Saturday, July 13, 2013

THANK YOU READERS:Thank You PAT of North Carolina!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I want to take the time to thank my precious readers for their love and support for me in this difficult work. I also want to give special thanks to PAT of NORTH CAROLINA! Pat has been a very special supporter of this ministry. God heard the cry of my heart, and recently used Pat to fulfill it.

Recently Pat sent me some wonderful Christian worship and praise music CD's to play. She is an incredible pianist and in fact has played for prominent Christian ministries in the past, including one I was involved with. The moment I heard her piano playing on CD, I cried. So PAT was the one whose piano playing I loved in the ministry I was involved with for many years! Thank you, Pat!

I have a frank admission to make to my readers. I have a very tender heart of love and compassion. Every day that I perform more research on what is coming to our nation, my heart is deeply grieved. 

Personally, I do not care what happens to me in the future of this nation. I am already crucified with Christ and ready to be offered up, even as Paul once wrote as his hour of martyrdom approached. 

My heart, my reward and my home are in heaven, and that is where I belong. There is nothing keeping me in this world, except the will of God because He wants to use me to reach others for Him. My destiny is safe in His hands. I will die with no regret someday, knowing I gave my all to obey the call of God on my life.

But my great grief and burden is rather for the precious people of our nation who will someday be victimized by NWO insanity in America. The little children...the elderly...the ill and infirmed and handicapped....precious young couples with their newborn babies...and my beloved fellow Christians and American patriots. Oh, how I love them!
Jesus loves the little children...and so do I!

Years of research and discussing this subject of coming MARTIAL LAW and NWO plans for America have revealed the dark levels of cruelty and coming persecution of all NWO resistance. Being a committed Christian, I am deeply concerned for the future well-being of my equally committed fellow Christians in our nation.

I understand perfectly the level of great persecution that is planned for Christians in North America. And I know that the coming persecution will certainly involve temptation to deny Jesus...or be martyred. 

Yes, prophesied end-time persecution is coming finally to our North American continent. And so is martyrdom. 

Christians in America, are you ready? And who has prepared you for these sufferings to come? Certainly not the majority of pastors in North America, sadly. They are too afraid of losing numbers and losing money, even by the admissions of some  I have actually spoken to. 

But I will do everything I can to forewarn you and lead you to the only answer: trust in Jesus Christ, walk in true discipleship, and remain faithful unto death. 

"And they overcame him by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, by the WORD of their testimony, and because they loved not their lives unto the death. " 

~Revelation 12:11~

How my heart grieves over the sheer wickedness of men! How could they be so foolish to reject the wonderful love and mercy of God, and instead turn to a murderer and liar called "Lucifer" whose intent is to use them to destroy God's people, and then finally lead THEM into destruction as well! 

It is impossible to accurately describe the range of emotions I experience on a daily basis, as I spend hours in tears and prayer over all I research, and meditate upon what is coming to our nation. When you LOVE, you also CARE, deeply.
But I have found one thing that ministers to my broken heart, and that is spending time in prayer, worship and praise to the Lord God the Almighty through my Savior Jesus Christ.

Listening to quality worship and praise music lifts me up into the Presence of God and His glory, and elevates me far beyond the dark storm clouds of persecution and tribulation rapidly covering America. 
Pat's wonderful music and CD's she sent me recently, have lifted me out of much sadness and grief, and brought great comfort to my heart in this hour.

Thank you, Pat, for allowing God to use you to lift up one of His servants at this time. May God reward your kindness and keep you from the hour of temptation and bring you safely home into His heavenly kingdom at last. I LOVE YOU!

And thank you, my other gracious readers, for your generosity and kind acts of mercy and love. None of this work is easy. And I could not have made it without YOU. I have now been living and working out of my vehicle since March of 2013, having lost my my only home then. I fully realize that every article I am compelled to write, makes me more of a target in enemy scopes daily.

But as I gaze with love and concern across my nation, and see the families...the children...the helpless and the handicapped...the elderly...the precious Christians who love Jesus with all their hearts...the steadfast AMERICAN PATRIOTS who will never surrender to the forces of hell who threaten our nation...I realize that my work and intercessory prayers MUST continue for their sake. 

I will never remain silent in this critical hour of America's destiny.  

I love you all. Keep me in your prayers...I cannot stand alone against such great darkness. NONE OF US CAN STAND ALONE. Jesus Christ designed "The Body of Christ" to stand UNITED with one another, one in love and truth and spirit. 

We are to remain united together throughout the times of persecution and hardship, suffering and temptation. Where there is suffering, we are to comfort. Where there is hunger, we are to feed. Where there is persecution and temptation, we are to strengthen and encourage to stand firm for Jesus. Where there is hatred and rejection, we are to LOVE.

When one member of the Body of Christ is persecuted for righteousness' sake, we are to run to their defense and not to flee from  their persecution. This is the genuine love Jesus spoke of, that we are to have for one another, laying down our lives for one another even as He, in love and compassion, laid down His life FOR US. 

I simply want my readers to understand that this blog, and all of my reporting throughout the past 18 years, has been for no other motives than obedience to God and LOVE to my fellow Americans and beloved fellow Christians. 

Body of Christ in America (and worldwide) I want NONE OF  YOU to fall away when the persecution comes. There is nothing more important than YOUR ETERNAL SOUL! 

And your salvation depends utterly upon your remaining FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH, believing in and confessing Christ Jesus before men TO THE END.
"Father, Thy Word is Truth."
~Jesus Christ~

Beloved Christian readers, please take Jesus' Words seriously. LIVE a life of TRUE DISCIPLESHIP. LOVE God and others with all the passion Jesus has placed in your heart. Joyfully LIVE for Jesus, and joyfully LAY DOWN your life for Jesus as well. 

Your eternal life is in HIM, and your eternal home is with Him. It is not in this world forever. But Heaven IS forever.
We are not of this world, and HEAVEN is our blessed destination.

This world is going to burn under the great judgment of Almighty God, and blessed are they that have laid up their treasures in Heaven, and whose sins are forgiven through Jesus Christ. Such will have no fear of death when it comes for His sake. Rejoice when persecution and martyrdom comes for His sake, for great is your reward in Heaven!

Thank you Pat, again, for your kindness and wonderful gift of CHRISTIAN WORSHIP AND PRAISE MUSIC that has lifted me up from such heaviness. I remain eternally grateful to you.

And thank you, all my other readers. Your love and prayers have made such a difference in my life. I could not make it without you.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. i send my prayers to you. your heart can be felt in your words. blessings in abundance to you.

    i call Messiah Yahushua...His Hebrew name as indicated in Hebrews 4:8. there should be a margin note there for reference...

    Deuteronomy 28 particularly Deuteronomy 28:68 sheds light on the Wrath coming to America. as well as Acts 7:6-7. Genesis 15:13-14 as well. pastors steadfastly refuse to tell the Truth. NONE will touch Revelation 2:9 or Revelation 3:9. all things are related...