Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Amazing Encounter With Russian Jews...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative  journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

God is the One Who knows the deepest thoughts and cries of our hearts. And perhaps that is because He often puts them there as well.

I struggle with sadness daily over what I research and report on, because my heart is so tender. I care deeply about my fellow Americans and Christians in North America, and I am aware of many things to come. I never stop praying about what I research, ever.

Having fun at the Russian Christian summer camp

But recently, my thoughts have been going back to the wonderful years I spent ministering among children from Russia and the former Soviet Union. I love children so much! The Russian Christian camp in Ashford, Connecticut provided a wonderful loving atmosphere for Russian children to come every summer and have a wonderful time in a safe environment, outside the hot and dirty city of New York.

Russian restaurant in Brighton Beach, "Little Odessa"

In NYC, there is a place in Brooklyn called Brighton Beach. The Russians call it "Little Odessa." It is home to hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants, and many of them are Russian Jews as well. 

Our summer camp hosted over one hundred Russian Jewish children every summer for many years. And I was "big momma" to 15 primary age Russian Jewish children in that camp, for many summers. It was a long overnight summer camping program, with the parents visiting every weekend.

Oh, how I loved those precious children! I can never forget little Sasha, Lyuba, Nastia, Ella, Lola, Angela and so many, many more. They loved me, and I loved them, deeply. 

The nights of huge thunderstorms, I can remember several trying to crawl into my narrow camp cot with me, hiding under the blankets and filled with awe of the winds and the rain in that outdoor environment in the countryside, far from NYC. I would pray with them for peace, and soon they would drift off to sleep...even as I hung precariously halfway off the cot to accommodate these precious angels hiding under the sheets from the storm.

We would enjoy going hiking together, swimming and boating. Ice cream was wonderful there on a hot summer day! Our picnics were fun too. I would also teach arts and crafts to the children as well.

At this Russian Christian camp, these children experienced the love of God through the staff every single day. And many turned to Jesus as their Messiah as a result. No one pressured or coerced them, ever. They simply felt the love of God in that loving atmosphere, and began to read Bibles for the first time, having come out of atheistic Communist Russia, and were hungry for God. So hungry for God, that they even spent their ice cream money to purchase Bibles instead! Now, THAT was amazing!

Lately, the memories of these children and happy summer camp days have been returning to me. I prayed and said, "Father God, I miss my precious Russian Jewish children. Please...somehow...bring some Russian Jewish children back into my life again." But of course, I am now 2500 miles from NYC and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn!

I left that prayer in the hands of God. You never know how He will answer prayers like that.

And then today, something amazing happened. I bought a few organic fruits at a delightful local health food store, and sat outside in a table on their porch to have my lunch. Across from me, sat two adorable children, a young man and young lady. They were funny, precocious, and loved to get attention. They certainly had mine!

We soon began talking. Their mommy worked at the health food store. They were bored and creating all kinds of games to entertain themselves. There was something special about them, I thought as I observed them. I remember thinking how much they reminded me of my children at camp so many years ago.

They then introduced themselves. The young man was Anton, and the young lady was Skye. She said, "We are adopted...we are from Kazakhstan...we are Russians..." I was amazed. And then the young man declared, "We are also Jewish..." And then I realized my prayer had been answered, and tears formed in my eyes.

I responded with "Baruch Ha'Shem," which is Hebrew for "Blessed be The Name" (of God). It is used as a form of giving thanks to God. They were amazed that I knew some Hebrew, which I had studied while working among the Jews in New York City. And then I felt the amazing love of God descend upon the three of us as I continued to talk with them.

"Oh, you are Jewish? Do you realize that God loves the Jews so much, that He said so in the Holy Scriptures? One Jewish prophet said, "Behold, I have loved you with an everlasting love." That got their attention immediately. Everyone wants to be loved! The Bible teaches that love never fails...and especially God's.

We then proceeded to have a delightful conversation, and I actually taught them some Hebrew as well. They loved that. These children were precious. They told me that they were taught from the Zohar, from Kaballa, and shared a few things they had learned from home. 

Anton said, "My daddy taught me that God is powerful energy. And that Jesus was a powerful Kaballa sorcerer who did magic with God's energy..." Sigh. The ZOHAR is part of Kaballah, or teachings on Jewish mysticism and related works.

Dear little Anton did not know the real Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, or Jesus the Messiah, yet. He only knew what he had been taught, by well meaning parents who truly loved them, but did not know the real Messiah either. 

No, Jesus the Son of God was NOT a sorcerer using magic! Magic belongs to the realms of the demonic and the occult. Jesus performed miracles by the Divine Power of God's Holy Spirit. Yet, the Talmud teaches this serious error about the Messiah.

How often I would encounter this when working with so many Jewish families. Lovely children, with sweet and well-meaning parents who really loved their children but did not yet know Messiah.

Please, will you pray for dear Anton and Skye, and their parents as well??? Pray that the power of His Holy Spirit will come into their lives, and reveal THE TRUE MESSIAH and His power in  their lives.

His Holy Spirit does a wonderful job of revealing God and His Son, and our prayers move the hands of God in the lives of others. The love of God that I felt for them was SO real and precious today. 

After we parted, I wanted to cry and say "Thank you, Father God, for bringing these children into my life today. "  For God had miraculously answered my prayers, just as I had prayed previously for Him to bring Russian Jewish children into my life once again. And now I have two more children to pray for every day, to find the love of Jesus their Messiah in their lives.

How fathomless and unsearchable is the love of God! How He longs to reach out and  touch the heart of every person on the face of the earth! And how wonderful it is, when we allow His love to work through each one of us, to touch people's lives.

Their entire family is now in my prayers continually.

Christian readers, get rid of any stereotypes you may have of "Jews,"  and begin to pray for them instead. Pray for God to fill your heart with HIS love for them, and that He might use YOU to touch their lives with His power and the love of His Son the Messiah.

Yes, I am fully aware of the roles of CERTAIN ( and not ALL) Jews who adhere to the Zionist/NWO agenda, and who are Communist/Marxist progressives as well. I know the great harm that Communists have done to Christians throughout recent decades. I am aware of many tragic things to come from those with the Zionist agenda, including in America. And I have written about this as well. It is all quite true. My heart grieves deeply over this.

But they can only do these things, because they do not really know God, nor His Messiah. 

Jesus declared, "...and all these things shall they do to you, because they have neither known the Father, nor ME."

But none of this changes the fact that their Messiah died for them on the cross, to turn them from the power of satan to the power of the Living God of Abraham. And that through our love and forgiveness and prayers, God CAN reach into their hearts and lives, and reveal THE TRUE MESSIAH to them. 

How else can they be changed? And once saved from satan's deceptions, they can never participate in the darkness ever again. We must choose to forgive, and we must choose to love and pray for such as these. And this is exactly what Jesus teaches us to do: pray for those who are our enemies, and love and forgive them. His love manifested through each one of us, has the power to reach into lives and change them forever.

Thank you for your prayers and love for those who Jesus the Messiah died for, and rose again to redeem from sin. 


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
For my Jewish readers with love...

Through years of sharing the love of Mashiach, or Messiah, 
with the Jews that I will always love, I have seen incredible miracles happen. 

Jewish children healed by the power of Mashiach. Visions of Him dying on the tree for them. Incredible answers to prayers, and so much more.

Yes, I am also aware of many things about to happen in America. No other researcher has uncovered and published as much as I have about the modern guillotines in America today, and their unmistakable link with the Noahide Laws, to be someday enforced throughout America, and the world. It is all a part of the world Zionist agenda.

And I realize that both I and my fellow Christians, who believe that Jesus is Messiah and Divine and the Son of God, are targeted for beheading under the Noahide Laws for our faith.

None of this comes as any real surprise to those of us Christians who have studied Bible prophecy in our Christian Bible. We knew this was coming, as Revelation 20:4 tells us.

But I want you to know my heart. Nothing will change the love in my heart for the Jews. It is God-inspired and divine, from His Holy Spirit.

How He loves His Jewish people! And that is why He DID send His Son, the Mashiach, to the Jews first, to bring salvation from sin and eternal life at last. What wonderful miracles I have seen God perform among the Jews who have turned to Mashiach Yeshua for salvation and eternal life!

I love you and continue to pray for Jews everywhere to know His love and mercy and power in their lives.

But realize that the Noahide Laws and all the guillotines in the world, cannot change the fact that Yeshua Ha'Mashiach IS the Messiah, He IS the Son of God and He IS Divine. Nor can these things ever change the minds of His true Believers, such as myself. Christians have been dying for 2000 years now, because we cannot deny our Savior, the Mashiach.

He Alone is the ONLY genuine Mashiach that Ha'Shem will ever send to His Jewish people. All others are tragic deceptions. Perhaps good men who mean well, even. 
But they are not the ONE TRUE MASHIACH.

And the one many of you are about to embrace as"OUR NEW MESSIAH," is NOT THE MESSIAH, but a tragic deception that will only lead you into hell in the end.

Please..come to the real Mashiach Who loves you with an everlasting love, 
and Who longs to reveal Himself to you, to give you mercy and eternal life, 
and to change your life forever.

Come to 
Yeshua Ha'mashiach 
and experience LIFE 
as never before!

We who face death for His sake in our generation, are praying for you...

Your friend always, Pamela

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Luke 23:34
~Yeshua Ha'Mashiach~


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