Friday, June 28, 2013

When Christians Laugh About Concentration Camps USA....

-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"Woe unto you who laugh now, 
for later ye shall weep." 
~Jesus Christ~

There are moments in our lives, when an event happens that we somehow never forget. Those incidents remain locked into our memories for the rest of our lives.

In reflecting recently on my many years of reporting on the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, I was reminded of an event that was very painful for me. Again, this experience is indicative of where many who profess to be Christians in America today, are perhaps not where God would have them to be in their Christian walk.

Many years ago, one of the catalysts that propelled me into the realm of investigative journalism was an eye-witness account of boxcars and shackles in the NW Montana region. A personal friend, Marie, had just finished a prayer journey across America with four other Christians.

After she returned to South Carolina, she sat in my living room to discuss their journey. I was fascinated to hear of her experience in NW Montana. She shared about how they decided to take photographs of the lovely region near Glacier National Park, and so they followed railroad tracks into the woods as to not get lost as they photographed the scenery.

It was then that all five of them discovered a strange sight on those railroad tracks: a long row of black boxcars with shackles welded inside each one, as if to hold people prisoners with them.

But there was more. Marie shared how her friend Rose then pointed to one end of the boxcar. Rose exclaimed,"Marie, do you see what that is?" Marie realized at that very instant that it appeared to be a modern GUILLOTINE. 

Fear overtook them at that point, and they immediately followed the railroad tracks out of the woods and back to their van and left the area hastily.  After returning to their host home in the region, and relating to their host their shocking experience, the host replied, "I warned you to not go near that is usually guarded by men with high powered could have been killed!"

Marie never forgot that strange experience. And after she shared this with me, neither did I. 

It was one of those  strange experiences that brought me out to Montana finally, to investigate such NWO-linked phenomenon that seemingly recurred throughout that state.

I already knew about the concentration camp agenda for future police state America by then. Thanks to CIA whistleblowers and military sources, I understood the plans to terminate millions of innocent Americans under martial law, people perceived by NWO terrorists to not be willing to accept transition from a Constitutionally based government, to a globalist dictatorship under martial law.

And I had already been informed of their heinous plans to haul millions of NWO-resistant Americans to the detention camps. And that is where the prisoner boxcars with shackles come into the picture.

It is often stated, that history repeats itself. Throughout many years of research, I can clearly see this happening in America today.

Prisoner boxcars worked fine for decades in Communist Russia, to effectively remove political dissidents and Christian resistance and take them to the gulags.

Prisoner boxcars also performed well for the Nazi killing machine and the concentration camps, wherein both Jew and Gentile opponents to Hitler's regime suffered and even died therein as they were cruelly transported to the camps.

And now in America today, there are both the prisoner trains and the gulags/detention camps fully in place for the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

When I first came to Montana for research, I met with a well known Christian intercessor for this state, in Bozeman, Montana.

I shared with her my research. She commented on the prisoner boxcars with shackles immediately. "Funny you should mention prisoner boxcars...I was recently contacted by a Native American from the reservation...he told me that they were seeing strange boxcars with shackles welded inside, traveling through the reservation..."

(Interestingly, I recently received word that this very man, a tribal elder called George Bullcalf, turned up strangely dead one day. Was it because he knew too much?)

I explained to her what the prisoner boxcars with shackles would someday be used for, according to intelligence community insiders and military sources. She was shocked. 

"Oh, I thought they would be used to take away people like ARYAN NATIONS over in Idaho..." (There once was a sizable neo-Nazi community in Hayden Lake, Idaho, not far from NW Montana.)

I told her exactly what I had been told, from even planners of this NWO agenda in the intelligence community: that CHRISTIANS were heavily marked for persecution and arrest under martial law, and to be taken to the camps for termination as "NWO resisters."

Uncomfortable silence followed. This was something apparently her flesh did not want to hear or comprehend.

She finally shared how she was there in Bozeman to lecture at a large Christian teen youth rally, and invited me to come.

I did so.

Sitting in the back so I could observe and pray for the youth in this event, I listened intently to her opening words. And I will never forget the statement she made publicly to hundreds of eager youth that night.

"...There are even those who say that there are concentration camps in America today..." The attitude with which this statement was communicated to these young people, was that of, "yeah, could this ever happen in America?"

And the effect on the crowd that night was predictable. Waves of laughter erupted from these naive and uninformed young people, all across the audience. And while they laughed, I began to silently weep in the back of that auditorium. I could not stop.

Here was a well-known figure in the Christian world in Montana, with an opportunity to gently forewarn these endangered young Christians of things they will face in America's future, and to help them prepare.

But no, she would not. This subject was simply not "politically correct" in the church world today. And instead, she encouraged mockery of such tragic truths.

And every single one of these precious young people living in Montana will someday experience the unfolding police state and the coming persecutions under martial law. 

Someday they will be arrested as Christians. They will be tempted to deny Christ and join this satanic NWO agenda, or be sent by prisoner boxcars to the very camps they were encouraged to laugh about that sad night.

And what is the potential for these young Christians to fall away, IF no one has adequately forewarned them, and if no one has Scripturally prepared them to face the coming persecution???

Body of Christ in America, I tell you the truth: there will someday be a great accounting for misleading words such as this, from those who profess to be His people. Jesus declared that in the day of judgment, men will have to give an account for every word spoken.

"For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned, " Jesus declared.

I have learned from tragic experiences such as this, to never look to people in Christian leadership or prominent positions with "names" to help in spreading this urgent message God has given me to share with America. 

Too many of them are bought already by "fame and popularity." They have "a reputation" in the Christian circuit world. They are influenced by 501-C-3 status and fear of losing popularity and financial support if they dare preach or reinforce a message such as the coming persecution of the Church in North America.

And they obviously fear persecution for speaking the truth in this hour. But HOW can anyone remain a true Christian, who fears persecution for righteousness' sake?

As one pastor admitted to  me behind closed doors one day in Montana, "Look, lady, we KNOW these things are true...BUT WE DO NOT DARE TALK ABOUT THIS FROM THE PULPIT. We might lose MONEY...we might frighten away MEMBERS...." Etc.

These were  his sad reasons for not wanting me to share in his church about my research.

God told me one day as I was praying about all this, that He would bypass the pastors unwilling to warn and prepare His people in America, and  go directly to His people in the churches instead. 

And that is exactly how God has used me throughout the years. I do not waste my time with the vast majority of pastors in America today. So many have been bought by the false gods of mammon and popularity and "numbers" in their churches, that they are afraid to even speak the hard truth from the pulpits of American churches today.

How can such people even be called accurately, "pastors" and shepherds over God's people??? Anyone too afraid to speak the urgent truth in this hour to the people of God, has been disqualified from being a Christian leader or shepherd over His flock.

In fact, the CIA classifications for  the majority of "pastors" in the churches of America today, on their huge church-monitoring spy computer, are pastors who are secretly Jesuits, Masons, intelligence such as CIA, and even satanists. (And yes, there are satanist front churches in America today, as I have previously reported in earlier articles.)

I personally fear that genuine men of God in ministry, while out there,  are becoming a distinct minority in America today. There is a price to pay in an increasingly evil world, for being a genuine Christian.

All I can say about this incident in Bozeman, Montana, is that the people who once laughed about such truth then, will someday be weeping as it becomes grim reality.

I remember encountering a woman at a prophecy conference at the Christian retreat where I once lived, back during the time I had just received information about the boxcars and shackles in Montana. This woman had a "Montana" badge on her.

I went up to her and shared with her my information I had recently received about boxcars and shackles in Montana, and coming persecution of the Christians under martial law.

She looked shocked, and quickly replied: "Oh! That explains the VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME!" Visions? WHAT visions, I asked.

"God has been giving me visions of Christians being arrested and herded like cattle into boxcars, to be taken to camps and killed in Montana, " she replied.

I informed her at that point that these were genuine and accurate visions from a God who cared about His people and their future, and these were given to warn her about the intentions of the NWO supporters in the future.

"And He shall show you THINGS TO COME," declared Jesus about the Holy Spirit.

Well, Church across America today, you have a clear choice. 

You can laugh at the clear truth God is trying to communicate to you through His Holy Spirit and His servants sent to you, OR you can take His warnings seriously and begin to seek Him NOW for grace to endure and overcome the times we soon face in America.

For those who choose to laugh and mock such truth, be aware that there are others who are also laughing behind the scenes as well.

These are the satanists and Illuminati, who also know these things to be  very true. They know, because they planned these very persecutions and martyrdom for the Christians in North America and worldwide under their NEW WORLD ORDER.

And they are laughing at Christian naivete and ignorance and fear in this hour. 

They are laughing that their dark hour of NWO takeover and persecution of Christians is soon coming to North America and the world as well. And they secretly rejoice that the Christians in North America remain so ill-prepared to face what they have planned. OUR ignorance is THEIR increased opportunity to attack us successfully under martial law.

The Illuminati mock, even as people like myself who are laying down our very lives to warn God's people, face  rejection and persecution FROM WITHIN THE CHURCH, while their Illuminati richly funds their supporters of their satanic NWO agenda with billions of dollars annually.

The sad message that  Christian ignorance and mockery of the truth sends to these satanist behind the NWO, is not one that glorifies Jesus or Christianity, nor would serve to draw many of them to Jesus Christ or to want to repent and become Christians. Christian ignorance never glorifies Jesus Christ! NOT when the Bible declares that we are to be filled with wisdom, knowledge and power through Jesus Christ.

They can only see Jesus Christ as manifested THROUGH HIS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TODAY!

Christians, what kind of message are we sending to the world perishing around us today??? And what are we doing with the people God has raised up to warn us of things to come?

The time for careless laughter in the Churches of North America is long OVER.


And blessed are those who will heed the words of warning, and seek God NOW and prepare their hearts so that they may stand in victory through their faith in Jesus Christ.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Luke 6:25 KJV
    [25] Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.

    God Bless! From, Brother John
    : ] 1Ti 6:18

  2. Hi Pam,

    We've spoken many time in years past about what's coming. I exposed the new military concentration camp manual [FM 3-19.40] when it first came out and was not yet available to the public (when I still held US military clearance). But it's moved beyond boxcars already. For the last 20 years I quietly worked within the government to expose for patriots the next things to come. Now there are rolling prisons... high-security cages on wheels that look like buses, except these buses don't have windows.

    I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch for a while, but I have been busy preparing with the Resistance for the satanic onslaught aimed at those who stand fast. I've endured federal agents threatening to murder my family, efforts to deprive me of my ability to work for a living, and most recently chemical warfare attacks designed to cripple or kill me slowly.

    I'm sending my family to a safe place far away because (frankly) it's not safe to be near me unless you are prepared to fight as a warrior both physically and spiritually. I recently acquired a new mobile command post to lead my men in the field, complete with HF & shortwave radio...

    I know that in the past I've taken criticism from some people about the guillotine issue. I still believe that these instruments will be used, but only for obtaining compliance by terror from the weak of mind and spirit. But I reassert that the plan is NOT to use guillotines on the majority of resisters. If this were true, we would see great stockpiles of these bulky & inefficient devices. These massive stockpiles are NOWHERE to be found.

    So HOW will they kill us and eliminate the massive numbers of slaves that they deem to be "useless eaters"?? Biogenic weapons... designed to attack specific genotypes or people with an RNA "tag" that identifies them as a target. Bioweapons can kill hundreds of millions, even billions, EFFICIENTLY.

    Obamacare: the delivery vehicle/weapon for this 'smart weapon'. It allows the globalist NWO elites to kill the resisters without unnecessarily killing their flock of obedient sheeple.

    Those who truly wish to resist the NWO must choose NOW to go off-grid and separate from the mammon financial control system, to avoid this. Only by living outside the matrix control system can you be free, and those who stay in the system choose the NWO as their master. If you have a trade or job skill, you need to become your own boss & actively solicit the business of Patriots and Christians. We all have needs, and we can barter amongst ourselves and sustain one another.

    Martial law is already here, but there's two types of martial law: there's the "soft" everyday martial law, where rights are restricted and the police state is just under the surface. Then there's the "hard" martial law; we have seen this after the Boston bombing, after 9/11, after Katrina in New Orleans, when rogue cop Chris Dorner went on his rampage. Or anytime there's a G20 conference, WTO meeting, Bilderberg, Democrat or GOP national convention, or other security event on US soil. Then, "the velvet glove comes off the iron fist".

    Keep up the good fight and keep fighting the info-war. Remember, the Bible specifically says that in these last days, Satan and his multitudes will seek to kill all those who "keep the commandments of God and have the spirit of prophecy". These warnings go back to 1888 and the prophecies of God as written by Ellen White in "The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan".

    Keep God's Commandments, and always strive to conform yourself ever closer to Christ's good character. His Kingdom is near and we must fit ourselves for citizenship in it.

    Yours always, as a Patriot for Christ;

    Maj. Gen. William A. Flatt
    Commanding, Indiana Militia Corps

  3. Pamela: I feel deepest in my hearth this is an very important message for this times for all Christians around the world:

    Paul Washer

    God Bless You!

  4. I don't know if this fits in to any of this. After the market crashed my life went rock bottom, being a Realtor my job literally disappeared. I spent 2 months with no power, and I used that 2 months to get myself back to God. I have studied scripture diligently over the years, but had put it away. Prior to power going out, I asked God to please show me something else, I felt there were things I needed to know that wasn't in the scripture. I bean watching the movie Titanic everyday, over and over, 2 or 3 times a day, with questions I'd get on the internet and ask. I came across a site that said Titanic was built to be sunk by Rothcihlds, Rockerfellers, JP Morgan and the other very wealthy families. The three richest men in the world were on that ship, invited. JP morgan had reservations but canciilled last minute. those three were not in agreement with what they wanted to do, something to do with the banking in America, after the ship sunk they got their way within two months which is now the Federal Reserve that owns us. Titanic sunk April 15th, Tax day. Coincidence? or celebration on their part. The captain was a Jessuit and he would do anything he was told to do, he knew those waters, he knew those ice burgs. There were no red flares on the ship and not enough life boats. I believe behind the scenes, satan is at work constantly, that we are not aware of. I believe God revealed this stuff to me, therefore what you say here is believable. I knew about the concentration camps and have been trying to figure out what they are for. There are also acres and acres of 4 man caskets stacked in the thousands maybe millions. something is going to happen. Thank you for this information.