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God's Amazing Ways!

Ministry to the Youth on the Streets of America

No sooner did I write an article about ministering to the lost and the street kids in Asheville, NC, then God leads me to several HERE...who came from that very region!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Every day I begin with prayer and praise to God through Jesus Christ. I always add, "Heavenly Father, lead me to the people You want me to meet...." God is the Master of predestining His people and leading them to His purposes in our world today.

As I wrote in my previous article, I later went to various outdoor events to seek the people God wanted me to minister to. And, lo! I encountered a group of 4 people, young teens, dressed the typical Asheville/rainbow people style, with backpacks and dogs. 
They are found all across America

They were sitting on their backpacks on the sidewalk, enjoying the warm summer sun. One was fastidiously sewing up a rip in his overly worn backpack. 

I remember feeling pain inside as I realized how young and how vulnerable these young teens were. I parked my vehicle and went to talk with them. When I mentioned "Asheville," several mentioned they were from that area! I realized that here were some mother's children, now riding the rails or hitch-hiking across America. 
Hitchhiking down the highway to hell without Jesus

Their skin was dark from the inevitable dust and dirt the country roads disperse as they walk down them. Showers are not always available in their environment.

I gazed at their shoes. A motley assortment of boots, old and recent,  in various degrees of condition, came into view. Their clothes were reminiscent of the legendary gypsies romanticized in the  Old World. One even had a guitar.
Typical group of young homeless travelers

As I looked at them and realized how young they were, I began to wonder. How many of these had worried mothers back home, praying for their children and crying, wondering where they were now...or if they were even alive? There were two young men and two young women sitting there. Suddenly I knew that THEY were my project for today, and my answer to prayer.

I went over to one and asked, "Hey, gang! How are things going? How ya doing for food and other stuff?" Their eyes lighted up as they looked at one another. Here was someone not looking at them with disdain, but someone who cared. How could I not care?They were young enough to be my grandchildren...IF I had been married with children and grandchildren, that is. I have been a single woman for God and His purposes, for 42 years now.
How lonely life on the streets would be, without man's best friend!

One young man spoke up. "Well...we are all out of dog food for our dogs...." And another said, "We need SOCKS! Ours are all worn out." A young lady admitted they needed cans of food for their road trip and when riding the rails. Honestly, they all looked so frail and so pathetic, coated with dust and rag-tag clothes, their dirt-caked dogs happily wagging their tails as they looked at this stranger.

"Okay, guys. Let's go to the grocery store and get some things you need!" One young lady jumped at the offer and accompanied me as we walked across the street to the local market. Just a child, I thought sadly to myself. She took me down several aisles, carefully picking out canned foods for them, and finally a bag of dog food for the several dogs.
I insisted on going to the candy aisle, and told her to pick out whatever she and her friends would like.  She was so excited...just like a child. Break my heart. I purchased the items and we carried them back to her friends. They were so thankful for what God provided for them that day. 

I emphasized to them that they were not to thank ME. I am nothing. I told them to look up to heaven and instead thank GOD and Jesus Christ that HE cared enough to provide this desperately needed food for them. I may be able to provide a few bags of food, BUT HE is the only One who can save them! Therefore, their focus MUST be upon HIM.

Across the street from where they were sitting in Whitefish, Montana, there is a frozen yogurt shop owned by Christian friends of mine, Reed and Kelli. They are powerful Christian witnesses in Whitefish, and they use their shop for the toddler's ministry for their unique church there. Everyone loves them, and their tiny son Ezra is the delight of all the customers who come in. He is adorable!
Reed and Kelli of RED CABOOSE
Whitefish, Montana

Kelli and precious baby Ezra

Golly, I thought as I looked at these kids on that hot summer day. If I were their mom, I would sure love to treat them to some ice cream! 

And so I said, "Hey, c'mon! Let's go over to the ice cream shop and get something good for everyone!" They jumped up and followed me over to THE RED CABOOSE for a special summer treat. How excited they were as they grabbed self-serve bowls and helped themselves to frozen yogurt and delicious toppings.
Lots of yummy treats at the RED CABOOSE in Whitefish, Montana!

Again, watching their child-like excitement as they poured topping after topping onto their frozen treat, my heart broke inside for these young people. 
"Riding the rails"...dangerously

For in reality they WERE children, alone in this world, traveling in packs like dogs, fighting to survive on a daily basis, riding the rails or hitchhiking, eating cold food out of cans, and wearing old and patched up clothes. Many with no real mother or father, and no real home to go home to. I felt such love for them.

After I paid for their frozen yummies, they rushed across the street to show the others what they got to share with everyone. Finally they asked for one more thing. "All of our socks are worn out and have holes, and we really need more socks..." said one.

No problem! I drove down to the local Army surplus store, and got a value pack with six pairs, enough for all of them. Even with something as mundane as socks, these young people were excited and thankful to receive them. 

I drove by where they were sitting on the sidewalk, rolled down my window and waved the bag of socks. One young woman rushed over to grab them. Her eyes lit up as she looked at the nice new socks, and she ran over to show the others. I finally waved goodbye as I then drove off in the traffic that evening.


And yes, as I sat with them earlier, I had shared Jesus with them. And hopefully, I can locate them again today and share even MORE about Jesus and His wonderful love for each one of them.

How beautiful is the LOVE OF GOD! His love did not care how dirty their clothes were, or how poor they were. OF COURSE NOT! Jesus loved them right where they were at. "For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost," Jesus declared. 

And since He must work through us in this world, we are prayerfully to see out those who are lost, and to minister His salvation to them as well.

And young homeless wanderers like this are ALL OVER AMERICA, and they all are in need of OUR love, compassion and prayers as well.
DHS/FEMA camps under martial law

Think about it: what will happen to these, the homeless of America under martial law?

I was informed by one ex-CIA source that the government had actually seized homeless in California and used them to "practice" in their termination camps, to make sure they "worked." And of course, the CIA would know. Because the CIA is in part a  product of Nazi fascist influence and Nazis coming into America through "OPERATION PAPERCLIP." The CIA is very much a part of the NWO agenda for America.

The homeless make the perfect candidates for this, because they have no home, most have no records or anything else that can be used to track down their disappearance.

They are considered "useless eaters" by the NWO. We can understand this from history and see what the Nazis previously did to nomadic travelers such as the Gypsies.
Nazi NWO Fascists hate the homeless.

They forget that Hitler as a youth 
was homeless,
living in homeless shelters
and eating at charity soup kitchens.

What did Hitler do to the traveling Gypsies, or Romani people??? These Gypsies were rounded up and sent to death camps, or forced into ghettos previously occupied by terminated Jews, and executed by SS Einsatzgruppen. They were rounded up and executed as just another group of "sub-humans" and useless eaters. This is all that they are in the minds of the heartless NWO.

But in the sight of Almighty God, these people are infinitely precious. 

Didn't God so love the world, that He sent Jesus? 
Didn't Jesus die for ALL to be saved???

I can never forget a poster that my friend Paul in Bozeman, Montana, had on his food van. Paul is a committed Believer in Jesus, who used his van to feed the homeless every day in Bozeman for many years, summer and winter.
His poster had a depiction of Jesus standing outside, knocking on someone's door.

The words read, "How can you worship a homeless man on Sunday, and ignore the homeless the rest of the week?" 

Very thought provoking.

These homeless street kids are the kinds of people that slip through the church system net in America. Most will never set foot in a church. But that is why we must go to THEM. This is WHY Jesus tells us to go into the highways and byways to seek the lost out. 

Christians, never forget: at one time we were all lost, and thankfully, Jesus sought US out! When we were about to perish, Jesus reached out to lift us from destruction, and to bring us to Himself.
And we as His disciples, need to manifest that same kind of mercy and compassion to the perishing all around us.

God bless you all, dear readers. While it is indeed important to prepare in practical ways for the storm coming to our nation, let us never forget the greater importance of doing the will of God daily, and reaching out to others for His eternal kingdom. 

The unsaved in our nation need our love, our prayers and our practical witness of Jesus in their lives. We are all Jesus has in this world to use to reach them.

And never forget: the MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do to ensure God's mercies and provision 
in the times to come, is to 

Read these eternal guidelines from the Word of God:

"Blessed are the merciful, for THEY SHALL OBTAIN MERCY."-Matthew 5:7

"Blessed is he that considers the poor, for the Lord shall deliver him in the day of adversity. The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive. And he shall be blessed in the earth, and You will not deliver him unto the will of his enemies. The Lord will strengthen him on the bed of languishing, and You will make his bed in all his sickness." -Psalm 41:1

"He that giveth to the poor, lendeth to the Lord, and He shall repay.
-Proverbs 19:17

"Give, and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bosom. For the measure you give, is the measure you shall receive." -Luke 6:38

In James, we are exhorted to love NOT ONLY with our words, but also with our actions.

James 2:14 and other verses encourage us to DO the things that manifest His love to other people in practical ways.

It is for reasons such as this, that I am not afraid to REACH OUT and to share what little I have. It is far more important to obey God's Word, and to minister to others out of what we have, than to hoard it unto ourselves, thinking that by saving it we shall save ourselves.

Many people believe that by PREPPING in numerous ways, they can preserve their lives during MARTIAL LAW in the times to come. And yes, I have exhorted God's people to PREPARE FOR THE TIMES TO COME. "Faith without works is dead."

However, it will take more than the mere efforts of mortal men to bring us all through the perilous future we face. The NWO enemy is fierce, well-armed, brutal and ruthless, armed with 21st century advanced military technology...and driven by Lucifer himself.

ONLY the DIVINE miracle power of the Living God can truly preserve His saints through the times that we face as Christians in North America. 

And as we do the things that please Him and touch the lives of others for Jesus Christ, making His will our priority, His grace will surely be there to bring us through the fire!

"Father, Thy Word is Truth."
~Jesus Christ~
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Your support for this outreach is so appreciated...
and needed!

Just this past weekend, I spent over $200.00 feeding, clothing and assisting the young homeless teens God clearly placed in my path following prayer. 

I am going to visit local thrift shops and locate inexpensive used backpacks, sleeping bags and other items these homeless youth always need, to give away as I minister Jesus' love to them through practical ways.

Also, they are always in need of non-perishable foods to pack and take with them.

Pocket New Testaments are also important in reaching out.

The money I spent ministering to these homeless youth was well spent! One young Christian man's life was so deeply touched, and he let me know it (Steve).

Another was the son of a pastor of a church in Ohio (Shay).
I bought him food, provided transportation to where he needed to go, and shared
more about Jesus and His purposes in our lives as I drove.

After dropping him off, I promptly located and called his parents (Calvary Baptist Church in Ohio). They were so thankful that I had ministered to their son! And happy to know that he was safe.

I plan to order pocket New Testaments for their backpacks, to give away as I travel and minister. Please PRAY that the funds will come in for a small personal cargo trailer, so I can transport these Bibles, backpacks, sleeping bags and Christian literature as I travel to minister and perform my journalism.

Where will the homeless youth of America spend ETERNITY?

America's time of freedom to preach the Gospel is very short. The only thing that ever matters in the end, is the salvation of ONE MORE SOUL for Jesus Christ. Everything else in this world shall someday pass away, as the Bible explains to us.

Thank you for helping me to reach 
 while the opportunity to do so in freedom 
remains in America.

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