaty Signed

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Vladimir Putin, "former" KGB/FSB spy
(Former? Ha-ha-ha...)
"Stupid Americans! As life WAS in Russia, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!"
-Boast of Russian KGB/FSB spy 
in Spokane, Washington

The above words were spoken by a Russian spy to a personal friend of mine in Spokane. She is part of a community of Russian Christians there. For years she has received my reports and translated them into Russian for the Russian Christian community to read. She admitted that the ever-prevalent Russian spies love to intimidate them in Spokane, which is filled with Russian Christian immigrants.

When she told me these words as I visited her one day, sorrow filled my heart. I replied, "Unfortunately, Olga, the KGB are correct. This is exactly where America is being taken."

By the way, this DHS act simply confirms what I have been telling Americans for years now. The foreign troops they have been bringing into America for a long time now, are here to do the dirty work that the American troops may not want to do to their fellow Americans under martial law.

Long ago, German Bundeswehr military forces in Holloman AFB at Alamogordo, NM, were openly bragging that they were indeed stationed in America, to arrest us and fire upon us and seize our weapons under martial law. They were here to do the dirty work that US troops would not want to do to us.

The DHS agency is to the Jewish NWO Marxist/Communist "progressives" in America, what the CIA is to the gentile NWO fascists also firmly entrenched in America. 

Both have their agencies to work out of, to accomplish their various dark goals for America. Both are a part of the NWO agenda for America. And both were raised up by THE ILLUMINATI from the very beginning, both Jewish Communists (plus their gentile recruits), and the gentile Fascists, all for their NWO agenda for the world. And they are working furiously for the realization of a NWO agenda for "AMERIKA.

Regarding the number of 15,000 troops? What a joke! Russian troops in America and Canada and Alaska number far more than 15,000...and more will come in as martial law inevitably comes down.
Readers, guess what? 

The Russian Christians in America NEVER HAVE A PROBLEM with my reports! 

While many Americans and Christians  have a "don't wanna hear it" and "this could never happen in America" attitude, the Russian Christians are not so stupid. Yes, I'm truly sorry, but I said "stupid."  Only genuine FOOLS could ignore the clear warning signals here in America today!
Christians who died under communism in SIberian gulags

Russian Christians KNOW what they suffered through under many decades of brutal COMMUNISM in Russia. And they see all the warning signals clearly right here in AMERICA. And they told me so. They are happy to receive my information. They have invited me to speak in their churches. When I am with them, they appreciate my reporting and they support me. 

But not so with many American Christians. The sobering TRUTH does not fit in with their comfort-and-convenience-molded "theology" and "eschatology."

And the Russian Communist leaders and their spies just love this! (DON'T you, Vova and Dima?)The globalists love the masses of ignorant American people who don't have a CLUE as to what is about to happen in our nation! This is always the Communist way.
Vladimir Putin knows a little secret most Americans don't...and now so do YOU!

Years ago, the Communists boasted in one meeting, that they would make incredible concessions to the West. They would make it appear as if the Russian Communist "cold war" threat was over. "WE ARE FRIENDS!" (Heh-heh-heh...)

But in fact, they would secretly remain our dread enemies beneath the facade, building up their military might and power until the time to strike...just like a deadly cancer proliferating beneath the surface until one day it finally breaks forth and it is TOO LATE to deal is finally TERMINAL.

The alleged "fall of Communism" in Russia in the late 1980's was one big joke to those of us who understood how the Communists operate. You cannot overthrow 7 decades of brutal totalitarian Communist rule in the former Soviet Union, with one tiny little bloodless "coup."

Russian Communists have boasted that someday America would fall into their hands "like ripe fruit." Well, my fellow Americans, it is almost ripe fruit picking time for Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedov and the  fatally ravenous RUSSIAN BEAR.
The deadly RUSSIAN BEAR, and not the cuddly "Misha"!

By the way..isn't it interesting that the Book of Revelation declares that the infamous antichrist world government of "THE BEAST" moves on "the feet of a bear"? (Revelation 13:2)

Coincidence? I think not. Globalist Communism in Russia and the "former" Soviet Union has already murdered tens of millions of Christians and political resisters as well. Russian Christians openly admitted that they knew they were already under the government of antichrist in Russia. The Russian globalist bear is known for having a voracious appetite, insatiable, and plans to devour many more nations in the future.
Take a good look at this Communist symbol. What do you see? Clearly, there is the Communist "hammer and sickle" emblazoned over THE ENTIRE GLOBE. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is their world goal, and nothing has ever changed.

Let me tell you what I know first hand about Russian military. Russian soldiers are in fact deadly and murderous. They are brutal pigs. (Sorry, but the truth is the truth. Let the history of the Russian Red Army speak for itself.) They are generally without mercy and without conscience (except for the few CHRISTIANS in their ranks.)
Russian soldiers in Afghanistan

I performed journalism among the Afghani refugees in Washington DC, who had moved there from the first invasion by Russia of Afghanistan. These refugees were very cordial and welcomed me into their homes. They were happy that someone wanted to hear their many stories about the brutal Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Oh, the horror stories I heard about Russian soldiers, repeatedly, from these Afghani refugees now living in America.
Bombed Afghani village

One Afghani family told me about how one Russian platoon of soldiers invaded an Afghani  village. These brutal beasts massacred every man, woman and child. And then,  just for "fun", they cut off the heads of men and women, and had a great time placing male heads on female bodies, and vice versa. They would then pose by these macabre figures, and have their pictures taken to send home to their girlfriends as war trophies.

One man, Shah Nawaz, told me of his horror experience in Kabul. There is a grim prison there called Pul-e-Charkhi prison.
Pul-e-Charkhi Prison in Afghanistan

One day Shah was arrested by Russian military to be interrogated for suspected alliances with Afghani rebels. 

He was brought into various rooms within the dark prison, more like a dungeon. "One room they locked me into, to put fear in me, had a deep pit. This terrible pit was filled with nothing but female body parts, hacked off by the Russian soldiers. Heads, breasts and other body parts were was terrible."

The Afghani families that I met with were so very friendly. Shah Nawaz told me they hated the militant Taliban, and had loved the Americans in Kabul before Russian invasion. They were very thankful for refuge in America at that time.

His family would prepare big Afghani feasts whenever I came to interview them. A large blanket was spread out on the floor, and delicious Afghani food was placed in large serving bowls on it. Afghan style rice, chicken and beef, "naan" (bread) and other delicacies were abundant in these gatherings. 
We would sit together on the floor and eat Afghani style, with our fingers. I would listen intently as true accounts of Afghanistan under brutal Russian occupation were told during the feast. How my heart broke to hear repeatedly of such grim Russian brutality and atrocities during the occupation.

Amazingly, I was later to encounter an actual Russian soldier who fought in Afghanistan, and later sought refuge in America under an amnesty program by the US military. His name was Kolya (Nicholai) Rizhkov from Kazakhstan.

I encountered Kolya at a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church in Washington DC, at Easter time. It is called the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint John the Baptist.
Russian Orthodox Church of Saint John the Baptist

I love to attend Russian Orthodox church services on Resurrection Sunday! The air in the sanctuary is filled with fragrant incense, as the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ takes place with joy. The priest cries out, "Kristos Voskress!" Or, "Christ is risen!" And then the jubilant people reply, "Voistinu Voskress!" Or, "He is risen indeed!"

It was after one such service, that I attended the love feast following it in the church. 

I believe in divine pre-destining by Almighty God. Every day, I pray for God to  lead me to the right people and into the right circumstances for His purposes. And He does...all the time.

That day I sat by a young man a the table. As we ate, he introduced himself. His name was Kolya, and he had been a Russian soldier fighting in Afghanistan. I was immediately interested in him when I heard that! "Tell me more," I said to him.

Kolya also had sobering accounts to tell about the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. This time, from the perspective of a Russian soldier. He shook his head and admitted, "It was a dirty war... a very dirty war." He admitted that Russian soldiers were commanded to perform atrocities against the Afghani people. Even to the degree that many Russian soldiers did not really want to do what they were ordered to do.
Russian soldier defectors in Afghanistan
(I believe that the one on the right is Kolya, in fact.)

Kolya admitted that many Russian soldiers even defected to the mujahideen, and abandoned the Russian red army. He and one friend finally did this as well. They were then locked up in prison cages and given sedative drugs (provided by the CIA) to keep them manageable.

One day, American military advisors came to see them, brought there by the mujahideen. Kolya and his friend were asked if they were willing to be debriefed by the military , in exchange for their freedom in America. They were, and so Kolya and his friend were released into the hands of American military and flown to America for debriefing.

It was therefore in Washington DC that I met Kolya that day in the church. 

I warned him that the KGB (now called FSB, but still the same spy guys) was prevalent in Washington DC (and of course they are.) "They will abduct you or kill you if you remain here," I warned him. I then invited him to come up to the Russian Christian camp in Connecticut where I worked each summer at that time. There he would find a warm Russian Christian atmosphere and safety, far from DC. He agreed, and accompanied me to this camp.
Chapel at the Russian Christian Camp

It had a profound effect on his life. Russian Christian preachers would teach from the word of God there every Sunday. "Never have I heard such preaching in my life, " he told me one day. In fact, on the way to the camp, Kolya  had taken my hand in prayer and asked Jesus Christ to come into his life, to forgive his sins, and save him eternally.

It is a beautiful thing to see how God can transform lives, including that of Russian soldiers. A Russian soldier saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, can no longer commit the atrocities required of them during occupation or a war. This is one reason why I pray for the salvation of Russian military all the time. I also have Russian Bibles to give away to them. I would like to see every Russian soldier get right with God ASAP...because America is next on their hit list under martial law

And it is not going to be a pretty sight when Russian troops patrol the streets under martial law...just like Russian troops formerly did in Afghanistan.

Oh, and did you know that many of the names of Christian and Patriotic Americans to be arrested and taken to FEMA/DHS camps to be killed as NWO resisters under martial law, were dictated to FEMA/DHS directly from MOSCOW over their internet service, INTERFAX...straight from the Kremlin! 
Red Square, Kremlin

Thanks alot, Gorby and Putin.

(Source: Al Cuppett,

Also, the largest FEMA detention camp is located in ALASKA, America's future gulag state. It will reportedly hold a million prisoners under martial law. This facility boasts a landing strip, train tracks leading to it, and a human crematory oven as well. I wonder why...

This FEMA gulag flies both an American flag, and a RUSSIAN flag. Russian military supervisors are in charge of this facility...just like in all the other gulags back in Russia and Siberia. 
Siberian Gulag

They've had decades of experience in running the gulags for Christian and political resisters of Communism and the why not in AMERICA NEXT???

Oh, and did you also know that there is a joint Russian/American military tunnel beneath the Bering Strait, linking Siberia with Alaska? (Source-Col. Jim Ammerman; and Russian pastor in Denver admitting KGB boast to him as he left Russia.)

Or that Russian military have been under a secret treaty with America to build detention camps for Americans on the Aleutian Islands? (Source: Lenny Bloom, "Cloak and Dagger" broadcast several years ago.)

And recently Obama awarded Russia more islands off the coast of Alaska.
Aleutian Islands

Let these sobering revelations sink into your minds. 

So do you still think Russian Communists are somehow the friends of America, and of the Constitutional and the armed American Patriots? 

Even in Russians school, children are taught to spit on a copy of THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION.
America, wake up. Get your heads out of government mind-control and censored propaganda news. Realize where a captive America is being taken by the globalists, and prepare and act accordingly.

For further understanding, watch these important interviews of YURI BEZMENOV, a former KGB officer who exposes the Russian Communist plan to take over America.

So sorry, Putin, but not ALL Americans are stupid! And more and more are getting educated every single day! And not ALL Americans intend to become "ripe fruit" for your Russian occupying troops to "pick" someday...

No, no, no!
Hands off the American Patriots and Christians, Putin and Russian military!!!
смерть шпионам!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from the trenches of TRUTH-
This difficult work cannot continue without your prayers and support.
Please remember me in your prayers and in your giving.
May God bring you safely through the times we 
all face TOGETHER.-PRS


  1. The five bible verses with the word/s wink, winketh, winked.

    Job 15:12 KJV
    [12] Why doth thine heart carry thee away? and what do thy eyes wink at,

    Psalm 35:19 KJV
    [19] Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause.

    Proverbs 6:13 KJV
    [13] He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;

    Proverbs 10:10 KJV
    [10] He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow: but a prating fool shall fall.

    Acts 17:30 KJV
    [30] And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:

    God Bless! From, Brother John : ] 1Ti 6:18

  2. Hello Mrs. Pamela Rae Schuffert, Part 1
    I read your article and I do not fully agree with it. I am a Christian and I left USA two years ago to Germany to leave before the door in the USA gets permanently shut. I am a Persian Gulf Veteran and I see things very different.
    I read Mr. Anatoliy Golitsyn book (he wrote it in 1984) and how a young, dynamic leader would arise from the Soviet Union, tear down Communism, the Berlin Wall, bring Capitalism, etc. I knew this was the Original plan of the Nomenklatura. But like the Nazi plan in 1944, some plans never worked out. Yes, they and the KGB went underground and took new posts as NEW Capitalist in the New Russia. I believe Gorbechev was playing a double game. He was a dedicated Communist as he often said and wanted to create another Leninist "Détente" with the West. Gorby wanted breathing space to use Western AID and technology and some freedom to revitalize the Aging, decrepit Soviet system. I Was in the US Military then and I have still newspaper clipping of the Trilateral Commission members like Kissinger and company coming to Moscow to entice Gorby away from the Marxist system and bring them in the Western bloc. Keep in Mind, Mrs. Schuffert, it was the elitist goal to create 3 bloc (Trilateral) and later merge it into one. You can not do this when you have the Iron (Russian) and Bamboo (Chinese) curtails. Those systems had to collapse or change.
    Like all good plans, they never materialize, but still hoped and saved but an underground core of followers. Putin is NO Communist but a Nationalist. He hates what America did to Russian (raped it financially in the 1990s) and used NGO groups to subvert it during his reign. Also, although not threatening to Russia, we are building a powerful defense shield all over Russia. Imagine what America would do if the RUssians create a Defense shield on the Mexican border. Case closed..
    We, the USA, with are provocative, imperialistic foreign policies, have awoken a sleeping bear and have aroused the nationistic elements inside Russia, like Putin, and he is rebuilding a powerful military machine and will be finished by 2020.
    My wife is from Russia and although Putin is no democrat, he isn't a Fascist Marxist like Obama. The Russian Orthodox church and other Protestant churches have been flourishing since early 1990s. Russians do not care about politics, but starting a business (By hook or by crook),buying and living like their western cousins. People can now own homes, get loans, etc. Russian TV is filled with American Music and Programs and shows. They now dress like Americans.

  3. Part 2
    Golitsyn's book revealed a KGB plan that existed back in the early 1960s but life has changed and the plan BACKFIRED!
    The Nazis did the same in 1944. They had a secret meeting and drew up plans to rebuild their Nazi empire from Stolen gold and money they took from other countries. They would play posse and lay down for some time but rebuild the rising 4th Reich. But the plan BACKFIRED, to some degree. Their planned bases in the Antarctica, surround by invincible V7 Weapons (UFOS), may have been completed. Also their outpost colonies to resupply the 4th Reich may still be there. But, something happened they did not expect=The new military super power (USA) accepted them with hands wide open under Project Paperclip. Thousands of fanatical Nazis were used in building America's secret weapons. Now, the Nazis could use Americas vast monetary resources and help create a VAST Security state in the USA and develop their secret weapons. Look what America resembles today: Nazi Germany!
    I live in Germany and other than a few skins heads in Berlin, there is no Nazi movement here. In fact, Germany is one of Zionist Israel's best friend. They virtual give them tax payer paid submarines and all kinds of money. Most Germans like Americans, but in private discussion, they do not like what the Jews have done to the USA> They know about Jewish power in the USA and pre=Hitler's time. They know 911 was an inside job by the Mossad and CIA. In fact, German's are much more knowledgeable about the world than Americans, sad to say.
    I Think, Like Putin, The Communist and the Nazis morphed into other people. The Nazis are using economics and a power industrial German state to create a European bloc under German and Jewish control (Through the Jewish banks). Putin and the nationalist, know Communism is an absolute failure and have morphed in western capitalist but fervent nationalist. He kicked out 3 Jewish Oligarchs
    10 years ago in a fierce fight. One of them is in prison and several of them fled to Israel and England.
    I believe God is raising up powerful enemies in Russia and China to attack and punish Babylon America in a few years from now, after the civil war and economic collapses runs through its course. Obama wants to be a Führer.

  4. I just found and I think it’s great. I’m going to put you in my links or blogroll, I hope you don’t mind. Thanks.