Tuesday, June 4, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


Cisco Wheeler is a pen name for a woman who was raised in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America...and for the world. She is known and beloved by many across America because of her honesty in exposing the Illuminati and their agenda.

Cisco has exposed the NWO agenda many times, being interviewed on radio and various seminars. She recently wrote a riveting book called "BEHOLD A WHITE HORSE."This book exposes the Illuminati agenda and is an excellent source of information for every reader.

Her former husband Fritz Springmeier wrote several books exposing the Illuminati, based on the in-depth information she provided for him as a foundation.

The very fact that beloved Cisco remains alive to this day, is a testimony to the power of the LIVING GOD who brought her out of NWO satanism and horrific mind control programming,into the glorious light of Jesus Christ God's Son, to be set free at last.

I was recently saddened to receive a phone call from family members, who informed me that Cisco had just suffered a terrible car accident, in which her car was utterly totalled.

Cisco spent a week in the hospital and has just gotten home. She sustains a broken leg, crushed spinal disc and other injuries. She is in much pain constantly. I have spent time frequently on the phone with her, praying for her.

She is now in a wheelchair much of the time and needs help constantly. Her kitchen is downstairs and she cannot go up and downstairs now. I am now going to do what I can to help her at this critical time. This is what Christian compassion is all about.

Please pray for dear Cisco at this time! Pray for her family now struggling to help her with limited resources. Pray for God to come through with miracle after miracle for her and her family (daughter and grandchildren) at this time.




"Heavenly Father God, we come to you in the precious Name of Jesus Christ Your eternal Son and our Lord and Savior. We join our hands together around the world and this nation to pray for the divine mercies of healing and restoration for beloved Cisco, your redeemed child. We stand on Your word of promise; 'By whose stripes you WERE healed, by whose stripes you ARE healed.'" 

"We are praying the PRAYER OF AGREEMENT, wherein Jesus promises us that IF TWO OR MORE AGREE AS TOUCHING ANYTHING, it shall be done by the Father in Heaven, as we pray and come to God IN JESUS' NAME."

"Please protect her and her extended family from the approaching darkness across America, and deliver them from all evil. Keep their faith intact, and preserve them from the coming storm, and keep them faithful unto death should that hour of temptation come."

"We ask this in Jesus' blessed and merciful Name, and for HIS GLORY, Amen."

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~

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