Monday, June 24, 2013

David Chase Taylor, Endangered American Journalist and HERO

Journalist David Chase Taylor


Only recently have I been reading articles about the amazing David Chase Taylor, now seeking asylum in Switzerland. He faces extradition,  torture and murder at the hands of the Obama administration. 

Why? Because he is somehow a violent criminal of some sorts, or a threat to national security???

No. David is being persecuted for daring to TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH in this desperate hour!

David apparently knows all about US government/military-sponsored BLACK OPS and FALSE FLAGS for the NWO/martial law agenda in "Amerika." A few years ago, he wrote a book, "THE NUCLEAR BIBLE."

PLEASE go to the following website for a fascinating journey into breathtaking TRUTH regarding government-sponsored domestic terrorism for a MARTIAL LAW/NWO TAKEOVER agenda.

Near the end of April, 2013, my readers will remember my frantic articles I posted, based on the revelations 
of a military source.

In those articles, I revealed to readers the prior information I had received many years ago from a man with White House connections. This information source, ED PACK, informed me that whistleblowers in the White House had leaked that one of the final methods the NWO advocates would use to bring America down under a state of martial law would be a series of massive explosions across America, called at that time "OPERATION RING OF FIRE."

My military source admitted that, according to a former high-level Pentagon contact (since murdered) that the kick-off date for this operation to BEGIN (and NOT necessarily for the high level explosives to all go off) would be May 5th, 2013. 

What is fascinating about this, is that emergency exercises regarding nuclear emergencies BEGAN on May 6th in Montana. And others followed across the nation as well.

David Chase Taylor did essentially the same thing on January 28th, 2011, that I did prior to May 5th, 2013, in hopes of averting a major national catastrophe. 

David went public with his evidence and everything he knew, with the hopes of the deadly operation being cancelled due to too much public awareness to their false flag/black ops tactics being exposed. Read the following:

NUCLEARBIBLE.COM: On February 1, 2011, Julian Assange of Wikileaks revealed to the world via leaked classified diplomatic documents that Al-Qaida was on the brink of using a nuclear bomb and that the West was on the verge of a "Nuclear 9/11".

What the diplomatic documents failed to mention was actual target, date and location of the upcoming nuclear terror attack. 
Published 4 days prior on January 28, 2011, David Chase Taylor’s free eBook, entitled The Nuclear Bible, specifically named Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011, in Dallas, Texas, as the target, date and location of the impending nuclear terror attack. 

After publishing The Nuclear Bible, Taylor conducted multiple radio interviews and phoned numerous intelligence and law enforcement agencies throughout America to personally ensure that no acts of terror were conducted on his fellow American citizens. 
Overwhelming direct and circumstantial evidence (see below) has now surfaced in the aftermath of the failed Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot which unequivocally shows that Taylor's actions did indeed stop, or at least postpone, a state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon America. 

Based on the sudden interest in Taylor by U.S. intelligence services, Taylor, anticipating retaliation and fearing for his life, applied for political asylum in Switzerland on March 8, 2011

Based on information David had received indicating a major domestic terror attack was due to come on the date of the SuperBowl in 2011, David then went public through every media source he was able to contact, to warn America of the potential for such an event to happen.

This is exactly the same pattern I followed, after receiving critically important information from my military source at the end of April of 2013.

Having known about OPERATION RING OF FIRE and reported on it previously, I was fully aware of the potential for government/military sponsored nuclear attacks on America for a martial law/NWO agenda.

The USAF Pentagon general who was "suicided" after giving information to my military source, actually knew of me and my reporting and did something amazing for me the day before he died, something I am not at liberty to divulge to the public, ever. 

The day before he died, he informed my military source that, "If there is one woman you can trust, it is Pamela." This was passed on directly to me by the military source. And the next day, this Pentagon source was dead. He was the very one who confirmed the secret date of May 5th, 2013, for the beginning of the military plan for massive nuclear detonations to occur across our nation. And that it bore Obama's signature of consent.

My readers are also aware that on May 5th, nothing major happened across this nation regarding the warning I was given to share with the American people.

Thank GOD nothing happened.

Does it mean that somehow my information was inaccurate, or that my sources were also inaccurate? NO.

Please read the following important quote:

"The point of predicting a terror event is not to say after the fact, look how smart I am. That is despicable. The point of it is to prevent it from happening. Your goal is to be wrong and make yourself wrong. That's the whole point. To be wrong is to be successful when you've identified something serious." ~Dr. Webster Tarpley

David Chase Taylor did an incredible job of research, and then going public with his startling findings to numerous intelligence community agencies, public media sources, and more to identify this danger of government-sponsored nuclear terrorism at the Superbowl 02/06/2011. Read the following excerpt from the previously posted website:

Super Bowl XLV: Facts & Evidence

As with any legal matter, a full, independent and open investigation must be conducted prior to filing any legal charges. However, after reviewing the evidence regarding Super Bowl XLV, it's hard to believe that it’s all just sheer coincidence. Numerous news articles, press releases, mass casualty and terror drills, government exercises, legislation, terror warnings, travel warnings, anomalies, suspicious alibis, mass cancellations, coincidences and events surrounding the game clearly indicate that a nuclear terror plot was indeed subverted at Super Bowl XLV

And of course, David's intent, as mine, was to foil their plans by blowing their cover of secrecy before the American public could be harmed by them.

 For example, the plans of a thief to rob a home are halted, when his plans are uncovered and exposed to the owner of that home. 

The plans of corrupt government/military/intelligence thieves and murderers are halted, when their plans are uncovered and exposed to the American people they planned to victimize and murder.

I have no doubt that journalist David Chase Taylor is AN AMERICAN HERO.

And now, his future remains uncertain in Switzerland. You will find shocking evidence in the article below that David's rights are being  grossly violated in Switzerland, indicating the amount of pressure the US government is putting on this nation to not grant him asylum. 

The US government would never do this, IF David had not been accurate in his research and information he published earlier. It is apparent that the US government is seeking revenge against this man for subverting their dark nuclear terrorism/martial law plans.

My Christian readers, please take the time to pray for David at this time in his life. Put yourself in his position, and ask yourself how YOU would feel...and what you would want others to do for YOU in such circumstances. 

Pray for David to discover the peace and joy of receiving salvation through Jesus Christ, and the power from God to protect and deliver him from all evil, if he does not know Jesus as yet.

God bless you, David! Thank you for what you have done already for AMERICA and millions of your fellow Americans! May God protect you and give you victory, in Jesus' mighty Name. We are praying for you!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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