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Pray for My Brother in a Nursing Home

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have just received an emergency email from a social worker. Unknown to me, my brother John was recently moved from one nursing home to another facility , providing palliative care for patients. He is now in a facility near Asheville, NC. They have been trying to get in contact with me, and finally located me today.

This does not come as a total surprise, regarding my brother and his health. He has been ill and in a wheelchair and health care facility for several years now. Although now a Christian who loves his Savior Jesus, for many years he was not. 

John's world was sadly that of many youth today. Drugs, sex, rock-n'-roll, hopping from one party to another with the "in-crowd." 
The empty world of parties, alcohol and drugs

My precious Christian mother and I prayed for him throughout the years, watching him go down the deadly path of destruction without Jesus Christ. So many of his friends died from alcohol and drug-related deaths. We pleaded with him to receive Jesus Christ and get right with God, year after year.

But to no avail. Finally, I was forced to pray for God to bring John into a bed of suffering and tribulation to get his attention, and to bring him to brokenness and repentance and salvation at last. And God did.

The Apostle Paul spoke of one situation wherein he felt compelled to pray that a particular person would be turned over to the destruction of his body, so that his soul would be saved in the day of the Lord. Suffering is known to bring people to the feet of Jesus for forgiveness and salvation. After years of prayer for my brother's salvation, I finally felt released by God to pray such a prayer.
Prayer works!

The sad world of my brother was that of parties and drugs and drug dealing,  including theft to support his lifestyle, and the revolving door of jail time repeatedly for his activities.

However, my brother was never violent nor armed. He was one of those happy-go-lucky "party boys", who enjoyed playing his guitar and having a good time with his friends, who unfortunately was lured into that tragic world of drug addiction and non-violent crime to support his addictions.

I thank God that this lifestyle was never a part of my world. I am now 61. To this very day, I have never been even once to a party with drugs or alcohol or sex, and never had any desire to do so. 

Why should I want to be involved in such destructive darkness? I watched throughout the years as my brother and his friends participated in that world of sin, and saw many of them self-destruct from such a lifestyle. So many young people remain trapped in that destructive dimension and lifestyle to this day. It is all so sad.

Thank God for the POWER OF PRAYER! My mother and I would not give up on my precious little brother, ever. We had to rescue him so many times from dangerous situations, in fact. When he almost died some years ago, we traveled several thousand miles to pick him up and transport him to safety.

How many people reading this article know all about this kind of tragedy in their own family. It is all too prevalent across America today.

Maybe you have a son or daughter or relative involved in such activities. Perhaps you understand the heartache this brings to families whose members are entangled in this dark world of drugs. I was in a state of perpetual depression within over both my father's sinful activities and my brother's as well, for many years. And how the heart of God grieves for such lost souls as well. 

Intensive care unit

My brother John had to come to life-threatening crisis, to finally reach out to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior and healer. A few years ago, he contracted pneumonia that developed into a life-threatening condition that placed him in the ICU unit in a hospital in Oklahoma for 3 months. His medical bills were over ONE MILLION DOLLARS by the time he finally was well enough to leave. And the hospital graciously covered that cost completely. This is what it took, to bring my brother to Jesus Christ at last.

Sadly, over thirty years of living the life-depleting lifestyle of the party animal finally took it's deadly toll on John's health. Once tall and handsome, the life of the party, he is now in a nursing home and confined to either bed or wheelchair. John can no longer walk. He remains in constant in pain and is on many medications.

When the Bible declares that "the wages of SIN is DEATH," it means what it says.

But the one thing that makes life worth living for dear brother John, is that NOW HE IS A CHRISTIAN!  He is FORGIVEN! Jesus Christ is a vital  part of his life now and forever, and he depends on God's strength and mercy for everything he does.

As Jesus declared to the Apostle Paul, "My strength is made perfect in your weakness." Personally, I am convinced that Jesus wants us in a state of total dependency upon HIM  for everything, and NOT trusting in our own strength.

John has repented completely for the years he grieved the heart of God, and grieved his family as well. He is sorry for everything he ever did throughout those years. And he acknowledges every day that ONLY because of Jesus Christ and His mercy, is he alive to this day, and FORGIVEN!

The glorious story of Jesus Christ and salvation, is all about mankind lost in a world of sin and depravity and darkness. It is not about perfect people who feel no need for God and repentance. We are ALL sinners in the sight of a holy God, and ALL in need of His mercy and forgiveness and salvation. Thank you God for sending Your wonderful Son Jesus Christ to this world!

If  any of my readers also find yourself struggling with sins such as the above, or any other sins, be comforted in this wonderful truth: Jesus Christ loves YOU and YOU are the reason why He came into this world! The Apostle Paul declared, "This is a faithful saying, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners..."

His love for YOU took Him to that terrible cross, to die for YOUR sins and MINE as well. Jesus promised, "He that comes to Me, I will never cast away." That is the message of His eternal love for the sinful and the perishing.

Jesus said, "Come unto Me...!" 

Come and be FORGIVEN! Come and be SAVED! 
Come and be HEALED!

When I was dying so many years ago, and doctors had given up hope, Jesus Christ did not give up! Jesus the Good Shepherd found me dying and lost in sin and deception of New Age teachings, and tenderly reached down to bring me to Himself at last. 

I was convicted of sin, repented, and received Jesus as my Savior in 1971. And shortly thereafter, I was healed completely of everything that two doctors declared I could never be healed of. 
Jesus the Good Shepherd

This is the wondrous mercy and the power of the Living God towards ALL who come to His son Jesus for mercy and forgiveness and salvation.

In Jesus Christ, there is POWER to rescue your loved ones from the deadly curse of SIN. There is power to heal and restore YOUR marriage and family. There is power to save your children and spouse. 

There is NOTHING God cannot do through His Son, Jesus Christ! God's power is ENDLESS.

I have been involved in Christian outreach and many ministries for 42 years now. NOT ONCE have I ever seen the power of God and His grace and mercy fail to come through to those who reached out to Him for help. NOT ONCE! "Failure" is not a part of God Almighty's vocabulary.

Jesus Christ declared, "For with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE." How true!

And I pray that YOU will find this to be true in YOUR life and circumstances as well.
Asheville, NC

Please pray for my brother John. Being helpless and in a wheelchair, he remains in a vulnerable position with everything coming to our nation. And as a true Christian who IS "my brother's keeper," I cannot abandon him in this hour.  He will need me more than ever.

And so I am now compelled to pray about returning to that state in which I almost was killed more than once, for my battles with the satanists of Asheville, NC. I had to move far away many years ago, for personal safety. I was warned by one insider to never return to those mountains, because the satanists wanted me dead for my Christian witness there.

However, my brother has now been re-located (without my knowledge or permission) in the very region that my reports "Asheville Satanism" were written from. And not far from where the actual prisoner boxcars with shackles were uncovered in that region. And close to where satanists tried to abduct a friend of mine and I for sacrifice. I don't even like to think about it. Oh, heavenly Father God...and I thought I left those battlefields behind so many years ago. 

 You can read all about my experiences in this region by clicking here on Asheville Satanism.

But perhaps this is all a part of God's plan to be glorified through  John's Christian testimony and mine to that region as the hour of persecution approaches our nation. The message that I have  to give to the world is, Christians do not retreat as cowards, and they do not compromise their witness to the world. Not even to save their lives. We have discussed this together, and my brother understands where America is going. And his faith in Jesus Christ is going to remain steadfast to the end.

And because we are commanded to love one another just as Christ has loved us, we do not abandon one another in time of crisis. I am not letting my brother down.

Just pray for God's will to be done at this time in my life and in his, and that He may be glorified in all that He calls me to do. May he be glorified in ALL His children!

God bless you all. Thank you for your prayers. 
I am also praying for YOU.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. Praying for you and your Brother John

    Psalm 117:1-2 KJV
    [1] O praise the Lord , all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. [2] For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord .

    The seven middle words of the middle chapter

    God Bless! From, Brother John